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Bounty Heads / BZ's The A Team Write-Ups
« on: March 05, 2010, 10:16:29 pm »
“In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team.”


Media & Mayhem / Pikachu Adventure I
« on: January 06, 2010, 12:39:27 pm »
Pikachu Adventure I
By JPd

Watch it Now on YouTube  ;D


The Solar Frontier / New Flaws
« on: December 20, 2009, 12:56:36 pm »
This thread is for folks to post their own Flaws ideas or suggestions.  In future printings of the book, we may even want to include a few of these (if they meet our standards of balance and are just too cool to pass up).

As A General Rule

  • Edges add a +2 bonus to one Skill, or a +1 bonus to three related Skills.  For combat Skills, Edges only add a +1.
  • Flaws add a –2 Penalty to three related Skills or a total number of Penalties around –6, or a –4 penalty to a single Skill.  Their negative impact as a Flaw has to outway the positive impact of an Edge, they need to be inconveniencing, or have a chance to impact a Session now and then.
Other combination/exceptions are possible – do/use what you want, it’s your game  :)


The Solar Frontier / New Edges
« on: December 20, 2009, 12:56:12 pm »
This thread is for folks to post their own Edges ideas or suggestions.  In future printings of the book, we may even want to include a few of these (if they meet our standards of balance and are just too cool to pass up).

As A General Rule

  • Edges add a +2 bonus to one Skill, or a +1 bonus to three related Skills.  For combat Skills, Edges only add a +1.
  • Flaws add a –2 Penalty to three related Skills or a total number of Penalties around –6, or a –4 penalty to a single Skill.  Their negative impact as a Flaw has to outway the positive impact of an Edge, they need to be inconveniencing, or have a chance to impact a Session now and then.
Other combination/exceptions are possible – do/use what you want, it’s your game  :)


Bounty Heads / BZ’s Penguins of Madagascar Write-Ups
« on: December 16, 2009, 09:57:41 pm »
Here's my favorite bunch of karate-chopping covert characters  ;D

I'm sure heads will spin if these guys ever make an appearance in your BHB game, but somehow their stats got uploaded mysteriously onto our forums, so here you go  ;)

The Penguins
of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar Mythos Madness
Lions and tigers and tentacles, oh my!  Something stirs in New York’s Central Park; its smoky tendrils of evil even now seeping into the adjacent Zoo – home to those covert karate-chopping penguins; Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico.  Can they fight back the Mythos and save the world?


Community Conversation / Origins and GenCon 2010
« on: December 14, 2009, 12:17:44 pm »
Hi all - we will be attending both Cons again this year  ;D

Things are looking good for an even better year for the BHB Merc Squad.  I plan on running four BHB events at each convention with at least one or two of those being brand new, never before seen, adventure sessions.

I'll post more here as it comes together (Origins needs to get its site up soon).  Hope to see a few folks out there again (or for the first time even) - come out and play our events and if you don't have one already, get a signed copy of the Bounty Head Bebop RPG.

In addition to BHB Adventure Sessions, I'll be running some other events - an i20 (BHB) Conan The Barbarian Pirate Adventure, my d20 Call of Cthulhu convention classics - Bad Seed and Call of PikaChulu - and if I get it finished, a d20 Call of Cthulhu Spongebob Squarepants parody - The Call of SpongeThulu.

[Boast Mode]
The BHB Merc Squad runs the best damned RPG events at any Con - BHB or any other system for that matter.  Our events rock, our swag rocks, and our players rock.
[/Boast Mode]  ;D


The Solar Frontier / i20 Fantasy & Free Adventure
« on: November 17, 2009, 12:16:35 pm »
Hi All,

Due to expressed interest, I am temporarily opening my private Fantasy Build board, so folks can get a look at the direction I am going with it and try some of it out if they like.

I have already used these rules to run a Conan the Barbarian game with satisfying results.

Here’s the LINK

Note you have to be logged in to see it :)


Community Conversation / Con On The Cob
« on: August 21, 2009, 11:14:48 am »
I found out about this Con from the GAQs guys at GenCon this year.  It takes place October 15 – 18 in Hudson Ohio.  LadyZerka and I will be going and running the following games –

Bounty Head Bebop and Cthulhu at CotC

Thursday 4 – 8 pm
Bad Seed (Call of Cthulhu d20):
  Pulp Cthulhu in a wealthy Connecticut town, 1928. Kidnappers, baby snatching cultists, or alien abductors - what’s happening to the local children? Find out - and please, try not to get eaten!

Friday 12 – 4 pm
Call of PikaChulu (Call of Cthulhu d20):
  Join Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu as they investigate the origins of a truly odd Pokemon captured by Professor Oak. A humorous adventure of cuddly madness and doom.

Friday 4 – 8 pm
Ghost In The Machine (Bounty Head Bebop RPG):
  What do you do when everyone is trying to kill your Bounty Head and your ship suddenly decides it’s going to be haunted? Come play Bounty Head Bebop with its Creator and experience the fast-paced solar system spanning game of anime-style bounty hunting in space.

Saturday 12 – 4 pm
Fortune Cookie Fix (Bounty Head Bebop RPG):
  A notorious drug lord threatens the stability of the Jovian system by flooding it with Lightspeed and other super-drugs.  Can you track him down where everyone else has failed?  Play Bounty Head Bebop with its Creator and experience the fast-paced solar system spanning game of anime-style bounty hunting in space.

