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Community Conversation / Roll20
« on: July 15, 2019, 12:02:49 pm »
Hey guys I was wondering if we could possibly do.something online via roll20 (or Skype or anything). I know that pbp is a lot more intensive for the gm, but I think it's a shame that this community dies off. Known you all for way too long unfortunately lol

Disciples / Robor (Spirit Warden)
« on: May 22, 2016, 04:52:26 pm »
Robor (Spirit Warden)
Experience: 129/142 Arcane: 82/82

Health 7
[X][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]

Willpower 5
[X][X][X][X][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]

Mana (Max 12/3 per round)
[X][X][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]

Gnosis 3

Size: 5
Defense: 2
Perception: 3
Initiative Mod: 6
Speed: 12

Unarmed Strike: Damage 0(B)
Sap: Damage 1(B); Size 1; Cost •; Special Knockout
Imbued Sword: Damage 3(L); Size 2; Cost ••••; Special Durability +1; Postcognition
.45 Caliber Pistol: Damage 3(L); Ranges 30/60/120; Clip 7+1; Size 1; Cost •••


Protective Spells

Spells Cast Upon Self (Spell Tolerance 3)

Active Spells (Max 6)
Fleshless Speech (24 hours)

Dedicated Magical Tool
Iron Key Ring

Acana Based Tools
Pure Steel (Matter); Mini Encyclopedia Brittanica (Mind); Shark Tooth (Spirit)

Enchanted Items
Postcognition Sword (Time ••)

Equipment Carried
*Reinforced Clothing (black turtleneck sweater), Smartphone, Fancy RealSteeltm Watch, Handkerchief, Climbing Gear, Night Vision Goggles, Lock Picks, Mace, Gasmask, Tear Gas Grenades (5), .45 Caliber Pistol, Sap, Postcognition Sword

Missing left hand; Demonic Pact

Unerringly locate any of Mastiff's treasure at will.

Community Conversation / #leftbehind
« on: January 06, 2016, 01:44:02 pm »
So my tour abandoned me and 6 others, about 4 kl away from the nearest bus stop.

Yaaaaay :P (dont worry, we got there thank god lol)

Tales of the Dandy Desperado! / Butch (Aman's Cyborg Enforcer)
« on: August 15, 2015, 08:52:02 pm »
Butch (Cyborg Enforcer) - 68/68 XP

Gender Male; Age 42; Ht 5’9”; Wt 150 lbs; Stature Fatherly Manhunter; Disposition Calm, Smoky, Kind; Distinctive Features: Outlet on his left leg, Wires behind the ears.

Str 2; Agi 4; Con 5(3); Int 2; Wis 4; Pre 3; Vitality (0) 24; Wounds (-2) 8 (Armor 15)
Speaks English
React 9; Endure 8; Will 9; Luck 3; Surge 4
Init 11**; Move 60 ft (Run 120; Leap 2 high/10 long)

Unarmed Strike 5/2S; Grapple Moves 5/2S; 9mm Deck Pistol 17+2X/8L 40ft (12); 12mm Military Sidearm 16+2X/10L 50ft (8); 9mm Submachinegun w/ Silencer 16+2X/8L 60ft (33); Sawed Off Shotgun 18+2X(14+2X slug/thumper)/10L(16L slug/14S♠ thumper) 20ft(60ft slug/thumper) (2); 20mm Military Auto-Shotgun | 17+2X(15+2X slug/thumper)/10L(16L slug/14S♠ thumper) 100ft(200ft slug/thumper) (12); Crossbow 16+2X/9L 300ft; Taser 15+2X/♠ 40ft max (2); Concussion Grenades 14/0S♠ A10’r 40xft (1)

Combat Skills
Defense 12* (Dodge; Parry) ~3
Ranged 14 (Shoot +2; Target; Throw) ~5
Close Quarter 5 (Grapple; Melee; Unarmed)

