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Community Conversation / Stay safe people
« on: March 30, 2020, 06:42:02 pm »
So I wasn't going to post this, but know 'roughly' where many of you live I thought I should.

Please all keep safe, stay away from other people and wash hands regularly. I don't want to hear of you getting this virus due to the large numbers of idiots in all our countries who have been ignoring the medical advice and social distancing. Even in younger people, outlier cases can turn deadly. My brother-in-law who is only in his early 40s ended up in hospital last week due to it causeing sudden fever seizures.

You mostly all know I am front line medical staff so I am doing 12 or 16 hour shifts through the nights right now. Every patient with ANY respiratory distress or other symptoms, I get to scan which involves direct touching and positioning.
If they look like they have pneumonia, I then CT them. This is on top of all other scans and work I do in the ER. We are currently in gloves, masks and full face shield at all times except for when eating in out staff room which now has a people limit so no eating together. We then full gown and hat and higher level of mask for any suspected cases but are being told to re-use masks due to possible shortage if this keeps going.

Anyway, good luck and stay safe all.

So a little background:

I have been half scouted by another hospital on Vancouver Island. Basically the best place in at least Western Canada to live.

On route here so far: Sudden pay issues. Flight delays that would have caused me to miss my connector had it not very luckily hit a delay too. Rental car company issue so no car. No taxis at the airport since after dealing with the rental company it was so late like 1.30am morning of my interview. After calling for taxi and massive bill... Hotel was actually great, Best Western have never let me down. Then early morning, still can't sort out rental issue or get to rental place other by taxi so taxi to hospital for pseudo interview and taxi nearly gets into a massive accident which obviously delays me...

Just seriously those are only the main points, other small stuff had also been going wrong for like 2 days too.

Anyone else ever have a day or trip like this?

Community Conversation / DND 5e, anyone familiar?
« on: May 25, 2017, 03:36:21 pm »
So, currently Im a player in a dnd5e campaign and DM for a different game.

I've only played in the 4e system and found it unwieldy and rule heavy, if still fun.

5e feels so much nicer for new players and is way better for quick flowing games as things dont get bogged down in rules and floating modifiers. for anyone unaware they entirely scrapped the systems where you would have 2items and 3 buffs and height advantage and surprise giving you +x while distance and obscured sight give -x etc. etc. (This sucked in flowing combat as you had to recalculate everything each turn if you move or buffs change or target moved etc.) while now you simply roll normally, with advantage or disadvantage and get to leave out all the fiddly bits.

so basically yeh Im really enjoying the playing and Dming. Anyone else played 5e?

General Game Discussion / Forge's Final War 2
« on: January 10, 2017, 09:06:07 pm »
So getting round to this now that life has slowed down and there is less plague in my house.

Will hopefully run Final war 2 on BHB in the next week or two. There will be some changes from  the original if only to ensure the game can't drag on at the end, I'll promote it over on CYS as I would need 6-8 starting players.

This is all presuming BZ thinks it is a good plan to run it here ofc.

Community Conversation / Free Beta game (Tabletop full rules etc.)
« on: December 22, 2016, 06:15:09 pm »
Right  on there is a free Beta for the upcoming tabletop 'Conan: rise of monsters' game. if anyone is interested in getting what is basically a free game book I can forward the email.

Media & Mayhem / Halloween living up to its tropes
« on: October 31, 2016, 10:19:43 pm »
So I normally don't post this stuff but covering the ER and OR tonight. Halloween night. Guy comes in with an axe injury and has hemophilia... axe injury and blood EVERYWHERE.

Community Conversation / My brief recent absence
« on: August 15, 2016, 02:15:19 am »
So, I haven't posted properly in a few days, very sorry to people who's games I'm in.

Currently on number 4 of nightshifts following morning shifts (swapping between day and nifhts sucks) and averaging 4 hours sleep between getting home in the morning and time with my little guy so I'm  other overly cognizant in my down time.

Should be back to being me by... Tuesday... probably... u less I get more shifts tacked on.

Community Conversation / Meteor Showers!
« on: August 12, 2016, 12:51:15 am »
So tonight and tomorrow will be some of the best Meteor Showers in many years. If it is the cloudy in your area get out there and see them!

(For best effect get well away from big city lights and up a hill. Also if you are able wait until the moon sets so there is even less light in the sky!)

Disciples / Beats (Ministering Angel)
« on: May 22, 2016, 12:28:44 am »
    Beats (Ministering Angel) MAIMED
    Experience: 142/147 Arcane: 82/82

    Health 8
    [  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]

    Willpower 6
    [X][X][X][X][X][X][  ][  ][  ][  ]

    Mana (Max 12/3 per round)
    [X][X][X][X][X][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]
    [  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]

