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Etheryn 'Ethel' Clarke (Toxicologist) - 44/58 XP

Gender F; Age 21; Ht 5'6”; Wt 113 lbs; Stature Youthful; Disposition Eager, Earnest, Expressive; Distinctive Features: Ginger hair, freckles.

Str 2; Agi 5; Con 2; Int 5; Wis 4; Pre 2; Vitality (0) 23; Wounds (-2) 12 (Armor 10)
Speaks English & Japanese
React 9; Endure 11; Will 9; Luck 4; Surge 4
Init 12*; Move 30 ft (Run 60; Leap 2 high/10 long)

Unarmed Strike 5/2S; Grapple Moves 5/2S; Pawn Shop Hunting Rifle 15/14L 400ft (5); Sash O throwing knives™ 15/3L 20xft (12); Franklin Mint twin nickel-plated pearl handle limited edition 9mm Deck Pistols™ w/ Silencers 16/8L 40ft (12 each); Ninja Brand Hand Crossbow™ 15/5L 40ft (12); Citizen Patrol Tasing Gun™ 14/♠ 40ft max (2); Thug Be Gone! Spray Mace™ 18/♠ 10ft max (5♠); Ready-Riot Molotov Cocktail Kit™ 14/6L A5’r♠ 30xft (4); Dynamite 15/8L A15’r♠ 20xft (12); Pipe bombs 15/10L A20’r 30xft (4); 60mm Mortar Shell (Lethal Gas) Set or 13/♠ A40’r 15xft (1)

Combat Skills
Defense 11 (Dodge; Parry) ~3
Ranged 15 (Shoot; Target; Throw) ~5
Close Quarter 5 (Grapple; Melee; Unarmed)

General Skills
Acrobatics 8 (Balance +2; Escape; Tumble +2)
Artistry 7 (Cooking; Expression; Rendering)
Athletics 5 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim)
Control 8  (Drive; Pilot; Operate Heavy Machinery)
Evaluate 10 (Appraise; Gamble -3; Sense Motive -3; Streetwise) ~3
Fabricate 11 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith) ~3
Face 5 (Bluff; Entertain; Intimidate; Taunt)
First Aid 11 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury) ~3
General Knowledge 8 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who)
Larceny 13 (Forgery; Open Locks  +2; Sleight of Hand +2) ~ 5
Outdoors 7 (Handle Animal; Survival; Track)
Perception 9 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~2
Sabotage 16 (Demolitions; Disable Device; Trap Setting) ~6
Socialize 5 (Diplomacy; Interrogation; Gather Info)
Stealth 13 (Disguise; Hide; Move Silently +2) ~4
Tech 8 (Computers, Electronics, Security Systems)

Advanced Skills
Physical Sciences 14 (Astronomy; Chemistry +2; Physics) ~4

Poison Master; Safe House; Scientific Ties; Trapper; Uncanny Shot; Academic Focus (Chemistry); Dead Aim; Graceful; Great Fortitude; Hard To Kill; Lucky; Saboteur; Scholar (Physical Sciences); Spirited; Stealthy; Toughness

Cocky; Dark Secret (Wouldn't You Like To Know); Gullible

Equipment Normal Load 25; Encumbered 50; Limit 75; Drag 300
Redjack Police Armored Vest; Pawn Shop Hunting Rifle; Sash O throwing knives™; Franklin Mint twin nickle-plated pearl handle limited edition 9mm Deck Pistols™ w/ Silencers; Ninja Brand Hand Crossbow™; Citizen Patrol Tasing Gun™; Thug Be Gone! Spray Mace™; Ready-Riot Molotov Cocktail Kit™; Dynamite (12); Pipe bombs (12); Smoke bombs (12); 60mm Mortar Shell (Lethal Gas); Casual Wear; Camouflage; Space Marine Brand Vacc Suit™ w/ official matching Space Marine Brand Magnet Boots™; Binoculars; Cell phone; Computer Workstation; Diagnostic Scanner; Better-Than-Life Brand VR Goggles™; Gas mask; Jr. Lab Partner Chemistry Kit™; Jr. Lab Partner Heat Reflecting Hazmat Suit™; Lock picks; Micro Comlink; Viva le Revolution! Demolitions kit™; First aid kit; Trauma pack; Antitoxin (15); Antibiotic (20); Black Hole (10); Oblivion (10); Stimdose (6); X-88 (8); Tranquilizer (15); Poison powder, ingested (10); Poison liquid, injected (10); Super-Coag (7 Doses); Permit to Carry Firearm; Permit to Wear Armor; Free Fortune Read Coupon; Hypoallergenic Guard Dog