General Skills
Acrobatics 11 (Balance +2; Escape; Tumble +2) ~4
Artistry 7 (Cooking; Expression; Rendering)
Athletics 5 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim)
Control 16*  (Drive; Pilot; Operate Heavy Machinery) ~5
Evaluate 7 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive +2; Streetwise)
Fabricate 5 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith)
Face 10 (Bluff; Entertain; Intimidate; Taunt) ~4
First Aid 5 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury)
General Knowledge 5 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who)
Larceny 12 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand +2) ~5
Outdoors 7 (Handle Animal; Survival; Track)
Perception 12 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~3
Sabotage 7 (Demolitions; Disable Device; Trap Setting)
Socialize 6 (Diplomacy; Interrogation; Gather Info)
Stealth 14 (Disguise; Hide; Move Silently +2) ~5
Tech 8 (Computers +2, Electronics, Security Systems) ~3

Adrenal Booster; Cerebral Computer; Chem Plant; Exceptional Vehicle (Armored Motorcycle w/ Flamethrower); Quick Draw; Rapid Shot; Sharpshooter; Skill Box (*Control Skill Loaded); Spacecraft (Fighter); Speed Switch; Stich Bots; Uncanny Shot; Alert; CyberJock; Dead Aim; Graceful; Marksman; Rejection Compensators x2; Spirited; Stealthy; Toughness; Wheelman

Bounty Head; Dependent (Moonkit Kardashian, 7 year old girl); Heroic

Equipment Normal Load 25; Encumbered 50; Limit 75; Drag 300
9mm Deck Pistol; 12mm Military Sidearm; 9mm Submachinegun w/ Silencer; Sawed Off Shotgun (Slugs and Thumpers); Military Auto-Shotgun w/ 2 extra clips; Crossbow; Taser; Concussion Grenades; **Military Flak Jacket; *Police Armored Vest; *Riot Shield; Business Wear; IR Camo; SkinSuit; Magnetic Boots; B&E kit; Electronic Tools; Electronic Lock Decrypter; Lock Pick Set; Professional Disguise Kit; Audio Recorder; Video Recorder; Video Screen; Bugs (6); Bug Detector; Pain Killers (12); Stim Doses (12); Tranqs (3); Super Coag (3)

Armored Motorcycle: Handling +2; Armor 5; Structure 15; Systems 10
Flamethrower 14/6L♠ 30ft (25t)

Fighter (Plan C?): Handling +2; Armor 20; Structure 40; Systems 20; Luck 3
Weapons Systems
Dual-Linked 20mmL police ship guns +0/16L/PB (2000 each)
Air-to-Air Missile +0/26L A40’r/νL/§L (6)
Chaff Defense (6)
Ship Edges: Armed; Dual-Linked Ship Guns; Fly-by-Wire; Lucky
Ship Flaws: none
XP: 12/12

Community Conversation / Israel
« on: May 10, 2015, 07:35:17 am »
Going to Israel today!!! Can't wait.  ;D

It'll be a 10 day trip, so Ill be back on May 20th ish, I'll have internet so it'll be almost like I'm here, but I may be more inactive then usual.  ;D

Vampire The Masquerade / Anton Petrov Veranin
« on: January 17, 2015, 06:32:38 pm »

BRUISED [ * ] |INJURED (-1)[ X ] | CRIPPLED (-5) [ O ]
HURT (-1) [ X ] |WOUNDED (-2) [ X ]
HURT (-1) [ X ] |MAULED (-2) [ / ]

Permanent: 8
Temporary: 8/8

Courage: 5
Conviction: 3
Instinct: 2

Blood Pool

5 per turn

Via Noctis




(Obtenebration 4, Dominate 1-2, Heart that Beats in Silence, Wings of the Fallen, Willpower 8)

Base Initiative



Your reflection appears as what you would look like were you not kept young by the curse of vampirism.

You radiate palpable evil. Clergy and devout mortals know instinctively that there is something horribly wrong with you, and react accordingly. Churches and other places of worship are barred to you as well.

Must make a willpower roll (difficulty 9) whenever confronted by a cross, unless the vampire achieves at least 1 success they will be forced to flee. If they botch then not only do they flee, but if they are touched with a cross they will suffer a level of unsoakable aggravated damage.

