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Community Conversation / You're all still here!
« on: August 15, 2022, 12:06:50 pm »
Hey all! How's life?

Been a few years since I've had time to check in, wanted to stop by and say hello!

Media & Mayhem / What are ya listening to?
« on: May 16, 2016, 01:30:22 pm »
Currently I've had the new Thrice album on repeat. The song Black Honey alone I've probably played 30 times in the last 2 days. Great tune

I am a huge fan of cooking. I've had many jobs in the food industry from Sous Chef, to short order line cook. i have a learned a lot about food, cooking, and health throughout the years and just wanted a place where we could share our thoughts on food, diets, cultural dishes, what have you.

Lately my family has been asking me to make a lot of two of my dishes:

1. My chicken sausage Florentine lasagna. I use fresh chicken sausage, gluten free lasagna noodles, a homemade Alfredo sauce, Roma tomatoes, Fresh (not frozen) baby spinach, Romano-Parmesan-Asagio-and Gruyere cheeses.

its really tasty, I usually cook the chicken sausage with some paprika, salt/pepper and just a little bit of rosemary and lemongrass (i take both out before adding the chicken to the lasagna as they're just for flavoring the sausage)

2. This one is my favorite dish. Curry shrimp stuffed poblanos.

curry the shrimp, add some lemon zest, saute in butter. meanwhile cut the top off of the poblano stuff it with a little bit of wild rice, chipotle cheese and th smallest dash of cayenne powder and stick it on the grill till there's marks, take it off and stuff it with the shrimp until full and then slice the top down till just before the end.

I usually serve this with grilled asparagus and a cauliflower whip. Its delicious.

what are some of your guy's favorite dishes?

Media & Mayhem / New music by me
« on: March 06, 2016, 05:06:32 pm »
Listen to Stress by Michael Ryan LeValley #np on #SoundCloud

If you wouldn't mind giving me some feedback on this very rough draft is appreciate any compliment or critique you may have.

Thank you for the listen :)

Media & Mayhem / So i quit tobacco
« on: February 26, 2016, 12:01:15 pm »
And join the world of vaping.

Ive been smoking and chewing on and off since I was 11. I've rolled my own tobacco leaves and still have about 4-5k worth of fine cigars. For the last 3 years ive been strictly chewing so this has been an interesting ordeal to say the least. I've lowered my nicotine intake considerably but I remember the first time i quit (cold turkey mind you) The withdraws suuuuucked. I am hoping this time around I can kick it for good.

this all came about after last summer and the whole stomach cancer ordeal. Not something I'd wish to repeat. I remember lying in the hospital bed with a nicotine patch on and having my dip that I snuck in laying beside me. I wouldn't wish any form of addiction onto anyone, and if anyone else is trying to improve themselves you have my support.

Samuel Deftblade II (Vagabond Junker Swordsman) - 66/67 XP

Gender Male; Age 30; Ht 5’11”; Wt 177 lbs; Stature Experienced/rugged; Disposition Nonchalant/happy go lucky; Distinctive Features: Weathered skin from years spent in the junker's guild, multiple scars on his face (including his left eye being scarred shut), and arms from years of practice with swords and salvaging scrap.

Str 3; Agi 5; Con 4; Int 3; Wis 3; Pre 3; Vitality (0) 15; Wounds (-1) 9 (Armor 10)
Speaks English
React 14; Endure 9; Will 8; Luck 3; Surge 3
Init 15*; Move 30 ft (Run 90; Leap 3 high/15 long)

Unarmed Strike 11/3S; Grapple Moves 11/3S; Breath of Hell Sword 13+2X/8L♠; Mini-Flamethrower 4/6L♠ 30ft (6); Large Crowbar 11+2X/4S; Sledgehammer 10+2X/5L; 12mm magnum Revolver 1/10L 50ft (6)

Combat Skills
Defense 17* (Dodge +2; Parry +2) ~5
Ranged 2 (Shoot; Target; Throw)
Close Quarter 11 (Grapple; Melee +2; Unarmed) ~5

General Skills
Acrobatics 13 (Balance; Escape +2; Tumble) ~5
Artistry 6 (Cooking; Expression; Rendering)
Athletics 10 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim) ~4
Control 8  (Drive; Pilot; Operate Heavy Machinery)
Evaluate 10 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive; Streetwise) ~4
Fabricate 14 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith +2) ~6
Face 6 (Bluff; Entertain; Intimidate; Taunt)
First Aid 6 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury)
General Knowledge 5 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who)
Larceny 11 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand) ~3
Outdoors 6 (Handle Animal; Survival; Track) ~3
Perception 6 (Listen; Search; Spot -3)
Sabotage 9 (Demolitions; Disable Device; Trap Setting) ~3
Socialize 6 (Diplomacy; Interrogation; Gather Info)
Stealth 8 (Disguise; Hide; Move Silently)
Tech 6 (Computers, Electronics, Security Systems)