    Gnosis 3

    Size: 5
    Defense: 2
    Perception: 5
    Initiative Mod: 6
    Speed: 11

    Unarmed Strike: Damage 0(B)
    Brass Knuckles*: Damage 1(B); Size n/a; Cost •; Special Brawl*
    Imbued Cestus*: Damage 1(B); Size n/a; Cost ••••; Special Brawl*; Evil Eye
    • Body Blow: Your character can deliver powerful blows that leave opponents reeling and gasping for air. If successes inflicted in a single Brawl attack equal or exceed a target’s Size, the victim loses his next action.
    • Duck and Weave: Your character is trained to instinctively duck and evade an opponent’s blows. Use the higher of your character’s Dexterity or Wits to determine his Defense when dealing with Brawl-based attacks only (not against Weaponry attacks). If a combination of Brawl and Weaponry-based attacks is focused on your character in the same turn, use his normal Defense against both.
    • Combination Blows: Your character’s training and experience allow him to devastate opponents with a flurry of rapid blows. He can make two Brawl attacks against the same target in a single action. The second attack suffers a -1 penalty.
      Drawback: Your character cannot use his Defense against any attack in the same turn in which he intends to use this maneuver. If he uses Defense against attacks that occur earlier in the Initiative roster, before he can perform this maneuver, he cannot perform the maneuver in the turn. He is too busy bobbing and weaving out of the way of attacks.
    • Haymaker: Your character can deliver powerful, accurate blows capable of knocking an opponent unconscious with a single punch. A single Brawl attack that equals or exceeds the target’s Size in damage might knock him unconscious. A Stamina roll is made for the victim. If it succeeds, he is conscious but he still loses his next action due to the Body Blow (see above). If it fails, he is unconscious for a number of turns equal to the damage done.
      Drawback: Your character cannot use his Defense against any attack in the same turn in which he intends to use this maneuver. If he uses Defense against attacks that occur earlier in the Initiative roster, before he can perform this maneuver, he cannot perform the maneuver in the turn. He is too busy bobbing and weaving out of the way of attacks.
    Tasing Gun (melee): Damage n/a; Special 12 jolts, KO / (ranged): Damage flat 1B; Ranges flat 10; Clip 1; Size 1; Cost ••; Special KO

    1/2* (bulletproof)

    Protective Spells

    Spells Cast Upon Self (Spell Tolerance 3)
    Regeneration f/ Saint (24 hours)

    Active Spells (Max 6)
    Spatial Awareness (12 hours)

    Dedicated Magical Tool
    Hematite Infinity Ring

    Acana Based Tools
    Tattoo on left arm, vines circling bicep (Life); Magnetized steel dog tag (Forces); Titanium dog tag inscribed with complex spacial location equations on the reverse (Space); Small piercing in his right ear containing a working miniature hourglass (Time)

    Enchanted Items
    Gossamer Touch Imbued Cestus (Spirit ••)

    Equipment Carried
    Black Security Suit, *Kevlar Vest, Brass Knuckles, Imbued Cestus, MP3 Player w/ headphones, keys on a long steel chain clipped to belt, old smart phone, small backpack - basic work stuff like ID and a few books/stationary and a few energy bars/drinks, Wallet with very little cash, two tasing guns with 12 cartridges, two gasmasks

    No legs below knees; Right eye put out; Branded: Silver Forehead (looks spray-painted)


    So yeh, barring 5 hours this morning I have been in the hospital over 36 hours and still here for a few more.

    I am very very tired and more seriously messed up shifts coming up so predicting much less posting time this week.

    Community Conversation / Running a farm for the rest of the week
    « on: March 22, 2016, 08:29:26 pm »
    So due to some last minute family stuff my friends have, they have to fly down to Vancouver. So we are looking after their farm, so awesome.

    Community Conversation / Getting on a plane soon
    « on: December 13, 2015, 09:44:48 pm »
    So just finished the first leg of my flight to Vancouver and next fly to London. I also realized I gave no advanced warning so....

    I'm flying to Belfast for Christmas! That does mean the next 24 hours will be very busy with the flying and changes planes, then I should be back on and able to post normally again.

    Inigo Montoya (Pilot/Hacker) - 66/68 XP

    Gender Male; Age 35; Ht 6”; Wt 190 lbs; Stature Wide shoulders, some muscle but not too built up; Disposition Grandoise, Charming, Highly Paranoid; Distinctive Features: Long hair in a ponytail and a small scar on his cheek next to his manly yet carefully trimmed mustache.

    Str 3; Agi 5; Con 3; Int 5; Wis 3; Pre 3; Vitality (0) 24; Wounds (-2) 8 (Armor 10*/15*)
    Speaks English & Japanese
    React 14; Endure 8; Will 8; Luck 3 2; Surge 4/4
    Init 15*/13**; Move 30 ft (Run 90; Leap 3 high/15 long)

    Unarmed Strike 9/3S; Grapple Moves 9/3S; Pirate Cutlass w/ Stun 11+2X/6L♠; 9mm Deck Pistol 15+2X/8L 40ft (8); 12mm Military Sidearm 14+2X/10L 50ft (8); 20mm Flintlock Pistol Pair w/ Thumper Rounds 12+2X/14S♠ 60ft (1 each); 12mm Hunting Rifle 15+2X/14L 400ft (5); Concussion Grenades 12/0S♠ A10’r 40xft (5); 40mm Suppression Gas Grenades 12/♠ A20’r 30x4t (6)

    Combat Skills
    Defense 14 (Dodge; Parry +2) ~4
    Ranged 12 (Shoot +2; Target +2; Throw) ~4
    Close Quarter 9 (Grapple; Melee +2; Unarmed) ~1

    General Skills
    Acrobatics 12 (Balance; Escape +2; Tumble) ~4
    Artistry 6 (Cooking; Expression; Rendering)
    Athletics 6 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim)
    Control 13  (Drive; Pilot +2; Operate Heavy Machinery) ~5
    Evaluate 6 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive; Streetwise)
    Fabricate 11 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith) ~3
    Face 9 (Bluff; Entertain; Intimidate; Taunt) ~1
    First Aid 8 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury)
    General Knowledge 11 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who) ~3
    Larceny 8 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand)
    Outdoors 6 (Handle Animal; Survival; Track)
    Perception 9 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~3
    Sabotage 13 (Demolitions; Disable Device; Trap Setting) ~5
    Socialize 6 (Diplomacy; Interrogation +2; Gather Info)
    Stealth 3 (Disguise; Hide; Move Silently)
    Tech 15 (Computers +2, Electronics, Security Systems +2) ~5

    Born Leader; Evasion; Spacecraft (Frigate); Surprise Strike; Ace Pilot; Agile; Combat Reflexes; Compelling; Computer Geek; Hacker; Gunner; Lightning Reflexes; Marksman; Scrapper; Security Expert; Spirited; Toughness; Weapon Specialist