With this Flaw, every natural animal you encounter is automatically and severely upset by your presence. This is much more severe than the unease that almost all Cainites cause in animals: Creatures panic and flee, and some rare few attack. You cannot calm the creatures down with Animal Ken. It requires either use of Animalism or a taste of vampire blood (which makes the creature a ghoul) to settle the beast down.

Plants wither as you approach and die at your touch. Your touch leeches heat from living beings, as though you are made of ice.

Difficulty of all dice rolls relating to social interactions with mortals are increased by 2 (not including intimidation).


You can choose to invert the effects of light and darkness on yourself. Spend one turn in concentration to turn Night Sight on or off, plus one per each health level of injury you currently suffer. While Night Sight is active, pitch-black darkness seems brightly and uniformly lit to you, while any light brighter than a hundred-watt bulb creates a zone of pure darkness. The penalties for partial darkness apply to weak illumination instead. This merit doesn't allow you to see through Obtenebration-created darkness, which glows with pure white light that obscures all details. When a vampire uses Darksight obtained from Pierce the murk, her pupils appear to grow in an inky stain that envelopes iris and white in pure black.

Your player must roll your Obtenebration rating against the soak difficulty of any mundane flame within two yards of you. This roll is reflexive and mandatory, and success extinguishes the flame.

Your unnatural radiance reduces the difficulty of all Intimidation rolls by 3, to a minimum difficulty of 4.

Your character is immune to all Mind effects that work on the emotions, the power of vampiric Presence, and similar effects. He can still be swayed by attempts at direct mind control, such as possession, mental illusions, vampiric Dominate, and the like, and extremely potent powers (with six or more dots) may overwhelm his defenses. Your character can be calm but weak-willed, after all.

Manipulation; Force Confession, Inspire Terror
Intelligence: Knowledge of the Abyss, Catholic Rites
Wits: Combat reflexes

-1 to difficulty when trying to get someone to admit something they've done
-1 to scaring enemies through force of presence.
-1 to difficulty rolls involving knowledge of the Abyss
-1 to difficulty rolls involving Catholic rites
+2 to Initiative

Aura: + 1 to eliciting confessions.

4 Dark Steel tendrils

3 shrouds worth of shadows invested

5 nightshades worth of shadows invested

Dark Steel tendril stats:

Strength: 9, Dexterity: 6, Stamina: 6

Damage: 2-L + Strength

Length: 6 feet

Health: OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK

Character Creation / Aman's Darkspawn Lasombra
« on: January 03, 2015, 09:00:09 pm »
Name: Anton Petrov Veranin

Player: Aman

Chronicle: Transylvanian Chronicles

Nature: Visionary

Sire: Basilio

Demeanor: Monster

Clan: Lasombra

Generation: 8

Concept: Shadow Horseman



Physical 3

Strength: 3; Dexterity: 2; Stamina: 1

Social 5

Charisma: 2 Manipulation: 5 Appearance: 1

Mental 7

Perception: 1; Intelligence: 5; Wits: 4

Abilities 5

Talents 13

Alertness: 2; Awareness; 0; Athletics: 1; Brawl: 0; Dodge: 0; Empathy: 0; Expression: 2; Intimidation: 3; Leadership: 3; Streetwise: 0; Subterfuge: 2

Skills 5

Animal Ken: 0; Crafts: 0; Riding/Drive: 2; Etiquette: 0; Firearms: 0; Melee: 3; Performance: 0; Security: 0; Stealth: 0; Survival: 0

Knowledge 9

Academics: 0; Politics: 0; Finance: 0; Investigation: 0; Linguistics: 3; Medicine: 0; Occult: 3; Science: 0; Law: 0 Religion (Catholicism): (3)


Obtentration 3, Potence 3, Animalism 1,

Courage: 5

Conviction: 3

Instinct: 2




Allies: 1; Influence: XX; Mentor: 2; Resources: 3; Contacts: XX; Generation: 5; Herd: XX; Retainers: 1; Status: XX


(Leave this section of your character sheet blank. This part is here purely for my use. If you gain any enemies or adverse backgrounds during your in-game time, they will show up here.)