Betrayal at House on the Hill / Fabio O'Hare (Tans)
« on: August 01, 2014, 04:50:02 pm »
Name: Fabio O'Hare
Description: A long-haired, mustachioed hunk of a man, Fabio is a narcissistic simpleton who has come to the Haunted House because on a publicized dare. Ordered to face the horrors of the house by his evil Circus-manager for marketing reasons, Fabio has little clue what he's supposed to be doing here, but he'll be okay as long as there's a female or two to keep company with.

Well muscled and typically happy looking, he wears a white jumpsuit riddled with horizontal red stripes, showing off a hairy cleavage. He wears gaudy socks, patterned like his jumpsuit, and dark boots.

Might  4/5/5/6/6/7/8/8

Speed  2/2/2/3/4/5/5/6

Sanity  2/2/3/4/5/5/6/7

Knowledge 2/2/3/3/4/4/6/6

Fabio O'Hare enjoys tanning at the beach, flexing, making money, and women. He works at a nearby, not as popular Cirque du Soleil as a Strongman, where he tries to look his best while picking up heavy things. He thinks little of it, and really thinks little at all.

By the end of this, he hopes to commercialize a new cologne called, 'So Manly It's Scary', because while he's here as a marketing ploy for his troop, he wants to make it big on his own, unconfined to his portly, creepy clown of a manager.


Spear!: A weapon pulsing with power!  You roll 2 additional dice when making a Might attack with this weapon.  You can't use another weapon while holding this one.

Puzzle Box: There must be a way to open it.  Once during your turn, you may attempt a knowledge roll to open the box.

Girl:  A girl.  Trapped.  Alone.  You free her!  Lose 1 Sanity and 1 Knowledge if you lose the Girl. MISSING!!

Forum Games / Alien in the Congress!
« on: February 16, 2014, 11:08:09 pm »
Alien in the Congress!


A shapeshifting Martian has infiltrated the government, and the President's life is in danger! The Cabinet Members are unsure who to trust, and they move with the President to the lounge, where the secret board meetings take place. The doors are locked, the Alien is among them, and if It isn't killed soon, then the President will be killed and the next president could hire someone else in their place! (And, perhaps, the Martians might try to conquer the nation during the confusion and chaos, but whatever)

1 Alien- This devious shapeshifter from Mars has one shot (literally-- his laser pistol has one charge left) to assassinate the President. He can do this at any point during the game, even right before he is lynched. One shot, remember.

1 President- Without him, the nation will fall (or prosper, who knows?) His goal is to to simply survive the assassination attempt.

6 Cabinet Members - Job is to protect the President at all costs, you all are willing to put your lives on the line to protect him. They all know who the president is, but they don't know which of them to trust, and they can't expose the President's identity to the Alien! And so, they need find the Alien before it's too late...

Not only that, but the protesting rednecks outside are crying revolution, so they need to lynch the Alien ASAP!

Udo Kuwabara ~ (Samurai Ki Master Forest Ward) - 254 / 255 XP

Gender M; Age 22; Ht 5’9”; Wt 170 lbs; Stature Sturdy; Disposition Awkward, Sarcastic, Displaced; Distinctive Features: Nose, Crow's Peak, Sideburns, Two Bucklers

Mark of Maski-Dai-Oni: 10 ft tall; STR 6; Heavy Hitter; Cargo Carrier; Red skin; Orange fangs & claws; Black horns; Burning eyes; Malevolent