    Bounty Head (x2); Enemy (Serpent Vert Syndicate); Heroic; Obvious

    Equipment Normal Load 50; Encumbered 100; Limit 150; Drag 600
    9mm Deck Pistol (gold-plated, rhinestone accented, sea turtle shell grip, extra gaudy); 12mm Military Sidearm w/ extra clips; 20mm Replica Pirate Flintlock Pistol Pair in sash w/ Thumper Rounds; 12mm Hunting Rifle; Replica Pirate Cutlass w/ Stun attachment (neon accented, plays rousing pirate fight music at the touch of a button); Concussion Grenades; 40mm Suppression Gas Grenades; **Armored Vac Suit; *Police Armoured Vest; Pirate Captain Outfit; Expensive looking pocket watch w/ concealed Concussion/Smoke charge triggered by triple click, then explodes after 2 seconds; Universal Remote; Bug Detector; Diagnostic Scanner; Electronic Binoculars; Gas Mask; Laser Uplink; Line Tap; Hidden Video Recorders; Micro Comlink ; Motion Detectors (10); Notebook Computer w/ arm holster; Personalized Vacc Suit w/ Emergency Beacon; Pocket Secretary; R/C toy cars; R/C Camera Drones (2); SOL phone; Voice mask; VR Goggles; Permits (Pilot Spacecraft, Arm Spacecraft, Transport Arms, Carry Firearms, Carry Explosives, Hunt Bounty w/ JPC Endorsement, Wear Armor, Fake ISPB Badge); Guard Dog (overly friendly Irish setter called Vizini)

    Frigate (The Dandy Desperado): Handling +0; Armor 30; Structure 100; Systems 45; Luck 3
    Weapons Systems
    Dual Linked 20mmL police ship guns +0/16L Double X/PB (2000)
    Military Plasma Cannon +0/24L AP νL/§S (6/6♠)
    Air-to-Air Missile +0/26L A40’r/νL/§L (12)
    Space Mines Set/30L PA50’r ♠ (6)
    Chaff Defense (6)
    Cloud Defense (1)
    Ship Edges: Armed; Black Ice; Buffered Armour; Dry Landing; Dual Link Weapons; Fuel Efficient; Hardened Armour; Lucky; Obstacle Avoidance Computer; Submersible; System Redundancy; Stealthy
    Ship Flaws: Readily Identifiable ('The Dandy Desperado' Emblazoned Across Ship)
    XP: 40/40

    Ship Stores: Armored Vests (2); Riot Guns (3); Deck Pistols w/ 2 extra clips (4); Animal Control Net Gun; Cold Weather Clothing; Computer Workstations w/ Redundancy & Shielding; Cryogenics Tank; Electronic lock with retinal scanner to bridge of ship; Jamming Transmitter; Electronics Tools (1/deck); Emergency Beacon; Emergency Survival Kits 2/Deck + 2 in scout ship); Gasmasks (4); Hazmat Suit; Magnetic Boots; Demolitions Kit; Mechanics Tools (1/deck +1); Outdoor Gear Kit; Caltrops (36); Signal Flares (24); Vac suits (4); Skinsuits (2/deck); Sports Equipment; Thermite (6); TNT (33); Various computers and electronics; Vehicle-Mounted Cable Winch; Zero-G Harness; Surgical Tools; First Aid Kit (1/deck); Trauma Packs (6); Antibiotic (24) ; Antirad (18); Antitoxin(18); Pain Killer (18); Stimdose (18); Tranquilizer (18); Super Coag (6); Extra Air-to-Air Missile (12)

    Community Conversation / Delayed posts, cos I moved house today!
    « on: August 08, 2015, 11:45:18 pm »
    Yeh as the title says, had a long week of work with packing  and running boxes over to the new place then Friday was a full evening packing the moving trailer and Sat (today) was the big final haul. So yeh I am totally done in. Feels great to be into the new place though.

    Now I just have tomorrow spent carrying furniture out of the trailer into the house and unpacking...

    But still awesome to be in the new place lol

    Gameplay and OOC / Character Sheets
    « on: January 26, 2015, 02:40:11 pm »
    This thread is simple, copy and past the template of the char you want, then edit their name, description and some backstory into it.

    Gameplay and OOC / Game Thread - A noisy Awakening
    « on: January 26, 2015, 01:36:15 pm »
    The day before was a long one. Your squad had been out on late evening training in the forests to the West and had gotten back to base well after dark. A quick meal was provided then straight to bed at lights-out.

    You had been sleeping well until you feel the entire base suddenly shudder and hear a loud booming noise. You might normally panic but they often run drills in the scorpion at night and some of it's ammo can be really loud if it hits nearby.You roll over slightly and try to return to sleep when you hear several more loud booms and the base sirens go off. A loud undulating wailing assaults your ears before it settles down to a steady volume. Red emergency lights kick in above you bed as the base speaker system crackles to life.

    "Evacuate the base. This is not a Drill. Evacuate the base." blurts out before they go silent again.

    Your training kicks in and you follow the procedure ingrained in you from all of your drills. 'Dress, regroup, move-out'. You leap out of your bed and quickly grab your uniform from the locker and pull it on, shoving your smallest valuables into the pockets. You keep feeling and hearing explosions and vibrations in the floor. Some seem close while others are faint. You think you hear an AR blasting out a violent staccato against the backdrop of the constant sirens wail but you can't be sure.

    Your cloak reads 3.02am. You slip your key-card over your head and check your cubicle, nothing left you can carry. You hit the door release button and step into the central corridor of Dorm A. you look up and down the corridor to try and assess the situation. The other members of your 8 man squad are spilling out of their own cubicles. There is no movement at the 10 rooms on the Western end of the dorm, nearest the courtyard. There is a second squad in dorm A with you but there is no sign of them now. Glancing to the East of the Dorm, you see the small communal area and computer station empty along with the corridors connecting to Dorm B and the gym. The doors to the central courtyard, dorm B and the Gym are all shut.

