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Introductions / Happy returns
« on: March 19, 2016, 08:46:14 pm »
Hello everybody. How are things? I am Lady Zerka ,  aka  Mrs Berka Zerka. I am about to finish a long chapter in my life. I will be starting a new one. The point is, I actually may have the time to commit to one of these crazy games you are all involved in. I'd love to get back to having a little fun once in a while. This is my last night of 11-7 hours so I'll be around soon...

Sakura Kashiwagi ~ (Samurai-Ko Wu-Jen) - 60 / 60 XP

Gender Female; Age 19; Ht 5’5”; Wt 135 lbs; Stature Petite; Disposition Friendly, Outgoing, Tenacious; Distinctive Features: Pretty Face

Mark of Maski-Dai-Oni: 10 ft tall; STR 6; Heavy Hitter; Cargo Carrier; Red skin; Orange fangs & claws; Black horns; Burning eyes; Malevolent

Str 1; Agi 4; Con 3; Int 5; Wis 4; Pre 5; Vitality (0) 23; Wounds (-2) 8 (Armor 7)
React 9; Endure 8; Will 9; Luck 6 5; Surge 5 / 5
Psychosis 6
Init 13; Move 30ft (Run 60; Leap 1 high/5 long)

Unarmed Strike 4/1S; Grapple Moves 4/1S; Fighting Fan 3/1S~L; Repeating Crossbow 9/7L/100 ft

Combat Skills
Defense 10 (Dodge +2*; Parry) ~3
Ranged 10 (Shoot; Target; Throw) ~3
Close Quarter 4 (Grapple; Melee; Unarmed)

General Skills
Acrobatics 10 (Balance; Escape; Tumble) ~3
Artistry 7 (Cooking, Painting; Sculpting; Music; Writing)
Athletics 4 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim)
Evaluate 12 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive; Streetwise) ~5
Fabricate 5 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith)
Face 14 (Bluff; Entertain; Feint; Intimidate; Taunt) ~4
General Knowledge 8 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who)
Larceny 7 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand)
Medic 8 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury)
Outdoors 7 (Handle Animal; Ride; Survival; Track)
Perception 12 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~5
Sabotage 8 (Disable Device; Trap Setting)
Socialize 11 (Diplomacy; Interrogation +2; Gather Info) ~4
Stealth 11 (Conceal; Disguise; Hide; Move Silently) ~4

Advanced Skills
Occult Sciences 15 (Arcana; Occult; Spells +2) ~5
Political Sciences 9 ( Economics; Law; Politics) ~1

Edges and Feats
Born Leader; Wu-Jen; Compelling; Lucky; Occult Ties; Potent; Second Language (Old Realm); Spell Reserves x2; Sphere Focus (Death, Dimensional, Energy, Levitation, Mind, Protection); Spirited; Toughness

~Heroic Surge; ~Valiant Sacrifice

Spells: (Fatigue 5, Drain Vitality 8♠, Poison 13♠, Zombie 13♠, Whither 18♠); (Passwall 10, Jump 13♠, Teleport 18♠, Gate 18♠, Dismiss 18♠); (Stunning Grasp 5, Static Shock 8♠, Crackling Aura 8♠, Plasma Burst 13♠, Lightning Bolt 18♠); (Light Touch 10, Heavy Hand 8♠, Flight 8♠, Deflection 13♠, Fling 18♠); (Send Thoughts 10, Read Minds 10, Mental Invisibility 8♠, Psionic Blast 13♠, Mind Control 13♠); (Shield 10, Unbreakable 8♠, Magic Ward 8♠, Dispel Magic 13♠, Reflect Magic 13♠)

All Thumbs; Heroic; Obligation (Daimyo)

Equipment Normal Load 10; Encumbered 20; Limit 30; Drag 120
Manor House; Noble's Diet; Horse; Noble Attire, Fancy Jewelry; Mesh Armor w/ Silver Buckler; Repeating Crossbow; Fighting Fan; Scholar’s Case (chalks, hourglass, inks, magnifying, glass, merchant’s scale, mirror, paper, pens, scrolls, scroll tubes, waterproof case); Travel Pack (backpack, bedroll, candles, lantern, rations, tent, tinderbox); Jute & Silver Bondage Rope; Permit to carry Arms; Emblems of Station; Traveling Papers

(Pittances 50; Goods 40; Assets 68; Riches 0)

  • Doshin (10 in Sendai / 0 with)
  • Doshin Leader: Odo Kubari (Weapons Specialist)

Community Conversation / Surgery :(
« on: July 18, 2010, 06:16:01 pm »
I have to see a doctor tomorrow about these bone spurs in my left foot. I believe they are gonna need surgery this time. I need to be able to walk around at Gen-Con and I do not want to put this off any longer though. What to do. BZ is dying to push me in a wheelchair but that is a little too much for the Con.:) I have to make a decision; SURGERY NOW or SUFFER 3 MORE WEEKS!!!!!! HELP!!!!! :(

Community Conversation / Being a GM
« on: May 16, 2010, 06:37:12 pm »
BZ wants me to learn how to run a game. I am really afraid to that. I do not feel I have the talent for it. ( That is a talent you know?) Did you ever play with a totally boring, unorganized and unorthodox game master? I have and I do not want to be one. Any advice for a first time trial of such an ordeal?

Media & Mayhem / Going To A Steelers Game!!!
« on: December 26, 2009, 06:53:57 pm »
Here is a new topic. I am going to the STEELER GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D Here we go Steelers, here we go! HOO HOO!! Here we go Steelers, here we go HOO HOO! :) Everyone can find my friend and I. We will be the ones being drug off the field when I choose to go down there and give freely all my coaching advice. ;) Happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Introductions / new girl
« on: December 15, 2008, 01:38:15 pm »
Hi. This is Mrs.d. I am so proud of my husband. His book is outstanding. If you have never played Bounty Head Bebop, you have not lived. It is a great game with lots of adventure. Never the same game twice. Anyways, I hope to chat with some of you. Check ya later.

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