Str 4; Agi 2; Con 5 4; Int 4; Wis 3; Pre 2; Vitality (0) 37 36; Wounds (-2) 10 4 (Armor 10)
Str 8; Agi 4; Con 10 8; - - - Vitality (0) 46 44; Wounds (-2) 15 9 (Armor 10)
React 11; Endure 10 9; Will 12; Luck 5 4; Surge 6 4
Psychosis 6
React 13; Endure 15 13; - - -
Init 8*; Move 30 ft (Run 90; Leap 4 high/20 long)
Init 10*; Move 60 ft (Run 180; Leap 8 high/40 long)

Attacks (+4 Str; +2 Agi)
Unarmed Strike 17/4S; Grapple Moves 19+2X/4S; Gauntlet 19+2X/4S; Glorious Naginata of Demon Slaying 19+2X/8L (+5 AP Damage to Demons and Oni); Lance 17+2X/8L♠; Silver-Shod Tetsubo 16+2X/8SL; Staff 19+2X/5S; Club 19+2X/4S; Obsidian-Edged Club 19+2X/6SL; Sap 19+2X/4S♠; Whip 17+2X/0S♠ 15ft flat; Spear 19+2X/7L; Defiant SoulSteel Spiked Buckler 21/6L; Spear Thrown 5/7L♠/50x ft
Unarmed Strike 21/8S; Grapple Moves 23+2X/8S; Gauntlet 23+2X/8S; Glorious Naginata of Demon Slaying 23+2X/12L (+5 AP Damage to Demons and Oni); Lance 21+2X/12L♠; Silver-Shod Tetsubo 20+2X/12SL; Staff 23+2X/9S; Club 23+2X/8S; Obsidian-Edged Club 23+2X/10SL; Sap 23+2X/8S♠; Whip 21+2X/0S♠ 15ft flat; Spear 23+2X/11L; Defiant SoulSteel Spiked Buckler 25/10L; Spear Thrown 7/11L♠/50x ft

Combat Skills (+4 Str; +2 Agi)
Defense 14* (Dodge +0*; Parry +2) ~5
Ranged 5 (Shoot; Target; Throw)
Close Quarter 17 (Grapple +2; Melee +2; Unarmed) ~8

General Skills (+4 Str; +2 Agi)
Acrobatics 5 (Balance; Escape; Tumble)
Artistry 6 (Cooking, Painting; Sculpting; Music; Writing)
Athletics 12 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim) ~5
Evaluate 6 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive; Streetwise)
Fabricate 7 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith)
Face 5 (Bluff; Entertain; Feint; Intimidate; Taunt)
General Knowledge 7 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who)
Larceny 5 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand)
Medic 14 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury) ~5
Outdoors 15 (Handle Animal +2; Ride; Survival +2; Track +2) ~7
Perception 11 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~5
Sabotage 10 (Disable Device; Trap Setting +2) ~3
Socialize 5 (Diplomacy; Interrogation; Gather Info)
Stealth 10 (Conceal; Disguise; Hide; Move Silently) ~4

Advanced Skills
Earth Sciences 12 (Geography +2; Geology; Meteorology) ~3
Life Sciences 10 (Biology; Medicine; Surgery +2) ~1
Occult Sciences 10 (Arcana; Occult; Spells) ~3
Political Sciences 8 (Economics; Law; Politics) ~1

Edges and Feats
Animal Affinity; Evasion; Rapid Strike; Sumo; Duelist; Explorer; Grappler; Hunter; Indomitable Spirit; Iron Will; Lightning Reflexes; Lucky; Physician; Naturalist; Rugged; Spirited; Surgeon; Toughness x2; Weapon Specialist