Via Noctis 7/10

Permanent Willpower: 7

Temporary Willpower: 7/7


Full; No penalty; 10/10

Blood pool

Points: 15

Points per turn: 3

Merits and Flaws

Merit: Harbringer of the Abyss Type: Supernatural Cost: 3
Merit: Judge's Wisdom Type: Mental Cost:4

Flaw: Death's Reflection Type: Supernatural Cost: 3
Flaw: Beacon of the Unholy Type: Supernatural Cost: 2
Flaw: Repulsive to Animals Type: Supernatural Cost: 2
Flaw: Repelled by Crosses Type: Supernatural Cost: 3


Abyss Mystism 1: Pierce the Mask




Latin, Slavonic, Arabic, German, Old French


Weapon/Attack: Light Lance Difficulty: +2 Damage: +6-L Range: far Rate: 1/stabbing Clip: 1 Conceal: No (single use)
Weapon/Attack: Saber Difficulty 0 (+1 on land) Damage: +4-L Range: Swing rate: 1/swing Clip: 1 Conceal: No
(More will be added as needed)

Class: Heavy Armor Rating: 3 Penalty: -1 to Dex and Perception
Description:  Heavily reinforced leathers, usually worn with a helmet like a metal cap, with proper quilted padding underneath. The face remains exposed, and sometimes the neck and hands are also vulnerable. This is worn by men-at-arms and impoverished noblemen when they are expecting a fight. It weighs at least 50 pounds, so it is only worn when danger is thought to be near.

Class: Cavalry Shield Rating: +3 diff on horse, +2 on land Penalty: N.A on horse.

Expanded backgrounds
(Here you provide descriptions of your background)

Ally/Retainer: His ghoul horse, fantoma

Contacts: None, anymore.

Influence: None

Herd: None.

Resources: Resources gleaned off of his sire, the prince of Sofia. Given in exchange for continued service.

Status: None

Mentor: Anton possess two mentors of note, his sire, who assists him in understanding vampiric society, and the Abyss Mystic who introduced the neonate to the abyss, and has begun training him in the arts of the Abyss.


Gear (Carried): His pale grey bloodstained cloak, underwhich lies his 'white' (polished) armor and undergarments fitting the time. He carries his saber with him at all times, under his cloak.
Gear (horse): His lance, as well as 'dark' (unpolished) armor for the horse. Polished cavalry shield
Equipment (Owned): Anton keeps in his study multiple books describing the Abyss, as well as a bible. He fears the book, but on some days, his will is strong, and he returns to read of who he is returning sinners to. His sire, Basillio

Vehicles: Fantone

Feeding grounds: Wherever the wicked are

Blood bonds/Vinculi

Bound to: Bosillio (Rating: 1?)


Location: Sofia

Description: Simple building with a small study.


His story till now: The final child of Peter Ivanov Veranin, leader of the Vitosha province, Anton was destined for priesthood. His sisters were getting married, his eldest brother was preparing for leadership, his second brother was off, his third training to be a soldier, and the custom was to have the fourth son learn the ways of God. When he was ten, Olag, his eldest brother died, and Kiril the second was sent back from the empire, replacing the third son. Anton did not mind. His brothers didn't matter nearly as much as the true lord did, and even when Kiril tried to connect with him, he was rebuffed. Anton Petrov Veranin was not meant for human socialization, he was meant to save men from themselves.

When he was sent off to become a priest, much of his family cheered, but Anton did not mind. They were instruments for Christ to test him and his mettle, and he thanked them for it, as Joseph did for his brothers. 

Anton's determination and intillect were beyond reasonable for a person of his age, and his zeal forced him to over extend his mind to absord as much wisdom as he could. Anton's zealous nature as a young child, and his hard work displayed to the priests that he was not suited as a pastor, but rather as a true servant, and they sent him off to a survivor of the previous crusade, who took Anton's hand and showed him what being a servant of Christ meant. 

The Crusader quickly taught Anton what he needed to know about his Lord and Savior, and taught him his ways. He found a natural tendecy for horsemanship, and struggled to learn the art of sword combat. This was Anton's life, a knight for Christ. While he never participated in true crusades, he fought against brigands, pagans, and sometimes Jews, trying to reveal to them the glory of Christ.  After a few years, Anton had heard that his family was holding a wedding of his sister's daughter. To him, this was his chance to return, and show them all that the truth of christ, but fate had different plans.