    You know there are several evacuation and extraction points around the base. 'Alpha' is to the North-West in a clearing. 'Bravo' is North East in a flat section of the Rocky training area. 'Charlie' is the Dock in the lake to the South East and Delta is an area of grassland just South of the Western Forest. You also know that in the last three months, increasing numbers of small colonies have been totally wiped out by the 'Covenant' a newly discovered alien race who you have only been taught limited details of.

    Vampire The Masquerade / Heldric Haikans
    « on: January 10, 2015, 02:38:24 pm »

    BRUISED [ * ] |INJURED (-1)[ O ] | CRIPPLED (-5) [ O ]
    HURT (-1) [ * ] |WOUNDED (-2) [ O ]
    HURT (-1) [ X ] |MAULED (-2) [ O ]

    Permanent: 7
    Temporary: 7/7

    Courage: 4
    Conviction: 2
    Instinct: 4

    Blood Pool


    4 per turn

    Path of the Beast



    48/57 (Potence 1-3, Protean 1-2 and Brawl 4)

    Base Initiative



    Any contact with humans spreads a terrible weakening disease that will, unless the mortal scores 3 successes on an extended stamina roll (difficulty 9) over a week, lead to serious complications and maybe even death. Should Heldric have a human ghoul, their temporarily increased vitality will let them serve him as long as needed, but if not fed vitae they will eventually be overcome by the disease. Until then, they andany other blood-bound servants are carriers of Heldric's plague.

    Must spend a point of willpower to be able to feed on the young (those younger than 16 years of age).

    Absolutely no sense of smell or taste - Incapable of rolling to sense things by smell or taste.

    Cannot improve Appearance with Experience Points. Most Social actions based on first impressions, except intimidation and the like, fail automatically.


    Absolutely no sense of smell or taste - Incapable of suffering penalties or damage from sensory overload or attacks that rely on smell or taste.

    -2 to difficulty of rolls involving the use of voice to Persuade, Charm, or Command.

    Blood does not taste like blood.

    Does not suffer daytime penalties and is able to stay awake during the day.

    Heldric gains a working understanding Tremere hierarchy and magic. His understanding is riddled with some holes due to Epistatia's amnesia, however.

    Iron Will

    -1 to difficulty to stay silent
    -1 to difficulty to not seem like you're following someone.
    -1 to difficulty to taking advantage of surprise with fist attacks.
    +2 to initiative
    -1 to difficulty in using special maneuvers involving brute strength
    -1 to difficulty of acts that require strong grips.
    -1 to difficulty in using submissions/Hold manoeuvres

    Iron Will
    Aura: +1 to intimidation.

    +2 to Strength
    +2 to Dexterity

    Character Creation / Forge's vamp who's prob going to be nosferatu
    « on: January 04, 2015, 01:43:18 pm »
    Stuff to be added

    Betrayal at House on the Hill / Sarah Fielding-Fairweather
    « on: August 01, 2014, 03:22:40 pm »
    A weathy young heiress who loves doing whatever daddy tells her not to do, Sarah has become well known in the tabloids for being reckless and wasteful despite the best money can buy. Her latest craze seems to be for getting Into stupid situations with strangers and seeing how dangerous things get before Daddy arrives to 'rescue her'. Generally always seen to be dressed for the occasion she has arrived in a custom made dress which covers her specially designed 'female rogue' trouser and waistcoat outfit which she though would make for a great picture in the tabloids this time.

    Wealthy Heiress (young woman #2)

    Might  3/3/3/4/5/6/7/8

    Speed  3/3/4/5/6/6/7/8

    Sanity  3/3/3/4/5/6/6/6

    Knowledge 2/3/3/4/5/6/7/8

    Hobbies include whatever her Daddy dislikes at the time but mainly involve riding her many horses, playing the violin and buying/appraising jewelry, art and clothing.


    Holy Symbol:  A symbol of calm in an unsettling world.  Lose 2 Sanity if you lose the Holy Symbol.

    Armor: It's only a prop, but it might help.  Anytime you take physical damage, take 1 less point of damage.

    Dog Mister Wigglesworth:  This mangy dog seems friendly.  At least, you hope it is.  Lose 1 Might and 1 Sanity if you lose the Dog.  Once during your turn, the Dog can move to any explored room up to 6 spaces away, using doors and stairs, and then return.  It can pick up, carry, and/or drop 1 item before it returns.

    Dynamite: The fuse isn't lit. . yet.  Instead of attacking, you can throw the dynamite through a connecting door into an adjacent room.  Does 4 points physical damage to any monster or player who fails a Speed roll of 5+

    Revolver: An old, potent-looking weapon.  You can use the Revolver to attack with Speed instead of Might. (Your opponent will defend with Speed as well.)  With the Revolver, you can attack anyone in the same room, or within line of sight.  If you lose an attack against an opponent in another room, you don't take damage.  You can't use another weapon while wielding this one.

    Forward Unto Dawn / Vehicles
    « on: July 08, 2014, 01:39:44 pm »
    These are the human vehicles in semi-detail and what will generally be known about the Cov vehicles by your average marine, remember that details are classified so unless you are the mechanic/driver build it is highly unlikely that you will get a Cov vehicle to do Anything. The mechanic build will never have seen one in person or have training on driving them so will require a roll or two to see if he can work out how to make it work. This is assuming you ever have the opportunity...

    Community Conversation / Destiny
    « on: June 03, 2014, 03:00:31 pm »
    So I'm very much looking forward to Destiny, the new game coming out by Bungie for a few reasons below;

    1. It seems to have the most advanced character and weapon customization of any Fps style game I've ever seen, more akin to the Mmorpg style of customization. This also seems to apply to the ability trees making for extremely different play styles within the classes.

