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Author Topic: Sylvian Bastian Beaulieu - Retired  (Read 7076 times)


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Sylvian Bastian Beaulieu - Retired
« on: January 10, 2015, 12:37:11 pm »


BRUISED [ O ] |INJURED (-1)[ O ] | CRIPPLED (-5) [ O ]
HURT (-1) [ O ] |WOUNDED (-2) [ O ]
HURT (-1) [ O ] |MAULED (-2) [ O ]

Permanent: 2
Temporary: 2/2

Courage: 2
Conviction: 4
Instinct: 4

Blood Pool

4 per turn

Path of Power and the Inner Voice




Base Initiative



Difficulty of all social rolls with mortals increased by two (does not include intimidation).

You hold particular hatred or disdain for the common rabble of serfs and servants. You make all frenzy checks at +2 difficulty around such individuals and always attack them first if you do succumb to frenzy.

You cast no reflection.

You cannot abide garlic, and the smallest whiff of its scent drives you from a room unless you make a successful Willpower roll (difficulty based on the strength of the odor).

Toreador are preternaturaly attuned to the aesthetic and beautiful, but this sensitivity can prove dangerous. When a Toreador views, hears, or even smells something that is truly beautiful -- a person, a painting, a song, a particularly lovely sunrise -- he must make a Self-Control roll (difficulty 6) or become entranced by the sensation. The Toreador will stand in rapt fascination for a scene or until the beautiful thing withdraws. Enraptured Toreador may not even defend themselves if attacked, though being wounded allows them to make another Self-Control roll to "break the spell."


Can use both hands equally well - no penalty for using your left hand.

-3 to difficulty of art appreciation rolls.

You have an exceptional sense of taste, able to even distinguish different substances in what you drink. -2 to difficulty of all perception rolls involving taste.

Difficulty to resist Frenzy lowered by 2

The difficulty on all Expression rolls is reduced by two. If the art being produced relates to God, the Church or similar high ideals, the difficulty is reduced by three instead.

Your blood tastes nothing like blood, instead being sweet and fine. Those who drink unknowingly of your vitae have no idea this is the case.

- 1 to appearance rolls based on regality.
- 1 to appearance rolls related to those who love tortured artists.
- 1 to perception rolls involving sudden, peace-breaking sounds.

Path Aura: + 2 to manipulating others.
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"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. If you still don't succeed, then quit. No use being a damn fool about it."
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Re: Sylvian Bastian Beaulieu
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2015, 12:37:50 pm »

Name: Sylvain Bastien Beaulieu

Player: Bo

Chronicle: Transylvanian Chronicles

Nature: Art snob

Sire: Arianne, the Instigator of Tragic Romance

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Clan: Toreador

Generation: 7

Concept: Artophile

Coterie: The Squamous Thugs of Brutal Doomosity and Some Random Tzimisce Who Keeps Following Them Around All The Time



Strength: 2; Dexterity: 2 (4); Stamina: 2


Charisma: 2 Manipulation: 1 Appearance: 5


Perception: 4; Intelligence: 3; Wits: 3



Alertness: 0; Awareness; 0; Athletics: 0; Brawl: ; Dodge: 0; Empathy: 0; Expression: 3; Intimidation: 2; Leadership: 0; Streetwise: 0; Subterfuge: 0


Animal Ken: 0; Crafts (painting): 3; Riding/Drive: 0; Etiquette: 3; Firearms: 0; Melee: 3; Performance (dance): 3; Security: 0; Stealth: 1; Survival: 0


Academics: 3; Politics: 0; Finance: 3; Investigation: 0; Linguistics: 3; Medicine: 0; Occult: 0; Science: 0; Law: 0


Presence: 4

Celerity: 2


Courage: 2

Conscience/Conviction: 4

Self-control/Instinct: 4




Allies:4; Influence: 0; Mentor: 1; Resources: 5; Contacts: 0; Generation: 5; Herd: 1; Retainers: 2; Status: 0


(Leave this section of your character sheet blank. This part is here purely for my use. If you gain any enemies or adverse backgrounds during your in-game time, they will show up here.)

Merits and Flaws

Merit:Acute Sense of Taste: (1 pt) (VPG)
You have an exceptionally keen sense of taste. To spot the taint of poison in blood or another substance are You are able to make precise distinctions in taste. Combined with Heightened Senses (Level One Auspex), this Merit can provide superhuman taste acuity.