There, he was confronted by a western man named Basilio. The man had taken an interest in Anton, and wished to discuss the gospels with the priest. There was more to the meeting then just that, however, and Anton was swiftly embraced by Basilio, along with his brother Kiril. 

When Anton awoke from the embrace, and his sire explained what happened, Anton cried from anguish. It could not be, that he, a holy warrior for christ, could become a being cursed by God! However, a light shone in the darkness, so too speak, as the young lasombra cast a reflection, as opposed to the regular clan. Anton took this to be a blessing, a sign from God that he was not abandoned. But even this was a lie, for after a few weeks, his reflection began to deteriorate, as it's flesh began to rot. 

Feeling himself abandoned by his lord, Anton was a bitter worthless childer. His only solace was in learning and absorbing knowledge, and when learning, his sobbing and depression left him. His sire, annoyed by this fit of hopelessness, brought the new  to an abyss mystic in an attempt to teach him of the truth, and to give him some form of reason. The mystic gazed at the young lasombra, and introduced him to the abyss, pushing him deep Into the Chasm. Anton was tortured for the hour spent inside, seeing shadows that should not exist, and dizzying shapes. In desperation, he called out to shadows to return him home. Upon returning to his sire's palace-thang from shadows, the shadows all began to rattle in his view, and his sire instantly recognized it as the sign of the Harbringer. Anton had been chosen by the abyss. 

With this revalation, Anton understood his true purpose. He was a servant of God when he was mortal, and even now, he was still a servant of the true lord. As a creature of the abyss, Anton must now act for God. His role is the same as it was as a mortal, to bring others to God, even if he himself is damned. And with this new understanding, his absolute hopelessness left him, and he had a goal, and a dream. He would become a monster to make his mortals return to the good life, and the Lord would be happy. 

His sire granted him his horse after leaving his depression, named Fantoma, gladdened that his embrace was not for waste. 

Goals/Destiny: Anton is a fanatic, and truly believes in his path. Many of the lasombra have foolishly clung to a sham, still believing themselves not damned. But he know better, he knows of his kind's true nature, and he understands their role. But a single man can not accomplish anything by himself, no matter how strong wield. For this reason, Anton considers it his goal to achieve recognition in the clan, and establish a subset of Lasombra focused on redeeming the mortals through the abyss. By achieving that, he would be able to do the most good, he would be able to raise hundreds of redeemers, and manipulate the clan into serving his ideals. It's a lofty goal, but Anton has the ambition found in most Lasombra, and it will not be quenched.

Why he is willing to join the cotterie (besides sire's request): Anton has been busy redeeming the beings in Sofia, but that was with his sire's protection and guidance. Now, he is sent off to spread the good word through pain and torment, and there is nothing greater then that.

Connection to other characters: Seth's character's brother.



Apparent Age: Late 20's

Date of Birth: XX

Death: 1191

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Black

Race: Vampire

Nationality: Bulgarian

Height: 5"8

Weight: 130

Sex: Male

Physical description:
In life, Anton was a golden knight, but in death, Anton lives on as a ashen knight, redeeming mortals through pain. His body is covered with a pale cloak, stained red from the blood of those he redeemed. Generally, he's seen with almost tangible darkness at his feet, and any light near him flicker. His gaze is unending, and a cold breeze follows him wherever he goes. He walks with an air of humility, though, knowing that he is just a servant of the Lord.

Betrayal at House on the Hill / Miranda The Witch (Aman)
« on: July 30, 2014, 11:33:13 pm »
Name: Miranda Lastnamington

Description: A little girl who's an wicked witch! Or at least, that's what she imagines. She watched too many shows where the witch was awesome, and bought too many tarot cards. Now, all her parents hear from her is that she'll take Daniel Goldstien's liver to see the future. They found it cute. So, when Miranda talked about going with a bunch of strangers to a haunted house, they took it as a joke, and allowed her to. Probably the worst mistake of their lives (aside from giving birth to Miranda).

Miranda dresses up like a witch, with the whole purple spooky clothing, and carries her crystal ball with her everywhere. It's actually just a painted 8-ball though.