Saturday 4 – 8 pm
Did Somebody Say Zombies? (Bounty Head Bebop RPG):
  When the ship gets trapped in Jupiter’s gravitational pull, quick thinking allows it to crash-land on IO - but something very weird is going on... Come play Bounty Head Bebop with its Creator and experience the fast-paced solar system spanning game of anime-style bounty hunting in space.

We’ll let folks know how it goes after the Con :)


Official Rules Questions / Discord – The Anti Feng-Shui
« on: July 13, 2009, 11:27:44 am »
Discord – The Anti Feng-Shui

The following are Optional Rules for expanding the scope of Feng-Shui Powers in your game.  In this version, Feng-Shui is actually composed of two parts, the Ying and the Yang.  The Ying side is positive, harmonious, and likened to the feminine; while the Yang side is negative, discordant, and likened to the masculine.  The Ying is generally called Feng-Shui and the Yang is known as Discord. 

When a character chooses to be a Feng-Shui Master, they must choose a dominant side of the Ying/Yang – Feng-Shui or Discord.  Once a side is chosen, they learn Feng-Shui or Discord Powers according to the normal process; by purchasing them as Edges or through Experience.

Not only can a Feng-Shui Master use his dominant side as normal, but can also use the opposing side (at equal power levels to his own) by spending a Luck Point to activate them.  For example, a Feng-Shui Master with a Ying dominant side can also use Yang powers, but doing so requires a Point of Luck each time a Yang Power is used, because it goes against their nature.

Regardless of which side of Ying/Yang the character chooses, he still needs to study a Lopan in order to use his powers and will require a Gatestone to use the higher powers of his art.

The Solar Frontier / Horror and Insanity in your BHB
« on: June 30, 2009, 01:08:32 pm »
I'm working on a post here in a day or two to show how you can introduce Horror and Insanity in your BHB games, based on the already established character trait of Psychosis.

Stand by for some mind shattering Insanity...


Media & Mayhem / KoDT Homage
« on: May 08, 2009, 04:38:26 pm »
About 10 years ago, I entered a Knights of The Dinner Table write-in contest.  The following was my submission, which either got lost in the mail, misfiled, or tossed – but, for whatever reason, I never got any indication that it was ever received.

I still like the Knights of The Dinner Table though, and have even participated in a Live Reading at Gen Con :)

Anyway, I thought I’d post it here for all to see, both as homage to KoDT and to see what you think.  Did it even stand a chance?


Media & Mayhem / RPGs You Play
« on: February 22, 2009, 03:14:18 pm »
So, what do the folks around here like to play?  We hope Bounty Head Bebop is at least on the list (or the intended list) somewhere – but what else do you like or recommend?


Community Conversation / Masters Test
« on: February 03, 2009, 10:40:22 am »
Wish me luck – I’ll be driving up to Connecticut to take my Fourth Degree Black Belt test in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do.  As the test covers three days and I’ll be taking at least two for travel, I’ll be offline (and off the forum) until Monday February 9th.  There is the slight possibility that I’ll have access once or twice during the trip, but I’m not counting on it  :)


The Solar Frontier / Who's Played BHB?
« on: January 22, 2009, 12:48:44 pm »
So, now that there are hundreds of folks out there with the rules (and special thanks to those purchasing copies through our distributors) who's given the game a try?

Let us know :)


Community Conversation / Origins and GenCon 2009
« on: January 06, 2009, 10:19:37 am »
Origins and GenCon 2009

Hi all – I just wanted to let everyone know early that we will be at both Origins and GenCon 2009.

This will be a great opportunity to play the game with the author (yours truly) and those that helped create it.

For Origins, I will be running 4 – 6 BHB Sessions and have hardcopies of the rules available for special convention only discounted sales.

For Gencon, I will be running at least 2 BHB Sessions, with a friend and fellow playtester running another 2 – 4, and of course will again have hardcopies of the rules available for more special convention only discounted sales.

Keep an eye out on the Origins and GenCon websites, as I will be submitting my events soon – which in the past, they have all filled up in three days or less, so be ready  ;D


Official Rules Questions / Excel Character Sheet
« on: January 01, 2009, 08:04:06 pm »
Here’s an Excel Character Sheet for typing out your own Character Sheets, sans most of the math headaches ;D

Excel Character Sheet Notes
  • Feel free to change whatever suits you – page setup, text color, etc.
  • The sheets are Protected to preserve the line spacing.  To Unprotect the sheets for editing (beyond data entery) select Tools/Protection/Unprotect Sheet.
  • Most of the Math is done for you, but you’ll have to enter any Levels and Modifiers (such as from Edges and Flaws) yourself.
  • You’ll need to enter the Base for any Specialty Skills you select Levels for.
  • You’ll have to enter in all information for any Advanced Skills you select, as these are not automatically calculated.
  • You’ll have to enter in whichever Ability (STR or PRE) you choose to use for calculating the Intimidation Skill.
  • Temporary Ability Scores are not included in any calculations – if you want them reflected you need to add them as Modifiers where appropriate.
  • The Total Skill Points Spent is calculated for you at the bottom of the Skills list on the back of the PC sheet.  (F) = Skill Points From Front of PC Sheet, (B) = Skill Points From Back of PC Sheet.
  • You only need to enter in the first value (Normal) for Load/Encumbrance – the rest will be calculated automatically.
  • Depending on how your printer handles Excel Workbooks, you may have to manually duplex the sheets if you want them double sided.
Please check it out and let me know what you think - thanks  :)

See attachment below.