Ambidextrous: (1 pt) (VPG)
You have a high degree of off-hand dexterity and can perform tasks with the 'wrong' hand. Can use both hands at the same time.

Calm Heart: (3pt) (VPG)
You are naturally calm and well-composed, and do not easily fly off the handle

Eye for Beauty (1-pt. Merit)

The Kindred is a natural critic. Reduce difficulties for Art Appreciation by three.

Touched by God (3-pt. merit)

Your art is considered truly inspired and inspiring. There is an essence of life and beauty about your work that moves others. Perhaps you were always gifted, or the Embrace might have opened you to the Almighty in ways you hadn't expected. Your singing voice causes stones to melt, your paintings look as if their subjects might step off the canvas at any moment, or your storytelling holds people utterly spellbound. The difficulty on all Expression rolls is reduced by two. If the art being produced relates to God, the Church or similar high ideals, the difficulty is reduced by three instead. Such perfection, however, can engender jealousy in mortal or Cainite rivals. Some suspicious clergy may believe that you sold your soul to achieve your talent, or that you are guilty of hubris by reaching too high within your endeavors

Sweet Blood (1pt. Merit)
Your vitae tastes like the finest wine, sweet and heady without the slightest trace of salt or metallic tang. As such, you may hide your blood in a chalice or feed ghouls without betraying the true nature of their draught.

Eerie Presence (2pt. Flaw)
Mortals have an unconscious awareness of your undead nature, which makes them anxious and ill at east in your presence. Because of this, difficulties of all die rolls relating to social interaction with mortals are increased by two.

Fierce Bigot (2pt. Flaw): The uncultured
You hold particular hatred or disdain for a specific class or community of mortals, most likely the common rabble of serfs and servants. You make all frenzy checks at +2 difficulty around such individuals and always attack them first if you do succumb to frenzy.

Cast No Reflection (1pt. Flaw)
You actually cast no reflection. This can have a very detrimental effect trying to pass as a human. Vampires of Clan Lasombra automatically have this Flaw at no point benefit (and you may be mistaken for one of them if you possess it).

Repulsed by Garlic (1pt. Flaw)
You cannot abide garlic, and the smallest whiff of its scent drives you from a room unless you make a successful Willpower roll (difficulty based on the strength of the odor).


None (yet)


French, German, Latin, and Romanian


Weapon/Attack: Rapier; Difficulty: +1; Damage: 3-L; Range: Hand-to-Hand; Rate: 1/action; Clip: Infinite Stabbings; Conceal: Yes; Specialt notes: When using melee maneuvers the difficulty changes from +1 to -1.

Weapon/Attack: Saber; Difficulty: 0; Damage: 5-L; Range: Hand-to-Hand; Rate: 1/action; Clip: Infinite Stabbings; Conceal: Yes; Special notes: +1 to difficulty to use when not on horseback.


Class: light Rating: 1 Penalty: 0
Description: Chainmail underclothes (because who needs to worry about chafing when they're a vampire?)


Gear (Carried): Besides the saber he uses for combat, he will also have a couple daggers, one of which he'll hide in a boot while travelling. Let's include a fancy fencing saber as well - for duels and slaying his enemies and whatnot. Chainmail underclothes.

Equipment (Owned): Various empty easels, a wide amount of brushes, SHITLOADS of paint, and blank paper to coat the floor of the loft. For paint, totally to catch the red paint <-<

A loooooooooooooooot of paintings to keep in the art gallery room.

Of course lavish furnishings for the estate. Toreador and whatnot.

I'm also going to include a wine cellar and several older vintages so he can sneak vitae to anyone at a viewing.


Two carriages, one that's smaller and used for around-city travel, another that's large enough to be loaded up with luggage for long distance travels.

Personal horses in stables.

Feeding grounds: Art galleries, museums, and anywhere where an avid appreciater of the arts can be found.

Blood bonds/Vinculi

Bound to: Arianne, the instigator of tragic romance (Rating: 1)


Location: Large House in the city of Bistritz

Description: A large house consisting of servants' quarters, ghoul's quarters, a master bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, art gallery, library (nothing special), and a loft for painting on the top floor. The house is lavishly decorated and cleaned by the butler, Antonese.


