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Media & Mayhem / Re: Will save world for gold
« on: December 04, 2022, 05:03:24 pm »
Oh sure, a ton actually:

One of the best fics I've ever read, incomplete but the first volume is a good stopping off point, author is going to continue it but had to stop because of wrist problems you face while dealing with gyno and that she's dealing with, she posts updates every two weeks on her progress

Sentient dungeon core born in a world where all other living creatures slaughtered each other to the point of extinction, pretty cool story and a prequel to another pretty cool story

Doomed to forever be incomplete because it was banned by the chinese government but it's a good read while it's going, this one is in the the style of chinese cultivation novels with some very unique twists, big draw is the protagonist is just about the most amoral singularly goal focused person you'd ever see, and is very good at accomplishing those goals no matter what the cost necessary (in this case, the goal is immortality)
Complete story, one of the most universally popular webnovels (i.e along the lines of worms in terms of how much people in the community praise it - though I personally didn't like worm much), aspiring young wizard gets trapped in a month long time loop, with a twist being that the time loop is not his but another's - he was pulled in by accident and has to figure out how to move forward from there. The concept might sound basic but the quality of the writing is very much up there.
Ongoing, old (150 year old) wizard decides to retire out into the wilderness after a dungeon run that gets one of his friends killed, things begin to ramp up after a while
Young orphan girl in a world composed of flying islands rotating around a colossal god called the mist watcher discovers that her innate talent (everyone gets one, not all talents are made equal though) is for animancy (necromancy), which is very illegal in the rest of the world.
Love letter to cultivation novel tropes that comes into its own once you get past the start, really funny and really engrossing.
Another time loop story (I like time loops okay), this one with a young prince whose entire kingdom is conquered and slaughtered in a day by another person on the day of his coronation. He goes back decades in time to when he was a child only to find that the same person who killed him in the future is now coming after him in the present day as a child.

This one has some pacing issues after a certain point but it's been picking back up. Guy isekaied into another world, can't speak or understand the language, world has a system that people can use to gain powers and abilities from levelling up and gaining exp (not necessarily through killing things), he engages with it in a very number heavy way, really speaks to the minmaxer in people since the author put a lot of effort into his system (more than I have ever seen anywhere else, by a huge margin).
Sailor in a gamelit world, guy's an old hand and loves the sea more than the land. Things go very badly for him and he ends up dead, at which point Davey Jones resurrects him and offers him a place as his lieutenant, which he accepts.
Another time loop, but in this one the time loop is only the prologue! Protagonist starts off in a timeloop but that is only the prologue, the story continues after he breaks out of it as an overpowered and extremely dangerous individual and deals with all of the political fallout associated with it. Protagonist is also a necromancer but that is normal in this world.
The world has suffered multiple apocalypses that have left the outer world a perpetually frozen, near lifeless shell. The inside is still warm enough to support life but it is also filled with murderous self-perpetuating robots manned by insane AI. The protagonist starts off as a scavenger in a surface clan that survives through the grace of orbiting satellites that remotely refill their power cells on a regular basis.
This one is cultivation as written by a westerner, with a lot of systems in place to explicitly subvert common cultivator tropes. There's a system in place but it's not the omniscient kind that you normally see in gamelit but rather one designed in universe by an emperor to simplify things for people. There's a bit of a holier than thou attitude in a lot of the writing that's rather annoying but otherwise it's pretty well written and it's a well thought out and logically written story.
This is the sequel to that Lonely dungeon novel I mentionned earlier, this follows the story of Peter, a soul who is isekaied into the world after the events of Lonely Dungeon
A snake that guards a time-themed dungeon accidentally eats its own dungeon's core and gains the ability to loop back to certain checkpoints.
A haunted armor type mob (i.e a sentient suit of armor) designed as a trap in a dungeon gets a sudden, inexplicable change of heart one day while playing along with a party and kills his own master, joining the party out into the world to go on adventures with them while hiding his own nature.
Man gets isekaied along with bus full of children, only to find out he was an accidental tag along and wasn't meant to be sent over. Gods let him roll wheel to see what he gets to be in the world his soul is taken to and he gets a tree. Bad luck.

Honestly, the writing for this one starts off as absolute Farking garbage, but like, it gets better and it's super unique. As of the current chapters it's one of my favourite stories
DnD themed world and story of a young wizard whose master dies and who joins up with some companions while travelling to take on dungeons. Pretty cool.
Guy lives in a country where a legendary monster resurrects itself every 100 years to terrorize the populace, but the country also has the blessing of a long ascended god that randomly chooses 5 heroes among that populace to fight back against it. The 5 heroes are given one of 5 marks, and the protagonist gets the Mark of the Fool - a Mark that gives severe penalties to the learning and execution of all combat related actions and skills, but otherwise significantly increases learning speed. He abandons his country and flees to another to pursue his dream of being a wizard, knowing that he would be useless to their efforts anyway.
This one's a treasure from the chinese translated stuff, one of my favourites, Zhou Ming is a guy who goes from our modern day to waking up with a gun in his hand and his brains blown out on the wall behind him in Victorian era Cthulhu universe. The characterization is great and the protagonist is one of my personal favourites. Ending is a bit sloppy but Author plans on continuing the story with a sequel.
Another one by the same guy who wrote Lord of the Mysteries, not sure what relation it has to Lord of the Mysteries yet (if any) but it's a post apocalyptic romp following a team of employees from a high class company of genetics scientists who survived the destruction of the world world. The main plot thread follows the search for the discovery of the old world's destruction and the insane protagonist developping his abilities (which he received in exchange for his sanity).
You did a great job sharing these links with us. I like to read. Can you please share some fictional novels with us, like Anna Karenina novels, this is my favorite.

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