    2. The massive open world system with daily events, world alterations and system mechanics again more in the style of a mmorpg. Since I love both types of games I'm really looking forward to an open world Fps which actually lives up to the name in a real sense where you can meet other players randomly in the world and choose to ignore them or party up for a quest or even team up to go on a long raid mission on a different planet.

    3. The combat mechanic seems pretty good so far but with only limited gameplay videos and information so far it's hard to fully judge, it seems that the HP system for players in the PVP section will lie between Halo and COD where halo often has the complaint of the shields taking too many hits so flanking looses some advantage and COD often has the complaint that you die instantly from just about anything meaning it's just about who twitches faster rather than tactical skill. The super system seems nice and they have seemingly balanced it well for teamwork as working together and timing kills and super use actually buffs your allies charge bars encouraging further teamwork

    4. From the videos it seems that the pace of the game and various mission types seems really nicely balanced. You just go out 'on patrols' in the world and literally go anywhere and hunt whatever you want while picking up world missions by chance, or you can go into the set mission types which vary from short attacks on bases - taking 20 mins to clear, to huge raids on strongholds which could take literally hours of play to reach and kill the boss.

    Current concerns I want more info on are:

    1. Speciality weapon and gear availability. Bungie have clearly shown that there are a great many special weapons and gear upgrades in the game, some available through specific missions and others as rare drops from bosses. Just how rare will some be? Will it be that anyone who puts in the time and effort will get the gear from a few runs of a high level dung or will only a select very lucky few get the weapon and the advantage. Although Bungie has said that they are carefully balancing everything so that no one weapon with give a huge advantage I still want to know...

    2. For the highest level raids which take hours to complete will you be able to get groups or will you need to pre-arrange with friends for any big run? I have played loads of games where both seem to happen, some games you just need to turn up to a popular entrance to find 30 people wanting to form a team for said dung, some have an 'auto group find' function, and in some you sadly can't get into over half the dungs in the game unless you pre-arrange with players you know well in advance because no-one would ever take a stranger with them. Which will destiny turn out to be?

    Anyway, those along with others like loving the stories Bungie creates are some of the reasons I look forward to this game, has anyone else been looking into it or have some thoughts before the huge info dump that will be E3?

    Forward Unto Dawn / Testing more
    « on: May 17, 2014, 07:04:13 pm »
    Base Trainee-Marine Stats. (The All-Rounder)

    Name: ?

    Age ?; Gender ?; Height ?'?"; Weight ?; Eyes ?; Hair ?; Skin ?

    Str 4; Dex 3; Con 4; Int 3; Wis 3; Cha 3

    Init 15; Move 30 ft (Run 90)

    Ref 9; Fort 8; Will 9

    Vitality Points (0) 16
    Wound Points (–2) 9

    Luck Points 3
    Surge Points 3 / 3

    Combat Skills
    Dodge 10 (4); Feint 9 (3); Grapple 11 (4); Melee 9 (2); Ranged 10 (4); Target 9 (3); Throw 8 (2); Unarmed 9 (3)

    General and Specialty Skills
    Balance 9 (3); Bluff 6; Climb (7.5’) 10 (2); Conceal 8 (2); Diplomacy 6; Disguise 6; Drive 10 (4); Escape 8 (2); Gamble 6; Gather Information 6; General Knowledge 6; Hide 9 (3); Intimidate 7; Jump (20’l/4’h) 10 (2); Listen 6; Move Silently 9 (3); Ride 9 (3); Search 8 (2); Sense Motive 6; Spot 8 (2); Swim (7.5’) 10 (2); Taunt 6; Treat Injury 9 (3); Electronics 9 (3) Demolitions 8 (2)

    Advanced Skills

    Born Leader
    Combat reflexes


    Off Duty Uniform
    Sleeping Garments
    Pass-Key (For getting around the base)

    Normal Load 75; Encumbered 150; Limit 225; Drag 900


    Forward Unto Dawn / Combat System
    « on: April 12, 2014, 12:09:52 pm »
    I will be using the BHB I20 system for the game,

    Thanks to recent games I, and most of you, are getting more familiar with using it. The actual combat will run as a PBP combat with posted moves I will then post the results and the second round with begin where everyone again posts etc.

    Forward Unto Dawn / Weapons, Human and Alien
    « on: April 12, 2014, 12:07:42 pm »
    These are the unclassified human and known unclassified alien weapons. As with the intel on alien species this is ALL your chars know so no suddenly trying to track down somthing different without fist being shot by it several times... or since I'm a lovely GM I will ensure you do get shot by it.

    Forward Unto Dawn / Enemy Info
    « on: April 12, 2014, 12:07:20 pm »
    quick reference enemy list!
    Elites - the enemy leaders, look like oversized humans in blue armour,  always extremely dangerous
    Grunts - cannon fodder, small with a giant bulbous tail, dangerous in groups. Cowardly
    Jackals - flankers and snipers. Small humanoids, amazing senses and agility. Dangerous at range
    Buggers - giant insects, dangerous in swarms
    Brutes - think of a grizzly bear crossed with an angry teenager. Very dangerous in CC
    Hunters - think of a giant armoured statue come to life, with siege weaponry and giant shield

    This will later become the full In-Game knowledge of the species you may or may not encounter during the game. This is NOT all the info on them available and you can easily look up several websites and books that have more, including the limited edition ones I own muhahaha.

    However your charicters ONLY know whats in these threads so no slipping in outside knowledge about the aliens or their weapons or their abilities k? cos if you try I will Gm-fiat their abilities to be different from cannon law just to screw you over for trying it out :) I'm a nice guy that way.

    Forward Unto Dawn / Marine Cadets (Possible Charicter Types)
    « on: April 12, 2014, 12:06:46 pm »
    Ok so you are all cadets in the same military academy, you all study the same basics and are similar levels of intelligence and physical skill. That doesn't however mean you don't have your own areas of expertise. You are all 19 or 20.