(Note that you must be logged in to see attachments...)


Media & Mayhem / 24 Hour Club
« on: December 29, 2008, 03:41:22 pm »
So I see I've been on the forums for more than a day.  Working on a week now  ;D

Anyone else?


Community Conversation / Happy Hollidays ^v^
« on: December 23, 2008, 12:48:33 pm »
Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season this year  :)


The Solar Frontier / BHB Reviews
« on: December 12, 2008, 10:32:28 am »
Here’s the first public reviews of Bounty Head Bebop – Not too shabby I must say ;D


Media & Mayhem / Mayhem Thread
« on: November 26, 2008, 04:49:32 pm »
Not sure how this will fly, but here's a thread for just chatting, calling out lurkers, and general post bumping (oh the shame of it all ;))


Official Rules Questions / Probability Summary
« on: November 18, 2008, 10:26:50 am »
The following is a look at the way Probability factors into the various dice rolls used in the i20 system and is provided here simply as a topic of interest to the author  :)


Official Rules Questions / TNs Over 20 Option
« on: November 17, 2008, 01:36:08 pm »
TNs Over 20 Option

Here’s an Optional rule that I’ve developed to give a little more kick to having Target Numbers above 20.

Normally, even when you have a Skill over 20, the highest your TN can ever be is 19 (because there has to be some chance of failure to warrant a die roll).  The only value then, of having a Skill higher than 20, is that it has greater capacity to counter Negative Modifiers that would reduce the TN.  But if there are no Negative Modifiers, having a TN of 24 is virtually the same as having a TN of 19.  So to add a little more to the dynamic –

TNs over 20 Rule
  • TNs over 20 reduce MTNs by the amount they exceed 20.

So, if for example, after all modifiers, your TN was 24, then you still fail on a 20 as normal, but when faced with a MTN 10 or MTN 15 – each would be reduced by 4 as follows:

MTN 10 to MTN 6
MTN 15 to MTN 11

What this does is to encourage those with phenomenally high TNs to try more difficult and cinematic actions (the kind with MTNs), and gives them a greater chance of success in the process, while still keeping it challenging to some degree.


Bounty Heads / BZ's Monster Mayhem
« on: November 15, 2008, 02:37:11 pm »
The following are some of the monsters and creatures that can be found in the Hexslinging Ruleset and will be featured in the Fantasy Bebop Supplement.  I’ll be adding them piecemeal as I find the time, but eventually will use this thread as a place to build the entire set (gotta collect ‘em all!) – over 300 when all is said and done.