Might  2/3/3/3/4/5/6/7

Speed  3/4/5/6/6/6/7/7

Sanity  1/2/3/4/5/5/6/7

Knowledge 2/3/4/4/5/6/6/6

Miranda is obsessed with her witchery. She carries her tarot cards in her back pocket, and keeps her broom at the ready. She also has a fascination with ingredients for her magic shit. She's collected frog eyes, toenail clippings, The Unholy Bone of Lucifer (her dog had a bone in his mouth), and a cat's tongue, but it's not enough. That's why she's here, after all. Get some of that sweet sweet haunted house ingredients.


Rope!:  Good, solid rope.  It should come in handy.  When you use the Rope: You can go up or down between the Gallery or Collapsed Room without taking damage.  You can use the Mystic Slide without taking damage.  You can move from the Basement Landing to the Coal Chute.  Using the Rope doesn't count as moving a space.

Blood Dagger:  A nasty weapon.  You roll 3 additional dice when making a Might attack.  If you do, lose 1 Speed.  You can't use another weapon.  This can't be traded or dropped.  If it is taken from you, take 2 dice of physical damage.

Candle: It makes the shadows move-- at least, you hope it's doing that.  If you draw an event card, roll 1 additional die.  If you have the Bell, Book, and Candle, add 2 to all traits.

Community Conversation / Next (Jewish) Holiday
« on: April 29, 2014, 01:08:10 pm »
 I'm setting these things up. Should be helpful, and it'll mean I don't have to mention these stuff.

Adventure III / Operation Make-Over (Roka & Udo)
« on: March 26, 2014, 07:58:47 am »
The smelly samurai bows as the Magistrate leaves, and thanks Juro Saito for the honor of having the meal. About to start eating, he notices Roka motioning over. Not willing to let go of eating right now, he takes his bare hand and grabs a fistful of whatever he can find into his mouth.

"Fhanks! Ah, I ghotta 'oh" He mumbles with his mouth full, following Roka.

Seeing that Udo figured out that he should follow him, Roka smiles.

"Good. We need to talk. Keitaro's a lost cause, unfortunately, but you could be molded."

Official Rules Questions / Online Character Sheet
« on: February 16, 2014, 01:29:27 pm »
Any way this could be implemented? I'm specifically talking about BHB Original, obviously. Need it for easy access when writing up the aliens + others.

Community Conversation / EMT Course
« on: January 07, 2014, 10:29:37 pm »
Since all the RPs I'm in are on this site (aside from liminal, but that doesn't run as quickly), I'll give some warning. From now until June, I'll be taking part in an Emergency Medical Technician course. This is every Thursday+Tuesday, from 6-10 PM.

As I actually care about this course, I will not be on my phone during this duration, and will not be available AT ALL during this time.

Roka Takemura ~ (Samurai Ki Master) - 246 / 255 XP

Gender M; Age 20; Ht 5’11”; Wt 150 lbs; Stature Wiry Monk; Disposition Showy, Entertainer, Loud; Distinctive Features: Broad-Chested, Agile, with Goatee

Mark of Maski-Dai-Oni: 10 ft tall; STR 6; Heavy Hitter; Cargo Carrier; Red skin; Orange fangs & claws; Black horns; Burning eyes; Malevolent

Str 4; Agi 4; Con 3; Int 2; Wis 2; Pre 5; Vitality (0) 24; Wounds (-2) 8 (Armor 16; AP 5)
React 13; Endure 8; Will 11; Luck 5 3; Surge 11 10 / 11
Psychosis 6
Init 9; Move 30 ft (Run 120; Leap 4 high/20 long)

Unarmed Strike 18+2X/4S~L; Grapple Moves 16/4S~L; Gauntlets & Brass Knuckles 18+2X/5S~L; Masterwork Sword Pair 17/8L; Whip 14/4S♠ (15 ft Melee)

Combat Skills
Defense 12 (Dodge +2; Parry +1*) ~5
Ranged 7 (Shoot; Target; Throw)
Close Quarter 16 (Grapple; Melee; Unarmed +2) ~7