His story till now: Sylvian Beaulieu was born to a French family that possessed very little wealth and even less prestige. However, you would never know that based on how he currently lives his life. After discovering a remarkable talent for painting and a sizeable market for his art he quickly found his way to moderate success, leaps and bounds ahead of what he used to live in. This is also what attracted his sire - Arianne - to him as one of her many lovers. Now Sylvian lives a very comfortable life as an immortal artist, spending his eternity expanding his mind as well as his art collection. After moving to Transylvia to capture the otherworldy landscape that felt could only be found in that region, he acquired a ghoul named Aldric, a raving fan of his art who happened to recognize him on the street despite his use of surnames (ironically based on an ego-fueled self portrait) and kept harrassing the artist until Sylvian eventually enslaved the young man just to make him shut up (or so he claims). Now Aldric handles Sylvian's day to day affairs - literally - while he sleeps and serves to protect his dwelling in Transylvania and to keep any troublemakers off of the premisis while his other ghoul - Odi - is busy fetching the master's dinner.

Goals/Destiny: To one day capture Transylvania's landscape in the perfect painting

Why he is willing to join the cotterie (besides sire's request): To travel the countryside in search of inspiration


Age: 33

Apparent Age: 24

Date of Birth: XX

Death: XX

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Race: White

Nationality: French

Height: 5'11

Weight: 186 pounds

Sex: Male

Physical description: Rich Frenchman more likely to walk with his nosed in the air than not. Typically wears the finest clothes he can find. His eyes seem to constantly be surveying the background, as if looking for something that nobody can see. Has an eery presence that puts mortals ill at ease.
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"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. If you still don't succeed, then quit. No use being a damn fool about it."
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Re: Sylvian Bastian Beaulieu
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2015, 12:38:50 pm »

Expanded backgrounds


Donat Tar: Butler
Eduard Antal: Driver
Antonia Leverenz: Cook


Aldric Petru

A tall and lanky fan of Sylvian's art who was ghoulified to do Sylvian's day-to-day errands after attempting harass the newly-turned vampire over one of his paintings. Pretty much just treated like the pleb he is shit while simultaneously running errands and protecting the house while Odi is away.

Odi Rusza

The only surviving mercenary employed by Sylvian to eliminate a rival painter, Odi was rewarded by being given the supernatural ability of ghouls... and the supernatural bond that came with it. Now this gruff manservant goes on the prowl whenever Sylvian tires of his herd and desires the blood of an artist or art enthusiast. A creative genius like Sylvian can't be distracted by such petty matters, after all. When not hunting, Odi acts as a personal bodyguard to Sylvian and guards the door that leads to his loft.


Sylvian attained his considerable wealth through the painting of art that has been considered by some to be masterpieces. Especially his work made with religious inspirations, which many claim to come from God himself.
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"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. If you still don't succeed, then quit. No use being a damn fool about it."
  --  W.C. Fields


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Re: Sylvian Bastian Beaulieu
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2015, 12:39:45 pm »



[ 2 ] Celerity

The character spends a single blood point. The next turn, she gains a number of additional full actions equal to her Celerity rating. These additional actions must be physical (e.g., the vampire cannot use a mental Discipline like Dominate multiple times in one turn). So a vampire with Celerity 4 who spends a blood point may perform a total of five physical actions in her next turn. The actions occur at the end of the turn (the vampire's regular action still takes place per her initiative roll).

Normally, a character without Celerity must apply a dice pool penalty if she wants to take multiple actions in a single turn. A character using Celerity performs his extra actions (including full movement) without penalty, gaining a full dice pool for each separate action. Extra actions through Celerity may not in turn be split into multiple actions.


This is the Discipline of supernatural attraction. Kindred who develop Presence can inspire zealous fervor, devoted passion or unspeakable terror in mortal and immortal alike. This subtle power is one of the most useful Disciplines a vampire can have.

Presence is notable since, unlike virtually all other Disciplines, some of its powers can be used on entire crowds at a time. The vampire may bring large groups under her sway, so long as her face is visible to those she wishes to affect - Presence doesn't even require eye contact. Further, this Discipline transcends race, religion, gender, class and (most importantly) supernatural nature. In theory, the powers have the same chance of affecting a Methuselah as they do a cab driver. In practice, while Presence can sway virtually any immortal, older and more canny Kindred are much more likely to notice the influence and resist with preternatural will.

Quite aside from its deliberate uses, Presence conveys upon the vampire an indescribable mystique. She stands out in any crowd, drawing the interest (and often desire) of those around her even when she's merely standing still. The higher the vampire's Presence, the greater this allure and the more powerful its impact on others.