Here is what I’m trying to do –

Animated Object (Large); Animated Object (Medium); Animated Object (Small); Animated Object (Tiny); Animated Weapon; Ape God; Assassin; Banshee; Bard; Basilisk; Bear; Bear (Polar); Beetle (Giant Bombardier); Beetle (Giant Fire); Beetle (Giant Rhinoceros); Behemoth Toad; Black Lion; Black Oil; Bloat Worm; Blood Mist; Blood Pool; Boar; Brain Raker; Brain Sucker; Brigand; Bull Merc; Cat; Cat Lord; Cat Lord (Cat Form); Cat Lord (Great Cat Form); Centipede (Giant); Charmed One; Chimera; Chittering Horror; Cockatrice; Colossus; Commoner; Corrosion Slime; Cougar; Crayfish (Giant); Crocodile; Dark Elf; Devil Head; Dog (Guard); Dog (Hunting); Dragon Blooded; Dragon (Cave); Dragon (Cloud); Dragon (Crystal); Dragon (Mountain); Dragon (River); Dragon (Shadow); Dwarf; Dwarf Mercenary; Dwarf Monk; Dwarf Nobleman; Dwarf Priest; Dwarf Savage; Dwarf Shaman; Eater Of The Dead; Elemental (Air); Elemental (Earth); Elemental (Fire); Elemental (Water); Elf; Elf Assassin; Elf Bard; Elf Charmed One; Elf Magi; Elf Mercenary; Elf Nobleman; Elf Pirate; Elf Ranger; Elf Scoundrel; Elf Sorcerer; Emperor Crab; Ettercap; Eyeballer; Falcon; Familiar; Fell Stead; Female One; Fiend; Filcher Monkey; Forest Ward; Forest Ward (Bear Form); Fox Kin; Fox Kin Assassin; Fox Kin Bard; Fox Kin Charmed One; Fox Kin Magi; Fox Kin Mercenary; Fox Kin Monk; Fox Kin Nobleman; Fox Kin Pirate; Fox Kin Priest; Fox Kin Ranger; Fox Kin Scoundrel; Fox Kin Sorcerer; Fungus (Contact); Fungus (Jumping Toadstool); Fungus (Pop Top); Gargoyle; Gelatinous Trapper; Ghost; Ghoul; Giant (Cyclops); Giant (Ettin); Gnoll; Goat Man; Goblin; Golem (Clay); Elemental (Iron); Elemental (Stone); Gore; Gorgon; Gorilla; Greater Dragon; Greater Dragon (Human Form); Griffon; Hag; Handmaiden; Harpy; Haunt;Hellhound; Hobgoblin; Horse; Horse Walker; Human; Hungry Dead; Hydra (4 Heads); Hydra (8 Heads); Hydra (12 Heads); Ice Barbarian; Ice Melter; Imp; Juggernaut; King Croaker; Kitsune; Kobold; Lash Panther; Leach Jelly; Leader (Sergeant or Constable); Leader (Lieutenant or Mayor); Leader (Captain or Barron); Leader (Commander); Leviathan Crab; Lich; Lion; Lizard (Giant); Lizardman; Magi; Mandrill; Manticore; Mercenary; Mermaid; Mimic (Medium); Mimic (Small); Mimic (Tiny); Mongrel; Monk; Monstrous Zombie / Skeleton; Moon Stag; Mother Of Corruption; Muck Beast; Mummy; Mushroom King; Naga; Noble (King or Emperor); Noble (Queen); Noble (Prince, High Lord, or Count); Noble (Princess); Nobleman; Nymph; Octopus (Giant); Ogre; Orc; Pennaggolan; Pike Beak; Pincher Hag; Pirate; Pixie; Poison One; Priest; Prince Of Death; Putrid Ooze; Ranger; Rat (Giant); Ratling; Ratling (Rat Form); Red Brute; Rock Skeeter; Rust Eater; Sabertooth Tiger; Salamander (Cold); Salamander (Fire); Savage; Scorpion Tyrant; Scorpion (Giant); Scoundrel; Sea Serpent; Shadow; Shaman; Shambling Horror; Shark; Shark (Great White); Shark Man; Silver Render; Skeleton; Skeleton Lord; Sky Shark; Sludge Pudding; Snake (Giant Constrictor); Snake (Giant Spitting Cobra); Snake (Giant Viper); Snake (Poisonous); Soldier; Sorcerer; Specter; Spider (Giant Displacer); Spider (Giant Jumping); Spider (Giant Plump); Spider (Giant Spinner); Spider (Giant Trapdoor); Spider (Giant Wolf); Spindle-Arms; Spinner Of Lies; Squid (Giant); Stink Ape; Strangle Weed; Succubus; Surf Grappler; Swamp Daddy; Swamp Light; Swarm (Bat); Swarm (Killer Bees); Swarm (Leach); Swarm (Piranha); Swarm (Rat); Swarm (Severed Hands); Swarm (Skull); Swarm (Spider); Sword Tusker; Terror From The Deep; Titan Ant; Tot Snatcher; Town Guardsman; Toxic Jelly; Tree Ent; Tree Spirit; Tree Spirit (Wasp Form); Tremor Worm; Troglodyte; Troll; Tunnel Mantis; Tusked Burrower; Ubaba; Unclean Spirit; Unicorn; Vampire; Venom Queen; Voracious Tar; Vulture Grizzly; Wasp (Giant); Werewolf; Whale; Whip Stump; Wolf; Wolverine (Giant); Worg; Wraith; Wyvern; Yellow Cur; Yellow Orc; Yellow Orc Assassin; Yellow Orc Mercenary; Yellow Orc Monk; Yellow Orc Pirate; Yellow Orc Priest; Yellow Orc Ranger; Yellow Orc Savage; Yellow Orc Scoundrel; Yellow Orc Shaman; Yeti; Zombie; Zorch Rat.

Phew!  ;D


Bounty Heads / BZs Trigun Write-Ups
« on: November 14, 2008, 10:53:40 pm »
Imagine the mayhem if you loosed Vash the Stampede on your unsuspecting Bounty Hunters – “Whoa Nelly!!!  It says this here guy’s worth $$60,000,000,000 – let’s go get ‘im!!!”  ;D


The Solar Frontier / Shopping Spree House Rule
« on: November 02, 2008, 04:29:38 pm »
Shopping Spree House Rule

Here’s a nifty little house rule that my group uses to reflect the time spent between adventures trying to acquire new gear.


Bounty Heads / Calculating XP of Your Builds
« on: November 02, 2008, 04:09:50 pm »
I’m a firm believer in not being tied down to ‘encounter levels’ or ‘challenge ratings’, but do think it good to have some idea of how difficult a foe will be.

That said, here’s a handy (and completely optional) guide to help you calculate the XP level of you character builds in order to give a measure of comparison between them and other builds.


Bounty Heads / BZ's Cowboy Bebop Write-Ups
« on: November 02, 2008, 03:47:00 pm »
For fans of arguably the greatest anime series ever, here are my Cowboy Bebop character write-ups.  Any questions or comments, feel free to post them here – thanks :)


Bounty Heads / BZ’s Lupin the 3rd Write-Ups
« on: November 02, 2008, 03:22:39 pm »
Ever wonder where they got the inspiration for the Cowboy Bebop characters?  Right here – Lupin the 3rd, that’s where!

