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Author Topic: Princes of the Night  (Read 1783 times)


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Princes of the Night
« on: May 02, 2015, 04:58:19 pm »

Anton Petrov Veranin

- Prince of Krondstadt, Ashen Knight of Basilio the Elder, Initiate of the Abyss.

Since being given Krondstadt Anton has taken stock of the city's own Cainite inhabitants - he is aware of a Lucretia Von Hartz, Emissary of Lord Jurgen Von Verden, an up-and-coming Ventrue Warlord who is leader of the Black Cross, a Cainite sect that has infiltrated the Teutonic Order. Lucretia sometimes visits the Order's Cloister in Krondstadt, Bran Castle, which holds a large force of Teutonic knights - the leaders of which are all also Cainites. Anton's city appears to be devoid of any other vampires, he might sometimes wonder what deal Basilio and Radu must have struck to grant him this city.

Lucretia and the Knights of the Order pay him deference, however, and have acknowledge him as prince of the city - though Anton does not believe that they would follow any orders should the time for him to give them come to pass. The order outmans and outpowers him, he would need favor with Lord Jurgen to fully control the city's cainites.

While the Teutonic Order already comprised a solid religious influence, Anton has worked very hard to pull in more of the traditional priests and other religious workers, repairing the existing Church) and requesting that his sire use his pull to have people sent in. Using the authority granted by Basilio, Anton brought in and immediately bound and ghouled two priests - Fathers Thomas and Damien. Father Damien works with lepers and the poor, a very holy man he quickly gained the love of the city's dispossessed; Father Thomas, meanwhile, confesses the more lofty members of society. Some might complain that there is such a clear divide in the treatment of the city's different economic classes - but Anton does not hear them, and both priests serve Brother Joseph, who acts as the Knight's voice during the day, and his face when others would find it too frightening during the night.

Kiril Petrov Veranin

- Seneschal of Sofia, Childe of Basilio the Elder, Impostor.

Kiril has been given relatively free reign over Sofia - though the presence of the Cullar Revenant Family still irks him to no end. The family has done what it can to hinder his work in the city - a family of Revenants is a powerful influence in the mortal Society, and Kiril has been making little enough headway there. Carinus and Sherazhina do what they can to ensure control over the mortals, Carinus "disappearing" undesirables and Sherazhina working more charming, less frightening methods.

Other than Husayn Al-Fatin and his own sire Basilio, Kiril has solid control over most of the city's cainites, having ingratiated himself within the undead society and proving to be a masterful manipulator; of the city's Cainite inhabitants Kiril has found good allies in the higher society - Arianne, frequent visitor of Basilio's courts, has taken a shine to both him and Carinus; he has successfully convinced Amalia of Thrace - an Elder Capadocian with an obsession for redemption - that he believes in her goals, and has a friend in her and her favoured ghoul, Father Patryn. As well as these two he also has the favour of Sergej, a lone Nosferatu who he has been exceedingly courteous to - the often reviled lepers are kind to those who do not mistreat them, and Sergej is no exception.

Heldric Haikans

- Protector of Balgrad, Emissary of Michael's chosen, Follower of the Dream.

The Byzantine Cainite's takeover of Balgrad was smooth, the city was relatively devoid of cainites, boasting a population of perhaps 3-4 at the most when he'd declared ownership of the city, and none disputed his claim. In fact, two of them - an old Brujah who "liked the cut of his jib", so to speak, supported his rule wholeheartedly - the Dream worked well with Julius' own ideals, and he liked the direction Heldric was taking. Heldric should be careful though - sometimes he gets the impression Julius intends to try and make Balgrad into another Carthage.

With Julius' help Heldric established the Guilds of Balgrad, the organizations have greatly aided regulation of Balgrad's economy and have greatly aided in taking power out of the hands of the nobility. Guildmasters - competent, skilled and well-liked citizens now influence and control entire guilds of workers, abuse within the city dies down greatly and the people feel something almost akin to freedom and enlightenment - of course, even as they feel freedom, the masters in the shadows tighten their grips ever further as the guildmasters are turned into slaves.

Along with Julius there is another - Viktor, another Nosferatu, was happy to see another Nosferatu on the throne, so to speak, and was not averse to the Dream. He has helped Heldric keep track of what goes on in the city, and has even recommended several contacts - one of which Heldric has followed up on.

Working as well with Steeple, Heldric has managed to bring in some trade to the city, and, combined with the strong regulation of the Guilds, the city's business has been thriving (and with it, Heldric's own coffers).

Lucien Lupei

- Prince of Shaasburg, Queen of Sandor, Master of Flesh and Flame.

Since his arrival in Shaasburg Lucien has found a powerful ally in Adrian and his two childer - the relatively young Tzimisce is a servant of Sandor and has been instructed to assist Lucien in his rule, the man and his childer have taken the role of Lucien's Knezi, and with them he has ingratiated himself into the nobility. Shaasburg has become a strictly controlled city, the nobles have more authority than ever before and with the Cainites spread into their ranks Lucien owns the city - or at least, he should.

Lucien sometimes gets the impression Adrian was slighted by Sandor placing his child in control of Shaasburg instead of Adrian himself. Lucien should not dare attack or insult Adrian, for the Tzimisce serves Lucien well and he and his childer form the majority of the cainites in the city; but he cannot escape the feeling that Adrian simply waits for the day of Lucien's death so as to take his place.

Steeple Carson Olaf Trevesky The Fourth

- Seneschal of Radu in Tihuta Pass,  Rebellious Childe of Vladivostok, Disciple of Prince Maurice.

Steepleton, the village that has begun to grow around the Fortress of Tihuta Pass, has grown in size since Steeple has taken over - but most of the place's development has been seen in the quickly established noble families and the strict authority with which they govern the human population there. Of course, Steeple's strong influence with the nobility ensures that they govern the population according to his will...

As the only Cainite in the area, and because he is within the Count's claimed territory, Steeple's claim to power is uncontested - to fight his claim would be to fight the Count himself, and few should dare to do so. There has been little action in the pass; but out of it Steeple has found his businesses have begun to suffer greatly, a result of Valdivostok's continued ire - the merchant prince's influence has been terrible, and even new ventures that Steeple has tried to open up in Krakow's Salt mines have been failing horribly - perhaps his personal touch needs to be brought down?

Nadia has proved to be a diligent ghoul, if something of an obsessive one - she constantly spends time cleaning, and does so with the fervor of a religious fanatic; Steeple sometimes might feel worried for her.

Daniel Cebanu

- Ruler of Muhlbach, Agent of Arnulf, Disciple of the Flesh Walrus.

Daniel's arrival in Muhlbach brought with it a significant halt to the city's progress - the gangrel prince found an ally in Demetri, a Malkavian who shared his visions of the great Flesh Walrus who has helped him in setting the base to achieve his future goals. With Demetri's help and his own social graces Daniel has grown to have great influence over the nobility of the city, and has been pilfering the city of it's resources to help fund his own ventures; and so he grows all the richer and more powerful whilst fulfilling his sire's orders - the budding metropolis of Muhlbach has had it's growth safely arrested; the wild realms remain free.
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