Anyone can resist Presence for one turn by spending a Willpower point and succeeding on a Willpower roll (difficulty 8), but the affected individual must keep spending points until he can no longer see the vampire (or, in the case of Summon, until the effect wears off). The simplest way to deal with this is to turn around and stop looking. Those who don't understand that they're dealing with supernatural influences (as is the case with most mortals) seldom think of this tactic, but it's a simple assumption for clever vampires. Vampires three or more generations lower than the wielder need only spend a single Willpower to ignore the Presence for an entire scene and need not roll Willpower to do so.

The major drawback of Presence is that it controls only the emotions. It causes others to feel a certain way toward the vampire, but does not give her outright control over them. While people weigh strongly the orders that the vampire declares, their minds are still their own. Suicidal or ridiculous directives don't sound any more sensible just because the person giving them is unusually fascinating. Still, inspired eloquence or significant wealth used in combination with this Discipline can enable the vampire to urge others along a desired course.

[ 1 ] Awe

Awe amplifies the sublime magnetism this Discipline gives the vampire. Those near the vampire suddenly desire to be closer to her and are very receptive to her point of view. Awe is extremely useful for mass communication. It matters little what is said - the hearts of those affected lean toward the vampire's opinion. The weak want to agree with her; even if the strong-willed resist, they soon find themselves outnumbered. Awe can turn a chancy deliberation into a certain resolution in the vampire's favor almost before her opponents know that the tide has turned.

Despite the intensity of this attraction, those so smitten do not lose their sense of self-preservation. Danger breaks the spell of fascination, as does leaving the area. Those subject to Awe will remember how they felt in the vampire's presence, however. This will influence their reactions should they ever encounter her again.


The player rolls Charisma + Performance (difficulty 7). The number of successes rolled determines how many people are affected, as noted on the chart below. If there are more people present than the character can influence, Awe affects those with lower Willpower scores first. The power stays in effect for the remainder of the scene or until the character chooses to drop it.

1 success   One person
2 successes   Two people
3 successes   Six people
4 successes   20 people
5 successes   Everyone in the vampire's immediate vicinity (an entire auditorium, a mob)

Those affected can use Willpower points to overcome the effect, but must continue spending Willpower every turn for as long as they remain in the same area as the vampire. As soon as an individual spends a number of Willpower points equal to the successes rolled, he shakes off the Awe completely and remains unaffected for the rest of the scene.

[ 2 ] Dread Gaze

While all Kindred can frighten others by physically revealing their true vampiric natures - baring claws and fangs, glaring with malevolence, hissing loudly with malice - this power focuses these elements to insanely terrifying levels. Dread Gaze engenders unbearable terror in its victims, stupefying them into madness, immobility or reckless flight. Even the most stalwart individual will fall back from the vampire's horrific visage.


The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the victim's Wits + Courage). Success indicates the victim is cowed, while failure means the target is startled but not terrified by the sight. Three or more successes means he runs away in abject fear; victims who have nowhere to go claw at the walls, hoping to dig a way out rather than face the vampire. Moreover, each success subtracts one from the target's action dice pools next turn.

The character may attempt Dread Gaze once per turn, though she may also perform it as an extended action, adding her successes in order to subjugate the target completely. Once the target loses enough dice that he cannot perform any action, he's so shaken and terrified that he curls up on the ground and weeps. Failure during the extended action means the attempt falters. The character loses all her collected successes and can start over next turn, while the victim may act normally again.

A botch at any time indicates the target is not at all impressed - perhaps even finding the vampire's antics comical - and remains immune to any further uses of Presence by the character for the rest of the story.

[ 3 ] Entrancement

This power bends others' emotions, making them the vampire's willing servants. Due to what these individuals see as true and enduring devotion, they heed the vampire's every desire. Since this is done willingly out of love (albeit a perversion of it) instead of through sapping the subjects' wills, these servants retain their creativity and individuality.

While these obedient minions are more pleasant and spirited than the mind-slaves created by Dominate, they're also somewhat unpredictable. Further, since Entrancement is of a temporary duration, dealing with a lapsed servant can be troublesome. A wise Kindred either disposes of those she entrances after they serve their usefulness, or binds them more securely by a blood bond (made much easier by the minion's willingness to serve).