Think of all the trouble these master thieves could cause your bounty hunters ;D


Bounty Heads / Write-Ups Index
« on: October 29, 2008, 02:29:35 pm »
Post links here to all Character and NPC Write-Ups. 
(Feel free to post and update your own links – otherwise we’ll do it for you as we can :))


Bounty Heads / Character Creation Help
« on: October 22, 2008, 08:04:21 pm »
Need help with character creation?  Got cool ideas about how to do it?  Or suggestions for character write-ups?  Post ‘em here folks  :)

Note that this is not an ‘Official’ thread – that means anyone is free to offer help, answer questions, or post suggestions.  In fact, I’m sure that I can’t do it all once we get this project really rolling – so everyone join in  ;D


Official Rules Questions / What Is Bounty Head Bebop?
« on: October 21, 2008, 10:11:50 am »
What Is Bounty Head Bebop?

Based in a time rife with criminals and unscrupulous people, the Police have resorted to using more Bounty Hunters and outside contracted help.  This is where you come in.  Set in a gritty near future, the game calls for fast-paced action and sizzling drama. Based on high-octane anime, Bounty Head Bebop is a wild ride through the new Solar Frontier.

Welcome to the Bounty Head Bebop RPG, the game that lets you play the fast-paced solar system-spanning anime-style adventures of the daring and brash bounty hunters of the ‘far modern’ future.

The Bounty Head Bebop RPG is powered by the Inverted 20 system, which uses a single d20 for all rolls and offers a quick and easy resolution for all in-game actions and outcomes, providing a fun and cinematic feel to play.

The Inverted 20 System uses a single twenty-sided die (d20) for all die rolls.

The Inverted 20 System
The Inverted 20 system uses a single twenty-sided die with Target Numbers (TN) to roll under and is essentially a percentile-based game in increments of 5%. Target Numbers are determined by adding a skill value to any situation modifiers that might apply and then rolling the die to see if the result falls within the TN. In some instances a Minimum Target Number (MTN) may be required, where the result of the die not only has to fall within the TN, but also has to meet or exceed the value set by the MTN.

As an additional element to each die roll, an X-Roll or X-Damage may be called for, which is determined by reading the one’s digit of the die when it is rolled. This allows a secondary number (1-10) to be generated simultaneously with TN resolution; meaning damage and other factors of success can be figured without a second roll. This handy little mechanic speeds play and helps move combat along at a refreshingly brisk pace.

The Inverted 20 system also uses a Luck and Surge Point dynamic that gives the characters an advantage when needed, and ensures the action never gets stale. Using Luck and Surge Points, a character can push himself past the normal effects of injury, succeed at a critically important roll, or even escape certain death.

In short, Inverted 20 is its own unique system, but with a familiar feel and a cinematic flair, which captures the grittier Anime genre after which it was modeled.


Bounty Heads / Iconic Characters
« on: October 02, 2008, 09:33:40 pm »

Iconic Characters

I’ve reserved this space for write-ups of our three Iconic Characters, which are the reoccurring subjects of the illustrations in the Bounty Head Bebop rulebook.

Right now, we’re not even sure about their Names or Archetypes – though I think they’ll each be written up on a 20 XP Build.

Here’s what I got so far – though if there’s anyone out there with another opinion, feel free to post it here.

Hot Chick – Lilly Swann
Guy With Lid – Isaac Hammer
Guy With Beer – Mark Storm, AKA ‘Sideburns’

Hot Chick – Private Investigator/Hacker
Guy With Lid – Ship’s Pilot/Gearhead
Guy With Beer – Bounty Hunter


Bounty Heads / BZ’s Venture Brothers Write-Ups
« on: September 29, 2008, 08:22:25 pm »
I've recently taken an interest in the Venture Brothers series and thought how cool it would be to have your Cowboys run into them sometime.  In fact, as homage to the show, I plan on making a BHB adventure featuring the Venture Brothers for Origins 2009 8)

Of note about the builds: I have an unwritten rule that none of my write-ups will use more than 200 XP.  Brock Samson could certainly be more (my first go at him was over 350 XP) – but I still think he turned out pretty good considering ;D


Community Conversation / Daddy BZ
« on: August 25, 2008, 12:00:49 pm »
Hi all,

Just got back from the hospital with my wife and new baby girl.  We named her Sariah, which is Hebrew for “Princess of The Lord”  ;D

As she is my first baby, I’ll probably be a little distracted till I get the hang of things, but as I can, I will still be working on things here :)


Forum Games / Free Rice
« on: August 13, 2008, 07:46:31 pm »
Here's a nice game to poke into now and again. 

My best vocabulary level so far is only a 42 – but, hey, at least I'm not using a dictionary  ;D


Community Conversation / Forum Landmarks
« on: July 08, 2008, 07:02:51 pm »
Hey wow!  I see we had 26 visitors today – I wonder how many were spiderbots – but still  ;D


The Solar Frontier / Handy Maps
« on: June 26, 2008, 01:48:42 pm »
This thread is for posting Maps for use with the game  8)

Anyone is welcome to post maps, though we ask that all non-Admin link to your own maps rather than upload them directly (for sever space reasons).  A variety of sites are available for free image hosing, such as  :)

Below is an Index of All Maps, which will be updated as new maps become available.

Frigate Deck Plans
Area 52
Cargo Jump Ship Plans
Abandoned Sawmill
Oil Derrick
Attack Submarine


Community Conversation / Problem Reporting Thread
« on: June 13, 2008, 12:27:19 pm »
This is to report problems with connectivity or forum features. Hopefully it will be one of the least active threads on the Comlink  8)

For problems that prevent you from posting here, or using PM, Email to:


Official Rules Questions / Character Creation
« on: June 11, 2008, 12:31:27 pm »
Character Creation Summary

Starting Abilities

Characters start with 20 Ability Points, which they allot between all six abilities.  No ability may start below 1 or be raised above 5, though it is possible to raise an ability past 5 later, using Experience Points (See Experience p.187).