Advanced Skills
Historical Sciences 7 (Anthropology, Archeology, History) ~1

Evasion; Exceptional Item (Breath of Hell Sword); Flawless Masterwork; Information Broker; Quick Draw; Rapid Strike; Salty Dog; Spacer; Surprise Strike; Underworld Ties; Agile; Combat Reflexes; Craftsman; High Pain Threshold; Lightning Reflexes; Spacecraft (Freighter); Weapons Specialist; Weaponsmith

Chain Smoker; Distinctive Features (Facial Scars); Impaired vision (Blind in left eye *scarring on his face coincides with this flaw)

Equipment Normal Load 50; Encumbered 75; Limit 150; Drag 600
Breath of Hell (Exceptional Sword), *Police Armored Vest; *Riot Shield, 12mm magnum Revolver, Revolver Speedloaders, Large Crowbar, Sledgehammer, Thermite (5), Street Punk clothing, Cold weather Clothing, Camouflage clothing, Magnetic Boots, Zero G Harness, Skin Suit, Vac Suit, Breaking and Entering Kit, Construction Tools, Mechanics Tools, Outdoor Gear Kit, Signal Flare, Fire Extinguisher, Vehicle-Mounted Cable Winch, Audio Recorder, Cell Phone, Electronic Binoculars, Electronic Compass, Emergency Beacon, Walkie-Talkie, Permit to Hunt Bounty, Permit to Pilot Spacecraft, Permit To Carry A Firearm, Permit to Carry Explosives, Permit to Wear Armor, Permit to Arm Spacecraft, Vintage encyclopedia collection in print form.

Freighter (HWSS Raven II) (Tractor Ship & 3 Cargo Containers): Handling -1; Armor 15; Structure 80; Systems 40
Weapons Systems
20mmL police ship guns +0/16L/PB (2000)
Mini Missiles +0/20L A30’r/νS/§PB (6)
Space Mines Set/30L PA50’r ♠ (6)
Chaff Defense (6)
Ship Edges: Armed; Cargo Jettison; Docking Clamps; Fly by Wire; Obstacle Avoidance Computer
XP: 20/20

Lee Tae-Hyun (Korean Rogue) - 100 / 166 XP

Gender Male; Age 39; Ht 4'6"; Wt 155 lbs; Stature Short; Disposition Methodical, Quirky, Adventurous; Distinctive Features: Korean

Str 2; Agi 5; Con 4; Int 4; Wis 3; Pre 2; Vitality (0) 14; Wounds (-2) 9 (Armor 8 ) - DECEASED
React 10; Endure 9; Will 8; Luck 6; Surge 6
Init 11*; Move 25 ft (Run 50; Leap 2 high/10 long)

Unarmed Strike 5/2S; Grapple Moves 5/2S; Dagger 5/4L; Tsunami Fighting Fans 4/2L~S; Hand Crossbow 16+2X/5L/40 ft; Great Bow 16+2X/5L♠/400x ft

Combat Skills
Defense 10 (Dodge +1*; Parry)
Ranged 16 (Shoot +2; Target; Throw) ~6
Close Quarter 5 (Grapple; Melee; Unarmed)

General Skills
Acrobatics 11 (Balance; Escape +2; Tumble) ~3
Artistry 6 (Cooking; Painting; Sculpting; Music; Writing)
Athletics 8 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim) ~3
Evaluate 9 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive; Streetwise) ~3
Fabricate 12 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith) ~5
Face 5 (Bluff +2; Entertain; Feint +2; Intimidate; Taunt)
General Knowledge 7 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who)
Larceny 13 (Forgery +2; Open Locks +2; Sleight of Hand +2) ~5
Medic 7 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury)
Outdoors 5 (Handle Animal; Ride; Survival; Track +2)
Perception 10 (Listen; Search +2; Spot) ~4
Sabotage 16 (Disable Device +2; Trap Setting) ~7
Socialize 5 (Diplomacy; Interrogation; Gather Info)
Stealth 13 (Conceal; Disguise +2; Hide +4; Move Silently) ~5

Advanced Skills
Nautical Sciences 12 (Navigation, Net Fishing, Ship Handling) ~3

Edges and Feats
Mobility; Agile; Archer; Charlatan; Lucky; Marksman; Saboteur; Salty Dog; Secondary Languages (Merchant's Cant, Realm Tongue); Spirited; Stealthy; Thorough

~Assassin’s Misdirecting Attack; ~Clever Misdirect; ~Heroic Surge; ~Spirit Arrows; ~Elemental Barb; ~Flawless Disguise Technique ; ~Rain of Shooting Stars; ~Lock Defeating Touch; ~Masterful Trap Works; ~Most Unfortunate Accident

