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Community Conversation / Howdy, Space Cowboys
« on: July 02, 2017, 01:47:33 pm »
I've come crawling back everyone. I wish I'd never left. Seth and Berka's games were both quite a lot of fun, but my role in both had been on pause for a couple weeks and I slowly stopped checking. University life got into full swing and before I knew it, It had been a full month. By that time I'd resumed my weekly Pathfinder sessions so my spare time was going into preparing those sessions or playing Overwatch in excess. That campaign finally came to an end after three years, and I've cut back on my gaming.

Well I'm back now with a few orders of business.
I'd like to play something.
I'd like to read over the tales of the Dandy Desperado.
Then, after Paizo's new product Starfinder launches in a August, I'd like to see about running it here.

That's really what brought me back. I'd just rewatched CowboyBebop, and had been, and still am, waiting impatiently for Starfinder to release. I said to myself, "self, you know the perfect place for all this kind of fun. You never should have left in the first place."

Media & Mayhem / Magic the Gathering: BFZ
« on: September 17, 2015, 09:33:17 pm »
Anyone here play Magic the Gathering?

If you haven't heard of it, or don't know much. It is the grand daddy of modern collectible trading card games, designed in 1993 by Dr. Richard Garfield and produced by Wizards of the Coast. It was an immediate success and has continued to grow in popularity ever sense, in large part due to it's customization, deep mechanics, and complicated board states. It is a game of resource management.

I started playing about six years ago at the tail end of the Zendikar expansion, followed by World Wake, and Rise of the Eldrazi. Just getting into the game I noticed that the cards carried little pieces of a huge overarching story, and thought the story would continue as new expansion came out. But it didn't! I was surprised to learn that stories were introduced in three set "blocks" and then we moved on to a new setting. The story dropped me off at a bit of a cliff hanger.

The newest expansion launches October 2nd, Battle for Zendikar!

I'm participating in a series prerelease tournaments from the 25th through the 27th. This is very exciting for me. Zendikar came out in 2009. I've advanced allot as a player sense then and I'm very excited about getting to compete. I got blown out for the first couple years of competing, but this time I battle for Zendikar as a competent threat to the top players.

Does anyone else know/posses loads of hype, about this?

Community Conversation / Automobile Collision
« on: September 12, 2015, 11:22:31 pm »
A guy in some dinky red car pulled out in front of me right after I exited the interstate about 2 hours ago. Totaled my vehicle. Somehow I'm not hurt.

Wanted to throw this out here. Because. Wow. I was able to run to the other guy's vehicle and make sure he was okay. Difficult to process at the time. There were under two seconds from the time he came into my field of view, and when our vehicles collided and spontaneously snapped into break dancing routines.

I was thinking about the fact that If I'd been killed, likely none of you guys would ever have any idea as to what happened.

Natalia Alishire (Feng-Sui Movie Star) - 0/31 XP

Gender Female; Age 25; Ht 5’7”; Wt 125 lbs; Stature Slim; Disposition Charismatic, Capturing, Pleasent; Distinctive Features: White hair, well known face

Str 2; Agi 3; Con 2; Int 3; Wis 5; Pre 5; Vitality (0) 14; Wounds (-2) 7 (Armor 10)
Speaks English & French
React 8; Endure 7; Will 10; Luck 4; Surge 3/3
Init 11*; Move 30 ft (Run 60; Leap 2 high/10 long)

Unarmed Strike 8/2S; Grapple Moves 8/2S; 9mm Deck Pistol 8/8L 40ft (12 9)

Combat Skills
Defense 13 (Dodge +2; Parry) ~5
Ranged 7 (Shoot; Target; Throw)
Close Quarter 5 (Grapple; Melee; Unarmed)

General Skills
Acrobatics 9 (Balance; Escape +2; Tumble) ~3
Artistry 6 (Cooking, Expression, Rendering)
Athletics 8 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim) ~3
Control 6 (Drive, Pilot, Operate Heavy Machinery)
Evaluate 13 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive; Streetwise) ~5
Fabricate 6 (Construction, Mechanics, Weaponsmith)
Face 15 (Bluff; Entertain; Intimidate; Taunt) ~5
First Aid 8 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury)
General Knowledge 9 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who) ~3
Larceny 6 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand)
Outdoors 8 (Handle Animal; Survival; Track)
Perception 11 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~3
Sabotage 6 (Demolitions; Disable Device; Trap Setting)
Socialize 13 (Diplomacy; Interrogation +2; Gather Info) ~5
Stealth 11 (Disguise; Hide; Move Silently) ~5
Tech 6 (Computers, Electronics, Security Systems)

Born Leader; Evasion; Feng-Shui Master; Flawless Decorum; Agile; Compelling; Lucky

Feng-Shui/Discord Powers
pending XP...

Distinctive Features (Famous Actress); Enemy (Unknown); Phobia (Fear of Being Alone); Pill Popper

Equipment Normal Load 25; Encumbered 50; Limit 75; Drag 300
9mm Deck Pistol; High fashion wear; Casual wear; Business attire; Street punk clothes; Winter outfits; Police Armored Vest; Skin suit; Lopan w/ Gatestone; Cell phone (For personal use); Sol Phone (For business and very select friends); Audio Recorder; Video Recorder; Vid Screen; Antibiotic (6); Antirad (4); Antitoxin (12); Pain Killer (114); Black Hole (2); Gamma Green (3); Lightspeed (3); Recall 13 (4); Stimdose (36); Tranquillizer (24); Permit to Carry Firearm; Permit to Hunt Bounty w/ JPC Endorsement

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