Initiative And Movement

Initiative = (Base 5 + AGI + WIS + Modifiers)
Movement = (Base 30’ + Modifiers); Run = (Movement Score x STR)


Reaction (Base 5 + AGI + Modifiers)
Endurance (Base 5 + CON + Modifiers)
Willpower (Base 5 + WIS + Modifiers)

Vitality And Wound Points

Vitality Points = (Base 5 + STR + CON + WIS + Modifiers)
Wound Points = (Base 5 + CON + Modifiers)

Luck And Surge Points

Luck Points = (Base 3)
Surge Points = (Base 3)

Starting Skills

Characters start with 60 Skill Points, which they allot to the skills of their choice.  Initially, no skills may be raised above level 5, though it is possible to do so later using Experience Points (See Experience p.187).

Edges and Flaws

All characters start the game with 3 Edges.  Characters do not have to start with Flaws, but doing so allows them to take up to 3 additional Edges (gaining one for each Flaw).  No character can start with more than 3 Flaws and 6 Edges.  Choose carefully, as very few Edges can be gained after character creation (see Experience p.187 for a complete list of Edges that can be bought later with XP).

The Solar Frontier / How Much Things Weigh
« on: June 05, 2008, 01:39:53 pm »
Here's a list I put together for general reference (and while it goes way beyond the norm for most BHB situations, it might still come in handy now and again – though I by no means suggest bogging your games down with exacting weights and measurements :)

Pounds Object Kilos
100 | Executive Desk, Full File Cabinet, Sleeper Sofa, Postal Bin | 45
200 | Manhole Cover | 90
400 | Drum of Oil (full), Piano, Sport Motorcycle | 150
500 | Dumpster (3000 lbs capacity) | 200
600 | Large Vending Machine | 300
800 | Touring Motorcycle | 350
1,000 | Telephone Pole | 450
1,300 | Sailboat, Speedboat | 600
1,800 | U-haul Trailer | 800
2,600 | Medium Missile | 1,200
3,400 | Propane Tank (20’) (2000 gal (16,000 lbs) capacity) | 1,500
3,500 | Car, Large Missile | 1,600
4,000 | Granite Monument, Skimmer Car | 1,800
5,000 | Cargo Container (20’) (53,000 lbs capacity), Forklift (Small), Large Meteor | 2,300
6,000 | Jersey Barrier (10’), Hovercraft (2200 lbs capacity) | 2,700
7,000 | Limo, Terrain Crawler, SUV, Truck | 3,200
9,000 | Cargo Container (40’) (67,000 lbs capacity), Monster Truck | 4,100
14,000 | Helicopter, School Bus, Semi Trailer (61,000 lbs capacity), Jet (small) | 6,400
16,000 | Howitzer, ‘Twinkie’ Travel Trailer | 7,300
19,000 | Garbage Truck (40,000 lbs capacity), Robot Ship, Semi Tractor | 8,600
25,000 | Armored Car (10,000 lbs capacity) | 11,500
27,000 | Jet (fighter), Spy Satellite, Subway Car | 12,500
30,000 | Fighter Spacecraft, Motorhome RV | 13,500
33,000 | Cargo Carrier (61,000 lbs capacity) | 15,000
40,000 | Mobile Home, Greyhound Bus | 18,000
55,000 | Armored Carrier, Infantry Fighting Vehicle | 25,000
63,000 | Houseboat, Railroad Boxcar (200,000 lbs capacity) | 28,500
80,000 | Bull Dozer, Car Crusher, Fire Truck (15,000 lbs capacity) | 36,500
95,000 | Cargo Copter (25,000 lbs capacity) | 43,000
110,000 | Cargo Container Lift Truck, Space Freighter Container, Tank | 50,000
156,000 | Water Tower (125’ tall) (120,000 gal (1,000,000 lbs) capacity) | 71,000
160,000 | Crane, Mobile Home (double-wide), Scout Ship | 73,000
220,000 | Space Shuttle, Space Freighter (tractor) | 100,000
240,000 | Radio Tower (200’) | 109,000
250,000 | Railroad Locomotive Engine | 114,000
300,000 | House (wooden) | 136,000
360,000 | Giant Mining Dump-Truck (620,000 lbs capacity) | 164,000
440,000 | Jumbo Jet Passenger/Cargo Transport, Titan II Rocket | 200,000
450,000 | Statue of Liberty | 205,000
600,000 | Gig, House (brick), Hovercraft (giant) (300,000 lbs capacity), Transport Ship | 273,000
759,000 | Hydro-electric Generator | 345,000
880,000 | Trawler, Yacht (Large) | 400,000
1,300,000 | Crane (giant) | 591,000
1,320,000 | Radio Tower (1000’) | 600,000
1,600,000 | Giant Mining Excavator | 727,000
1,760,000 | Drilling Rig | 800,000
3,520,000 | Bridge (small) | 1,600,000
7,040,000 | Tugboat (military) | 3,200,000
11,000,000 | Rocket Launch Tower (300’) | 5,000,000
14,000,000 | Eiffel Tower | 6,360,000
14,080,000 | Destroyer, Frigate Spacecraft, Submarine (large) | 6,400,000
27,500,000 | Capitol Ship, Freighter Ship (unloaded) | 12,500,000
55,000,000 | Bridge (large), Cruise Ship, Freighter Ship (loaded) | 25,000,000
730,000,000 | Empire State Building | 332,000,000


Bounty Heads / BZ's Cast of Extras
« on: June 01, 2008, 02:49:54 pm »
Below are a few Write-Ups for some common Extras.