    These areas are summarized below and DO affect your stats, a full base stat sheet will be posted later and at that point I'll show what each specialty effects however it's fairly obvious if you think about it.

    All marines can handle the standard handheld weapons with slightly varying degrees of ability, all are basically trained in driving the warthog and all have basic tech knowledge.

    One thing that you must note (for both roleplaying and for a few background rolls I will be making if the need arises) is that none of you have ever seen actual combat before or even dead bodies. Unless you have a very good reason in your back story. Most of you are sent here by parents who are already in the military, high standing in society or wealthy while others sent you here to gain prestige and move up in society. Not all Grunts get special academy training, most get boot camps. You are expected to be the ones working your way up to positions of command.

    A possible reason for you having seen bodies or combat is if you were present in an insurgent attack, you would have been a child or young teenager at the time and NOT a combatant. Include this with some detail in your backstory if you want but not everyone can be an 'insurgent orphan'.

    Forward Unto Dawn / Maps and Area Description
    « on: April 12, 2014, 12:05:19 pm »

    This is the map of the interior of the small base which has been your home for the past two years as you have been training to join the military. This is the map displayed on the wall in miniature and the map on the computer system. (in the setting this is awesome and 3D and possibly holographic, sadly when converting from 3D hologram to a picture it rendered it like a drawing in paint.)

    The Pod-Like structure is due to many of the base pieces being dropped in whole or re-purposed from a large vessel sent in with supplies and designed to be split into rooms upon landing. Red lines in doorways indicates high level security blast doors. the blue thing in the main area is a water feature with a statue in the middle of a Roman general.

    The base contains most of the amenities that are needed for a comfortable life but it IS a military training academy so slacking off, being drunk, disobeying orders or going where you are not allowed is immediately followed by disciplinary action. There has been an on-going war against insurgents which you were all training for, but in the past month, details of Alien invaders called 'The Covenant' have been released to military personnel.

    The insurgents are now in a turmoil half wanting to join back up with Earth. Initially having not believed the military, claiming it was a trick, however in the past 3 months several instillation and colonies have gone silent with between 95% and 100% casualty rates.

    You know the base well due to your time here, however most of you will never have been into certain rooms or areas due to restricted access, you may have wanted to try however most of you will have never even thought to actually risk the attempt. Disobeying orders and trying to break into secure areas in a time of war can be classed as treason after all.

    Things to Note
    1. Red lines indicate high security blast doors
    2. You know there are ducts between the structures for power and air circulation but none of you know any real detail
    3. You know there are, at any one time, around 6 Warthogs in the Garage with more out on patrol or training missions, some passenger types and some with mounted guns. There is one Scorpion tank assigned to the base.
    4. The indoor training area is a gallery with blast-glass at ground level for people to watch the sunken combat area. It can be controlled from the Sim room where cover can be extended or retracted from the floor, walls and ceiling to form new and complex environments. There are several common patterns that are used regularly which you are all very familiar with. Standardly used for small team warfare training.
    5. Training exercises are carried out in real combat armor and helmets, real guns are used but they fire stun rounds, similar to a Tazer but they fire just like real bullets and really hurt when you get hit on top of the stunning you.
    6. A typical day is: Breakfast in the canteen, morning training, Lunch in the canteen, afternoon training, late dinner in the canteen, evening free until lights-out. Training might by physical training outside or Warfare Theory and Tactics inside.
    7. Every room has a terminal of some sort which can connect to the academy systems and 'internet'.
    8. You never keep weapons, live ammo or armor in your dorm. This is a training academy not a live military base.
    9. The officers quarters is a 3 level structure - Officers on top layer, Marines on the ground layer and basement layer, They DO have their own gear and weapons in their lockers.
    10. Storage room A is also the laundry room etc.

    Forward Unto Dawn / Forward Unto Dawn.
    « on: March 14, 2014, 06:26:28 pm »
    This is the thread, which after I take a Break from being a GM, Will become my Forward Unto Dawn game.

    The premise is based off the halo universe and uses their feature movie series as an idea template. The basic story for non-Halo fans is that in the relatively near furture mankind has managed to spread to the stars and is forming colonies on the nearest habitable worlds and moons. Their tech is much more advanced but recognisable, they still use various guns (just better than we have today) and grenades etc. however there are more advanced weapons too, including large lazer weaponry and gauss cannons but these are expensive and as many know the millitary goes for good and cheap in bulk so these highly advanced weapons are rare.

    You are a squad in a military training facility who are getting well into their final year. You are being trained to fight insurgents on the outermost planets who decided they wanted to leave the central earth control and turned to terrorism to get their way.

    This is roughly when the unthinkable happens and when the story begins. A very short time ago a confirmed alien race was discovered and they near totally anihilated several small outer colonies. Then they hit a bigger facility with a military outpost just days ago and within hours left only glassed rubble. Basic intel on all the confirmed attackers has been spread through the UNSC databases however not enough is known about them or their technology yet, and the alarms are going off in your base at 3am.

    MistBorn / Map repost
    « on: February 21, 2014, 11:43:34 pm »
    Map reposts

    Follow this link for nice big one:

    « on: February 20, 2014, 02:48:42 pm »
    OOC: Jumping this here due to the lack of activity on the CYS thread, I'll give it a few days here then if it stays inactive I'll drop it.

    Everyone is still in position, Karl, Squirrel, Lan, Juan and Tan are on the edges of the trees with Tan smoking the area with Karl preparing his minds for action.

    Aviur moved deeper into the forest and has begun setting the first fire, which she EASILY suceeds in, getting a good, mostly smokeless, blaze built up to the size of a campfire in under a minute.

    Lial has continued riding and is now approaching the gate. The guards move carefully forward after one taps out a quick few knots with his spear butt on the gate. Lial he sees that they have armour on and each have a halberd trained on his horse, ready to spear it or him if he does anything funny.

    "Halt and state your name and business here." It is very clear from their expressions that not doing so will lead to them attacking.