General Skills
Acrobatics 11 (Balance; Escape; Tumble) ~4
Artistry 5 (Cooking, Painting; Sculpting; Music; Writing)
Athletics 12 [(Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim) ~5
Evaluate 8 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive; Streetwise) ~3
Fabricate 5 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith)
Face 16 (Bluff +2; Entertain +2; Feint +2; Intimidate; Taunt) ~6
General Knowledge 5 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who)
Larceny 7 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand)
Medic 5 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury)
Outdoors 5 (Handle Animal; Ride; Survival; Track)
Perception 8 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~3
Sabotage 5 (Disable Device; Trap Setting)
Socialize 15 (Diplomacy +2; Interrogation +2; Gather Info) ~5
Stealth 2 (Conceal; Disguise +2; Hide; Move Silently)

Advanced Skills
Political Sciences 8 (Economics; Law; Politics +2) ~3

Edges and Feats
Base of Operations; Blind Fight; Born Leader; Evasion; Indomitable Spirit; Minions (30); Rapid Strike; Stunning Attack; Brawler; Charismatic; Charlatan; Compelling; Duelist; Iron Will; Lightning Reflexes; Lucky; Martial Artist; Politician; Popular; Powerful Ties; Spirited; Toughness; Underworld Ties

~Amazing Celerity; ~Body Maiming Style; ~Brass Body Technique; ~Combo x3; ~Convincing Lie; ~Crashing Mirror Technique; ~Death Touch; ~Flawless Decorum; ~Grievous Injury Technique; ~Heavy Hitter; ~Heroic Surge; ~Inspire Heroism; ~Ki Master; ~Ki Reserves; ~Ki Spike; ~Knockback; ~Martial Arts Master; ~Multi Attack; ~Retributive Strike; ~Righteous Indignation; ~Ripple Across Pond; ~Savage Blow; ~Shrug Poison or Disease; ~Spirit Cutting; ~True Strike; ~Uncanny Dodge; ~Valiant Sacrifice; ~Vengeful Counter Stance

Lecherous; Obligation (Daimyo); Obvious

Equipment Normal Load 75; Encumbered 150; Limit 225; Drag 900
Manor House; Noble's Diet; Horse; Minions; Monks Garb; Masterwork Silver Accented Breastplate; Profane Soulsteel Great Armor; Lamellar Armor; Silver-inlaid Gauntlets; Brass Knuckles; Masterwork Sword Pair; Whip with Silver jute; Manacles; Hourglass; Travel Pack (backpack, bedroll, candles, lantern, mirror, rations, tent, tinderbox); Wasp wood Bark (6); Philosopher's Folly (3); Jute & Silver Bondage Rope; Plain Old Bondage Rope; Pair of Fake Fox Ears; Fuzzy Leopard-skin Handcuffs; Permit to Carry Arms; Emblems of Station; Traveling Papers

(Pittances 5; Goods 51; Assets 33; Riches 5)
  • Doshin Contact: Botan Kunda (Karma)
  • Silver and Blue Silk Bracers (+2 Dodge; Berserker Rage 1/day)
  • Minions: Ichiro Onohora, Mai Tsuda, (both 20 XP)
  • The Pennaggolan’s Tongue (just carrying it...)
  • Two Silver Luck Charms (4 Luck Points Total)
  • Profane Soulsteel Great Armor (Armor 16 (AP 5)/-2/0): Demon 1/Day with Absolute Control (Wearer's Will Save to Keep Demon from being Dispelled); Grants wearer Immunity to Fire; The visage of anyone slain by the wearer is permanently absorbed into the Soulsteel. Drawback: Wearer takes X2 Damage from Cold based Attacks.
  • Bracers of Radiating Hellfire (+2 Defense): Radiate a number of times per day equal to Presence Drawback: Wearer Gains the Malevolent Flaw while Radiating
Blessing of The Ancestors: Ancestor's Rebuke

Introductions / Heya BZ!
« on: July 21, 2013, 10:28:30 pm »
Hey BZ! Gonna be using this site for some forum games (kinda like how you did it for EF7).

Reviving this dead site! XD

Could you set up a thread for me? (Assuming it actually starts up in CYS of course)

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