Bounty Heads / BZ's Animal Farm
« on: May 31, 2008, 07:49:26 pm »
Below are Write-Ups for a few animals common to adventure type scenarios.


Community Conversation / Return To Topics After Posting and More
« on: May 07, 2008, 10:06:45 am »
If you want to automatically return to topics after posting by default, you need to go into Profile; then Look and Layout Preferences; then check the box for the ‘return to topics after posting by default’ option.

If you don’t, then you will go back to the Forum where you posted rather than into the Thread itself.


Community Conversation / Forum Posting Ranks
« on: May 06, 2008, 02:47:36 pm »
Hi all,

Here are the Spiffy Forum Posting Ranks.  As folks post through the roof, we’ll add new Ranks, but these should do for now  :)

0 Posts– Small Fry
50 – Outlaw
100 – Bounty Head
250 – Mercenary
500 – Professional
1000 – Veteran
2000 – Cowboy
4000 – Legendary Cowboy



Here some New ideas - with a little re-arranging -

0 Posts– Small Fry
50 – Outlaw
100 – Bounty Head
250 – Mercenary
500 – Professional
1000 – Mob Boss
2000 – Feng-Shui Master
4000 – Cowboy
6000 – Veteran Cowboy
8000 – Legendary Cowboy
10000 – BHB Guru


The Latest & Greatest

0 Posts– Small Fry
50 – Outlaw
100 – Bounty Head
250 – Mercenary
500 – Professional
1000 – Mob Boss
2000 – Cowboy
4000 – Veteran Cowboy
6000 – Legendary Cowboy
8000 – Feng-Shui Master
10000 – BHB Guru
15000 – BHB Magistrate Superstar
20000 – BHB Overlord Monarch Magistrate

Bounty Heads / Character Write-Up Template
« on: May 04, 2008, 09:56:43 pm »
Feel free to use this Character Write-Up Template when creating your own character write-ups.

Just quote to copy and then paste in your own threads - be careful not to delete the template - thanks  8)


Bounty Heads / Character Archetypes Write-Ups
« on: May 04, 2008, 09:23:30 pm »
Bounty Hunter
Age 28; Gender Male; Height 6’2”; Weight 175; Eyes Blue; Hair White; Skin White

Str 3; Agi 4; Con 3; Int 3; Wis 3; Pre 4; Vitality (0) 14; Wounds (–2) 8
React 9; Endure 8; Will 8; Luck 4; Surge 3
Init 12; Move 30 ft (Run 90)
Unarmed Strike 10/3S; Grapple Moves; Deck Pistol 11(12)/8L/40ft (12); Police Riot Gun 11/10L/100ft (8 ); Spray Mace 13/♠/10’ flat (5)
Combat Skills
Dodge 12 (5); Feint 7; Grapple 11 (5); Melee 7; Ranged 10 (3); Target 6; Throw 7; Unarmed 10 (3)
All Other Skills
Balance 7; Bluff 10 (3); Climb (7.5’) 9 (3); Conceal 6; Diplomacy 7; Disable Device 12 (5+1); Disguise 6; Drive 7; Electronics 7 (1); Escape 7; Gamble 6; Gather Info 10 (3); General Knowledge 6; Hide 11 (3+1); Intimidate 7; Interrogation 7 (1); Jump (15’l/3’h) 9 (3); Listen 6; Move Silently 11 (3+1); Open Locks 13 (5+1); Ride 7; Search 9 (3); Sense Motive 9 (3); Spot 9 (3); Streetwise 11 (5); Swim (7.5’) 6; Taunt 7; Treat Injury 6
Lucky; Mobility; Saboteur; Stealthy
Ego Signature

Equipment Normal Load 50; Encumbered 100; Limit 150; Drag 600
Deck pistol with laser sight and 3 extra clips, electronic binoculars, electronic compass, handcuffs (2), laser microphone, lock picks, micro comlink, notebook computer, permit to carry a firearm, permit to hunt bounty, pocket secretary, police riot gun, SOL phone, spray mace, street punk wear, urban camouflage, white noise generator

Utility Vehicle: Handling 0; Armor 0; Structure 20; Systems 10
Motorcycle: Handling +3; Armor 0; Structure 10; Systems 10

Official Rules Questions / Character Sheet
« on: May 04, 2008, 09:21:52 pm »
Bounty Head Bebop Character Sheet

See attachment below  :)

(Note that you must be logged in to see attachments...)


Official Rules Questions / Sample Skill Use and Combat
« on: May 04, 2008, 09:12:20 pm »
Sample Skill Use and Combat

The following is an example of Skill Use and Combat used during the game.  In this sample, the psychic Louis le Foom and has teamed up with the famous bounty hunter, Cold Rock Johnson, to rescue a kidnap victim from a warehouse on the bad side of town.  The victim is a young girl and daughter of a corporate CEO with a severe gambling problem – who due to his vice, cannot pay back his debts or come up with the excessively high ransom.  