    The guards are still waiting for a responce.

    6 minutes until dusk begins.

    There has been no change in patrol patterns visible since Squirrel has reported in.

    MistBorn / Char list and updates.
    « on: January 10, 2014, 11:07:06 am »
    Name: E'lindale Namaru  (Aeon)

    Description: An aging man in his 40's, Though he appears much much older, and seems to age quite fast compared to most others. He wears a simple brown robe that has a hood attached, but rarely drawn. Some mistake him as being homeless, though he has a small fortune sealed away. He has silver (shiny silver) hair that stops at his midback, usually has it in a long loosely drawn ponytail. He can usually be seen at the back of a tavern "talking" to his hands. Often called "The ancient one" by people who don't know him. (because of his appearance.)

    Background and history: E'Lindale was born to an allomancy mother. Most would consider this a great thing, except, His mother Meilan was a Cerrobend allomancer. The effect of speeding up time constantly had on E'lindale was terrible. he was born prematurely and would have died if not for his cells, being so affected by the time bending, aging rapidly. He grew up quickly, the time race left unchecked. His mother died at a young age, and his father considered him a freak and abandoned him. Left alone, E'lindale sought a way to cure his defect, or at least slow it. That's when he heard of Cadmium. He spent years in search of the rare metal, and studied the ways of allomancy. By the time he was in his 20's he had mastered how to effectively slow his aging and had bought, or stolen, a decent supply of the life saving metal. But now a couple of decades later. his supply has dwindled, and he has let himself go through aging spurts to try and make his supplies last. Knowing of several thieves guilds and orginizations in the poorer parts of town, he has signed up with one hoping to snag a decent supply again to keep himself alive. In a race against death he has no plans of finishing last...

    Attributes: Physique: 2; Charm: 3; Wits: 6

    MJ1. Cadmium Allomancy
    MJ2. Expertise with gunpowder and explosives
    Minor. Wise beyond years (well read.)
    Misc. Slow burning. He is very intelligent having spent years studying and learning everything he could about the world around him, including advanced chemistry and explosives. He also knows several shady connections in the "underground" areas where he tends to travel, looking to keep a low profile.

    Health: Full

    Charges: 3 (58 mins)


    Name: Juan Kitagawa (Daedalus)

    A man in his mid-twenties, generally wears rogue-isch clothes, except when hes at a tavern. Then he always wear fancy-clothing, he is also seen alot picking up some of the wealthier women of the town, noone knows what he does for a living, and he works hard to keep it that way. Other than that hes your standard thief, relying on his wits and his charisma more than brute force.

    Background and History:
    Juan grew up on the country side. One day his small village was attacked brutally by bandits, his family was slaughtered trying to escape, Juan only made it thanks to falling down into a small cave, which he manages to stay hidden in and heal his wounds. He traveled to the nearest city, thanks to natural charisma and a little help from his talents in Feruchemy he managed to beg to stay alive.
    One day however, the leader of a nearby thieves gang confronted Juan, saying that he had to join them or die. Juan grudgingly joined them. This was however, a long time ago and Juan has since accepted the thieves gang as his new family, especially the secretive leader who has become a form of surrogate father figure to him.


    Traits and powers:
    Major 1: Feruchemi Gold (fast healing)
    Major 2: Social adaption (easily fits into social situations and gets on well with new people)
    Minor: Has a reasonable skill with a pistol, heck Juan found them so cool he just had to have one and know how to use it.
    Traits: Is street wise, knows all the local fences, thieves, and even some beggars.

    Health: Full

    Charges: 3 (27 mins)


    Name: Karl Eldan (Aman)

    Appearance: A man of the age of 30ish, though his this age doesn't seem to really define who he is. A tall, striking man, Karl always seemed to stand out. He appears as someone who should not be dressed as a working man, but does so, since such expensive clothes are not available to him.

    Background: Being a twin born mattered to the Eldan family, where such things rarely occurred. The Eldan family was a lesser house, so whatever form of power they could get mattered Immensely to them. Thus, when Karl turned 13, and his father did the last attempt of breaking on him, and they found his abilities, it was a day of great celebration. Of course, this was not a great day for Karl. His body in pain from the beating, Karl swore that once he could, he would escape from this family.

    On his 17th birthday, his family went off to a remote village, to "get away" from it all. Unfortunately for them, the house was targeted by a rival lesser house, who attempted to kill all of them. Eldan, with his enhanced senses and stored strength, used this as a chance to run away.

    The house of Eldan destroyed, and assumed to be killed, Karl didn't really have much to rely on, and ended up in several thief crews. First one was destroyed by a member betraying them, so was the second. The third started on a good note, but, just like the others, fell apart due to dissension. This has caused Karl to be more on the strict side, forcing himself to take measures into his own hands from time to time, and make sure no one betrays the team.

    Physique: 4
    Charm: 4
    Wits: 3

    Major: Tineye
    Major: Store Strength
    Minor: Gambler (reads people)

    Misc: Has a knowledge of court Politics from his old days as a noble.
    Doesn't mention his last name, since, well, calling himself someone of the dead noble family is either going to get him killed, or laughed at.

    Health: bloodied

    Charges T: 3 (26 mins)

    Charges P: 3 (26 mins)

    MistBorn / Powers
    « on: December 02, 2013, 05:07:40 pm »
    The powers allowed in this game will be allomancy and Feruchemy. Below are some links to tables and pictures explaining these and their abilities. In this game the god metals are not allowed. Compunding is also not allowed. I might rule out some other metals or combos later, I dont need to give a reason other than if I dont want it in my game cos I think its unbalance then I wont let it in my game, end of story. Not everyone can have both an allo and feru ability, most of you will have to have just 1 if any and will need to have other normal human abilities instead. The other main thing to note is when using allo abilities then you can only target a single individual thing or an entire area, the ability to deflect multiple metal objects whislt leaving others around them unaffected requires a special trait most mistlings dont have, similarly you could toy with the emotions of a single person or large group at the same time however picking 4 people out of a croud of 20 and only affecting them would also require a special trait most mistlings dont have. You'll only be allowed 1 special trait if any, dont try and have more. You need to ask me about these, they will go on your char sheets in brackets beside your powers.