~Amazing Celerity; ~Animal Form; ~Brass Body Technique; ~Burden Sharing Trance; ~Celestial Armor; ~Celestial Blade; ~Chameleon’s Camouflage; ~Command Animal; ~Crashing Mirror Technique; ~Danger Sense; ~Dire Form; ~Disease Curing Ofuda; ~Elemental Ally; ~Entangle; ~Forest Ward; ~Grapple Master; ~Heroic Surge; ~Horse Calling Whistle; ~Iron Fist Style; ~Ki Master; ~Ki Reserves; ~Leave No Trace; ~Messenger; ~Multi Attack ; ~Poison Neutralizing Method; ~Precipitation; ~Push Steed; ~Readily Overlooked Campsite; ~Revitalizing Touch; ~Revitalizing Trance; ~Rustle Food & Water; ~Savage Blow; ~Sensory Enhancing Trance; ~Shrug Poison; or Disease ~Speak with Animals; ~Spirit Bonded Pet; ~Spirit Sight; ~Squirrels; ~Summon Kirin; ~Surefooted Guide; ~Suspended Animation; ~Temperature; ~Uncanny Dodge; ~Unshakeable Tracking; ~Valiant Sacrifice; ~Vengeful Counter Stance; ~Ward of The Earth; ~Weapons Master; ~Weather Set; ~Wind

Ego Signature (Headband); Obligation (Daimyo)

Equipment Normal Load 75; Encumbered 150; Limit 225; Drag 900 | Normal Load 300; Encumbered 600; Limit 900; Drag 3600
Manor House; Noble's Diet; Horse; Watch Dog; Falcon (Squirrel Snatcher); Family Mon Headband; Ranger Camouflage; Lamellar Armor; Mesh Armor w/ Gauntlets & Bucklers; Glorious Naginata of Demon Slaying; Silver-tipped Spear; Lance; Silver-shod Tetsubo; Staff; Club; Obsidian-Edged Clubs (3); Sap; Whip; Caltrops and More Caltrops and Then Some Backup Caltrops (just in case); Barrels of 200 Caltrops (2); Silver-Dipped Caltrops; Cold-Iron Caltrops; Large Pointy Rocks that could conceivably be used as Caltrops in a pinch; Giant 400 Pound Novelty Caltrops (10); Do-It-Yourself Basement Caltrop Foundry Kit; Ranger’s Kit (backpack, tent, canvas tarp 10x10ft, lantern-shuttered, net, rope 100 ft, grapple, signal whistle, spyglass, fishing kit, steel-jawed traps); Travel Pack (backpack, bedroll, candles, lantern, rations, tent, tinderbox); Manacles; Bottle; Waterproof Case; Healer’s Kit; Surgical Tools; Drugs (Imp weed (4), Waspwood Bark (4), Wulong Tea (4), Purge Root (4); Nightshade Essence (2)); Permit To Carry Arms; Emblems of Station; Traveling Papers

(Pittances 55; Goods 86; Assets 56; Riches 2)
  • Doshin Contact: Kaemon Okita (Thorough)
  • Heartstone of Freedom (Spend a Surge Point to automatically Crit any Escape Roll)
  • Golden Ki-Rin Apples (2)
  • Shinto-Blessed Silver Platter
  • Dray 'O 12 SquirrelsTM
  • Shark Teeth
  • Skunks (2); Badger; Falcon; Eagle Pair (2); Hedgehog; Fleas; Ticks; Lice...
  • Kirito's Pet Macaw Monkey
  • Emperor Shinhan's Tiger (Spirit Bonded)
  • 'Zorch Squirrel' Familiar
  • Tsunami Fighting Fans (Tsunami Wave 1/day RF; Fill the Sails AF 1/day LF; Feather Fall w/pair)
  • Defiant SoulSteel Spiked Buckler (+2 Defense; +2 Accuracy/2+L): Physical Boost a number of times per day equal to Presence; The visage of anyone slain by the wearer is permanently absorbed into the Soulsteel. Drawback: Wearer Gains a level of Fatigue afterwards
  • Quickening SoulSteel Buckler (+2 Defense): Restore Vitality 3/Day; Close Wounds 1/Day; Initiative a number of times per day equal to Presence Drawback: 10% Chance of Unmanifesting, each time Initiative is used
  • White Fire-Shrouded Great Bow: Double X Fire Damage; Wielder Immune to Fire; Target set Ablaze on Crit; Drawback: burns up regular ammo - requires special made iron arrows or Spirit Arrows
Blessing of The Ancestors: Ancestor's Rebuke

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