It is up to Cold Rock Johnson and Louis le Foom to save the day.  Below are our heroes in ‘Stat Block’ format:

Cold Rock Johnson
Age 38; Gender Male; Height 6'4"; Weight 195; Eyes Blue; Hair Blond Crewcut; Skin Perfect Tan

Str 6; Agi 3; Con 5; Int 3; Wis 3; Pre 4; Vitality (0) 19; Wounds (–2) 15 (Armor 10)
React 8; Endure 10; Will 8; Luck 3; Surge 3
Init 15 (13); Move 30 ft (Run 180)
Unarmed Strike 9/6S~L; Grapple Moves; Military Sidearm 11/10L/50 Ft (8 ); Spray Mace 14/Endure Save or Nausea a number of rounds equal to X-Roll/10 Ft flat (5)
Combat Skills
Dodge 12 (5+1); Feint 6; Grapple 15 (5+1); Melee 9 (3); Ranged 11 (5); Target 9 (3); Throw 9 (3); Unarmed 9 (3)
All Other Skills
Balance 9 (3); Bluff 12 (5); Climb (7.5’) 14 (3+1); Conceal 9 (3); Diplomacy 12 (5); Disable Device 11 (5); Disguise 6; Drive 9 (3); Electronics 7 (1); Entertain 12 (5); Escape 6; Forgery 11 (5); Gamble 10 (4); Gather Info 12 (5); General Knowledge 6; Hide 11 (5); Intimidate 12 (3); Jump (30’l/6’h) 13 (3+1); Listen 9 (3); Move Silently 11 (5); Open Locks 11 (5); Pilot 9 (3); Ride 3; Search 9 (3); Sense Motive 11 (5); Spot 11 (5); Streetwise 11 (5); Swim (7.5’) 10 (+1); Taunt 7; Treat Injury 6
Evasion; Martial Throw; Rapid Strike; Agile; Athletic; Base of Operations; Combat Reflexes; Grappler; Martial Artist; Hard to Kill; Information Broker; Media Ties; Popular
Dark Secret; Enemy (Previous Bounties); Greedy; Phobia (Fear of Deep Water)
Equipment Normal Load 150; Encumbered 300; Limit 450; Drag 1800
Limousine, high fashion wear, police armored vest, military sidearm, spray mace, handcuffs, micro comlink, breaking and entering kit, electronic binoculars, electronic compass, SOL phone, permit to carry a firearm, permit to hunt bounty, permit to wear armor

Louise le Foom
Age 56; Gender Male; Height 6'1"; Weight 250; Eyes Brown; Hair Bald; Skin Pale

Str 3; Agi 3; Con 2; Int 4; Wis 5; Pre 3; Vitality (–1) 15; Wounds (–2) 7
React 8; Endure 7; Will 12; Luck 4; Surge 3
Psychosis 9
Init 13; Move 30 ft (Run 90)
Unarmed Strike 6/3S; 9mm Deck Pistol 10/8L/40 Ft (12)
Combat Skills
Dodge 10 (4); Feint 6; Grapple 6; Melee 6; Ranged 9 (3); Target 11 (4); Throw 6; Unarmed 6
All Other Skills
Balance 6; Bluff 6; Climb (7.5’) 6; Computers 11 (4); Conceal 8; Diplomacy 11 (5); Disguise 8; Drive 6; Escape 6; Gamble 8; Gather Information 11 (5); General Knowledge 10 (3); Hide 11 (5); Intimidate 6; Jump (15’l/3’h) 6; Life Sciences 12 (5); Listen 11 (3); Move Silently 11 (5); Ride 4 (–2); Search 10 (3); Sense Motive 8; Spot 11 (3); Surgery 10 (4); Swim (7.5’) 6; Taunt 6; Treat Injury 12 (4)
Psychic (Telekinesis); Psychic Power (x3); Iron Will; Lucky
Psychic/Feng-Shui Powers
Light Touch; Heavy Hand; Fling
Cry Baby; Phobia: Fear of Cats; Soft

Equipment Normal Load 50; Encumbered 100; Limit 150; Drag 600
Deck pistol with one extra clip, cell phone, business wear, pocket secretary, notebook computer, first aid kit, surgical tools, trauma packs 4, antibiotics 8, antitoxins 21, pain killers 9, tranquilizers 6

Luxury Car: Handling 0; Armor 0; Structure 20; Systems 10

Louis le Foom is a somewhat intellectual and detached individual, with no family or anyone he can really get close to.  He values his privacy and feels that others can’t relate to him anyway, so he tends to avoid purely social gatherings.

He was once an up and coming surgeon, until his psychic powers unexpectedly manifested in the middle of a surgery and drove him temporarily mad.  Since the embarrassing dismissal and loss of his medical license, Louis has taken to performing illegal street surgery for many of the bounty hunters and criminals alike that pass through his home city.

Media & Mayhem / Media & Mayhem
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As the description says, this is our Catch-All Forum – The place for pretty much anything that doesn’t fit on another more specific forum.

Feel free to start your own new topics, but as we mentioned in the Introductions, keep all topics and posts family friendly :)


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