    Again using steel as an example, 'steel deflection' (a reaction chance to auto deflect small metal attacks), 'long range', 'increased velocity', 'steel running' (pushing off metal to increase your moement each turn whenever burning steel) are all special abilities that not all mistlings will have the compitancy to use. 'Slow Buring' is a special trait that will make your vials of metal last twice as long and could be used for any metals.

    Standardly 1 Vial of metal will last 10 minutes, if you 'Flare' your metals you burn them at a massively increased rate to increase the effect- you'll be stronger for 1 action but will drastically use up your remaining reserves.

    MistBorn / Char creation and background
    « on: December 02, 2013, 04:15:37 pm »
    Charicters in Mistborn and their actions.

    Ok so I have adapted the tabletop game A LOT to try and make it work on here as well as to make it easier for myself to GM and keep track of. For your chars there are 3 main things you need to define and these are listed below.

    ATTRIBUTES (11 points shared between them, Scored from 2-6)
    Physique: Physical fitness and speed, including strength, agility, and endurance
    Charm: Natural charisma and social skills, including appearance and ability to lead
    Wits: Intelligence and insight, from wisdom to raw knowledge to resourcefulness (wits also plays a part in the order your actions happen during the turn)

    These are player-defined characteristics like Drive, Profession, Specialty, Feature, and
    Personality. They can also cover skills, knacks, quirks, relationships, and more.

    A few Heroes also have superhuman or metaphysical abilities, which can include:
    Allomancy: Mistborn and Mistings can consume and burn metals for various effects.
    Feruchemy: Feruchemists can store physical, mental, and emotional aspects of their
    being within “metalminds,” and then tap them for dramatic boosts to the same aspects.

    All actions will be resolved by Dice roll. Basically the harder the action, the higher the random generated die will have to roll for you to succeed, and yes as GM I will be doing all the of rolling and decided on difficulty according to your base attributes and the enemies actions (if there is an enemy) basically if one of your main traits is that you burn pewter and your action is to hit a weak wooden wall with a sledge-hammer then the difficulty will be very low and you’ll almost always succeed. If you instead try to throw the hammer across the room and out a tiny window while aiming to knock a gun out of the hand of someone who is leaning out of the window of a car driving past at speed… then its near impossible to do your exact objective and you’ll probably fail.

    Failed actions will also have repercussions dependant on how badly you failed them and the situation. Lets say you tried to make the hammer throw above and only failed by 1 or 2 on the dice roll, most likely I’d describe the hammer hitting the vehicle causing the enemy to duck back in for a turn, you didn’t make them loose the gun but you made them skip a turn. Fail by 3 or 4 then you might hit the window frame and simply have wasted your turn. Fail by 20 or more and you might just accidently hit your friend who was standing too close to the window because you slipped as you threw the hammer.

    Ok onto making your char. I won’t accept a half assed char sheet cos your bio matters here as you can see from above. If you are a lessor noble playing at thief to let off steam then you will have family ties and resources that you could very carefully employ that a street thug couldn’t dream of, but that street thug will have a reputation in the local taverns and bars that will get him into places and get people talking where a lesser noble could never approach without the best possible disguise. Think your char through. I will also not accept char ability or attribute changes mid game.

    You will be allowed 2 Major and 1 minor power/ability in this game. Major means something you excel at and they are your two strongest abilities in life, the minor is something your good at but not as much as the major so will have a lower basic success rate. This could be an allomatic ability, a feruchemic ability or a normal ability that your char is great at like sword fighting, gun mastery, card shark, lock pick etc. allomatic and feruchemic must be one of the major ones if you have it and I wont allow everyone to have both Power type abilities cos that would ruin the game. These are going to be you main traits that along with the dice rolls define what your character can do and how successful they are at it. The additional misc info will be taken into account in tie breaks or if you do an action where none of your main traits would have a direct effect.





    MAJOR 1:
    MAJOR 2:
    MINOR 1:

    MistBorn / General setting and info.
    « on: October 16, 2013, 12:17:23 pm »
    Welcome one and all to the great city of Elendel. Here you are one of the masses, the people from all backgrounds living in the poorer areas of the city under the showdows cast by the towers belonging to the great houses. The relatively recent discovery of electric lighting and rail travel have made transport for the commoners easier and it isn't unusual to even see a form of car moving through the busy streets.

    Where the world was held locked in time for 1000 years by the Lord Ruler, the past 300 or so have made a surge in technology with guns now being used along with the more traditional weapons, why then do more 'traditional weapons still get used?' is a question often asked. It is due to the powers in the world, alchemical and feruchemical abilitys which are explained elsewhere but involve the burning of metals to produce superhuman abilities or the storing of abilities for use at will later on. Both powers have great strengths but often also have weaknesses.

    You are all members of a small but fast rising new thieves group operating in the city. some of you have abilities, and others special talents developed over your lifetimes but each is crucial and its your different skills being used together that will get the job done.


    Your Group has recently been contacted by a very wealthy client. He has taken great lenths to remain unknown but his various agents have passed you the necessary information. Your task at first seemed simple; Break into a house and rob the safe there, take the contents to the drop-off point and walk away with the cash. However your boss has done some digging and it seems its not just a house you are goingto be raiding its a great houses tower and this makes all the difference because the great houses regularly employ allomancers in defence and there are still mistborns in the world although most of them still keep their identities secret.

    It will be a very dangerous job, however, if you suceed the pay is extreamly high and your reputation with rise to amoungst the top of the underworld thieves, at least for a time.

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