The player rolls Appearance + Empathy (difficulty of the target's permanent Willpower); the number of successes determines how long the subject is entranced (see the chart below). The Storyteller may wish to make the roll instead, since the character is never certain of the strength of her hold on the victim. The vampire may try to keep the subject under her thrall, but can do so only after the initial Entrancement wears off. Attempting this power while Entrancement is already in operation has no effect.

1 success   One hour
2 successes   One day
3 successes   One week
4 successes   One month
5 successes   One year

[ 4 ] Summon

This impressive power enables the vampire to call to herself any person whom she has ever met. This call can go to anyone, mortal or supernatural, across any distance within the physical world. The subject of the summons comes as fast as he is able, possibly without even knowing why. He knows intuitively how to find his summoner - even if the vampire moves to a new location, the subject redirects his own course as soon as he can. After all, he's coming to the vampire herself, not to some predetermined site.

Although this power allows the vampire to call someone across a staggering distance, it is most useful when used locally. Even if the desired person books the next available flight, getting to Kyoto from Milwaukee can still take far longer than the vampire needs. Obviously, the individual's financial resources are a factor; if he doesn't have the money to travel quickly, it will take him a far greater time to get there.

The subject thinks mainly of reaching the vampire, but does not neglect his own well-being. This is less of a consideration if he only has to cross a room, unless he must get through a gang of gun-wielding punks to do so. The individual retains his survival instincts, and while he won't shirk physical violence to reach the vampire's side, he won't subject himself to suicidal situations.

The summoning dissipates at dawn. Unless the subject is trained to continue toward the vampire after the first call, the immortal must summon each night until the target arrives. Still, as long as the vampire is willing and able, she is assured to greet her desired subject some night - as long as nothing happens to him along the way, of course.


The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge. The base difficulty is 5; this increases to difficulty 7 if the subject is virtually a stranger. If the character used Presence successfully on the target in the past, this difficulty drops to 4 - however, if the attempt was unsuccessful, then the difficulty is 8.

The number of successes indicates the subject's speed and attitude in responding:

1 success   Subject approaches slowly and hesitantly.
2 successes   Subject approaches reluctantly and is easily thwarted by obstacles.
3 successes   Subject approaches with reasonable speed.
4 successes   Subject comes with haste, overcoming any obstacles in his way.
5 successes   Subject rushes to the vampire, doing anything to get to her.

Combination Disciplines

The Scourge of Alecto

Disciplines Required:

Celerity 2/Presence 4


Idealists have long tried to suppress their frenzies. They do not revel in them like the Iconoclasts, nor accept them as do the Individualists. Instead, they fight the Beast every step of the way. Some become so adept at inhibiting their frenzies that they actually learn to turn them on their foes.


By spending a point of Willpower and concentrating on a foe for a turn, the Brujah can turn his own Beasts loose inside the foe and watch it claw out. For every success the Idealist scores on a Willpower roll (dif subject’s Willpower) he causes one level of lethal damage. Additionally, if the target is a vampire, werewolf or other creature prone to the Beast, it must roll to frenzy against a difficulty 2 higher than normal.

The Scourge of Alecto in no way affects the Idealists’ own frenzies. Despite their struggle to chain the Beast in themselves, it still escapes all too often.

Scalpel Tongue

Disciplines Required:

Presence 1, Celerity 1


Catty repartee is both an art and a vice among the Kindred of Clan Toreador. Those who cannot compete effectively in the arena of cruel wit are unlikely to earn the respect of their clan members. Toreador primogen, then, must have the ability to scathe others with words if they are to maintain their positions. Scalpel Tongue mixes the same quick thinking that guides the body as it moves at accelerated speeds with the Toreador’s prodigious social aptitudes, allowing the primogen to immediately generate a barbed quip so stinging (due to the emotion-enhancing effects of Presence) that it shames the target into silence.

This power has a subtle downside; if another Toreador detects that she had to use a Discipline to come up with such a stinging retort, it could have a negative impact on her social status.


Roll Wits + Empathy against a difficulty of 7. If the user of this power does not know his target well, difficulty is increased by 1, due to the difficulty of knowing with any precision what buttons to push to achieve the greatest verbal impact. The barbed comment stings the target into silence for one turn per success, or double that if the target is not a member of Clan Toreador. Spending one Willpower negates this effect.
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"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. If you still don't succeed, then quit. No use being a damn fool about it."
  --  W.C. Fields
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