Ego Signature (crow feather); Short; Superstitious

Equipment Normal Load 25; Encumbered 50; Limit 75; Drag 300
Town House; Scholar’s Diet; Scholar’s Attire; Horse; Ranger's Camouflage; Breastplate; Dagger, Tsunami Fighting Fans, Hand Crossbow, Great Bow, Canoe; Ranger’s Kit (canvas tarp 10x10ft, lantern-shuttered, net, rope 100 ft, signal whistle, spyglass, steel-jawed traps); Travel Pack (backpack, bedroll, candles, lantern, rations, tent, tinderbox); Thief’s Kit (caltrops, crowbar, cutters, grapple, lantern-shuttered, lock picks, rope); Disguise Kit; Wulong Tea (6)

(Pittances 50; Goods 50; Assets 30; Riches 0)

  • Tsunami Fighting Fans (Tsunami Wave 1/day RF; Fill the Sails AF 1/day LF; Feather Fall w/pair)

Keitaro Hokusai ~ (Drunken Master Samurai Warrior) - 64 / 74 XP

Gender Male; Age 20; Ht 6’4”; Wt 235 lbs; Stature Dominant & Sturdy; Disposition Not a Deep Thinker, Graced with Common Sense, Loyal to Bushido Code; Distinctive Features: a blue dragon tattoo on his neck that runs up the back of his neck and breathes a bright red flame that goes under his ear to his jaw line.

Str 3; Agi 5; Con 5; Int 1; Wis 3; Pre 3; Vitality (0) 36; Wounds (-2) 15 (Armor 14)
React 10; Endure 14; Will 8; Luck 4; Surge 6 5 / 6
Psychosis 1
Init 15*; Move 35 ft (Run 105; Leap 3 high/15 long)

Unarmed Strike 13/3S; Grapple Moves 15+2X/3S; Ancestral Nagamaki 15+2X/10L; Katana 15+2X/6L; Wakisashi 15+2X/6L; Tanto 15+2X/5L; Obsidian-Edged Club 15+2X/5SL; Thrown Tanto 8/5L/20x ft

Combat Skills
Defense 12 (Dodge -1*; Parry +2) ~4
Ranged 8 (Shoot; Target; Throw)
Close Quarter 13 (Grapple +2; Melee +2; Unarmed) ~5

General Skills
Acrobatics 8 (Balance; Escape; Tumble)
Artistry 6 (Cooking, Painting; Sculpting; Music; Writing)
Athletics 9 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim) ~3
Evaluate 11 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive +2; Streetwise) ~5
Fabricate 4 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith)
Face 13 (Bluff; Entertain; Feint; Intimidate; Taunt) ~5
General Knowledge 4 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who)
Larceny 8 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand)
Medic 4 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury)
Outdoors 10 (Handle Animal; Ride; Survival; Track) ~4
Perception 13 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~5
Sabotage 4 (Disable Device; Trap Setting)
Socialize 9 (Diplomacy; Interrogation +2; Gather Info) ~3
Stealth 9 (Conceal; Disguise; Hide -3; Move Silently) ~3

Advanced Skills
Political Sciences 5 (Economics; Law; Politics) ~1

Edges and Feats
Born Leader; Martial Throw; Move Through Attack; Rapid Strike; Alert; Combat Reflexes; Compelling; Duelist; Fast; Grappler; Great Fortitude; Hard to Kill; Spirited; Toughness (x2); Weapon Specialist

~Draw Fire; ~Heroic Surge; ~Multi Attack; ~Drunken Master; ~Bumbling Fool; ~Blundering Menace

Big ‘Un; Heavy Drinker; Illiterate; Obligation (Daimyo)

Equipment Normal Load 50; Encumbered 100; Limit 150; Drag 600
Manor House; Farm House; Noble’s Diet; Horse; Wagon; Commoner’s Garb; Great Armor (black plates w/ blue highlights & shiny brass symbol on crest); Buckler; Nagamaki; Katana; Wakisashi; Tanto; Obsidian-Edged Club; Paper; Pens; Waterproof Case; Containers; Wulong Tea (6); Ranger’s Kit (canvas tarp 10x10ft, lantern-shuttered, net, rope 100 ft, signal whistle, spyglass, steel-jawed traps); Canoes (2); Chain 50 Ft; Travel Pack (backpack, bedroll, candles, lantern, rations, tent, tinderbox); Permit to Carry Arms; Emblems of Station; Traveling Papers

(Pittances 10; Goods 50; Assets 55; Riches 1)

  • Doshin (9 in Sendai / 1 with)
  • Doshin Leader: Monomaka Rikishi (Intuition)
  • Ancestral Nagamaki (+2 Initiative, Accuracy, & Damage; Spirit Cutting; Spirit Sight 3/day)
  • Lamellar Armor (3)
  • Shark Teeth and Fins

Introductions / WELL HOWDY!
« on: August 09, 2013, 12:33:26 pm »
Well hey there ya'll. My name is Ryan and this here Bounty Head place sure is a mighty fine place with some mighty fine people. Yes sir re.

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