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Author Topic: To Sell a Soul (Giles Moreau Prolog)  (Read 6153 times)


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Re: To Sell a Soul (Giles Moreau Prolog)
« Reply #50 on: August 01, 2016, 04:31:34 pm »

"That sounds like it would do just fine," Sarapheen replied. "When you are ready in the next few days, head there, and I shall know to meet you."

"I must go now Giles," she then said.

Once again, her wings and halo became visible - as the ceiling above seemed to roll opened like a scroll - revealing a pure white portal of mist beyond.

Ascending upwards, Sarapheen disappeared into the portal, and it closed. Leaving Giles alone in the chaplet for only a few moments, before a group of people could be heard approaching in the nave outside.

Looking at his watch, Giles guessed that it was the choir, coming for their Thursday evening practice. He was right of course, as the door opened and the Choir Director walked in with the rest of the members in tow.

"Oh, Father Moreau," the old Nun said in surprise at his unexpected presence in the room - "We can use the west chapel if you need this one. Just give us a moment to gather our materials and we'll be out of your hair."


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Re: To Sell a Soul (Giles Moreau Prolog)
« Reply #51 on: August 03, 2016, 01:14:44 am »

Blinking rapidly, Giles takes a moment to reassert himself before answering.

"Oh it's no trouble sister, I have to go now anyways - my regards to the choir."

Giles heads home then, where he'll wait for Faith to come home. He does not relish the talk he'll have to have with the girl.


When he gets home he waits for Sister Rosemary to come back with Faith. He greets her at the door with a tight smile and pulls Faith in, telling Rosemary that she won't have to come back for a few days and thanking her for her services.

When he's alone with his daughter he sits her down on his knee and then hugs her tightly. He tries very hard to hide the tremor in his voice.

"Faith, love, listen - Grandpa Gerard had to move away today. Do you understand? He had to leave, and we don't be able to see him again for a long time. Where did he go? He went on vacation, somewhere beautiful, peaceful - he'll be very happy there. Don't cry love, we'll see him again, I promise, just be patient, because I think he'd want you to take your time before coming to see him... It's a long road you see, and he'll want you to really be ready before you follow him..."

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Re: To Sell a Soul (Giles Moreau Prolog)
« Reply #52 on: August 20, 2016, 05:36:18 pm »

The next several weeks were spent meeting regularly with Sarapheen, at the place Giles had chosen, and what Sarapheen began to refer to as Giles's 'School of Enlightenment'.

There, she formally taught him the true nature of reality (Cosmology), and the Lingua Intelligentia - or Language of Intelligence.

The premise of Lingua Intelligentia, was that all Matter and Ephemera, at its subatomic level, was made of Pure Intelligence. Using the Lingua Intelligentia, one could speak to the intellect of anything on this level, in order to instruct or direct it.

Sarapheen explained that Matter and Ephemera adamantly obeyed the 'High Laws', acting only as they had been commanded to act by Creation (a rock remained a rock, subject to Natural Laws, no matter what for example) - but using Lingua Intelligentia, and enough of one's will, one could command the rock (overriding the High Law) to become gold, explode violently, or even come to life.

It was this language, and the supernal knowledge that went along with it, that formed the basis of all Angelic Magic. And it was the fundamentals of this magic (Casting Reference) that Sarapheen taught Giles, explaining that it would be integral to his work against the Infernal as a new Disciple.

Sarapheen also went on to explain, that as a new Disciple, Giles was now foreordained to one day surpass mortality and become an Angel himself - called as a Ministering Angel, just like Sarapheen was now. That wouldn't happen however, unless Giles perfected his current calling of Disciple first - and that wasn't something one could simply do overnight.

Apparently, there were five types of Angels, each with its own strengths and Supernal Calling (Disciple Creation Guide).

Sarapheen was a Ministering Angel and also known as a Ward. As such, she watched over a Ministry, encompassing a defined geographical area, and monitored the levels of Infernal Influence therein. When the Infernal Influence in her Ministry overstepped a certain level, she would send her Disciples to 'deal' with it.

Sarapheen's Ministry covered the entire east coast of the United States, known as the North America Region East - everything east of the borders of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama.

There were four other Ministries that covered the rest of North America.

The Avenging Angel Jarome, was Ward of the North America Region West - everything west of the borders of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Louisiana.

The Guardian Angel Rebecca, was Ward of the North America Region Central - everything in between the West and East Regions.

The Spirit Warden Morrow Wind, was Ward of the North America Region North - Everything north of the United States/Canadian border.

The Angel of Death Yoz, was Ward of the North America Region South - everything from Mexico on down through Panama.

Of course, there were Regions like these all over the world, each with its own Angelic Ward and handful of mortal Disciples to keep the machinations of the Infernal at bay. Their work was not to stop evil itself, but to ensure the freedom of mankind to choose between good and evil - of their own agency - which was something one lost when they sold away their souls for the corrupting power of the Infernal.

It was these Witches and Sorcerers, and the occasional Demon itself, that the Wards sought out, and the Disciples went forth to destroy. For they sought to enslave mankind, by employing a corrupted version of Lingua Intelligentia, known among the demonic, as Wormwood.

Finally, Sarapheen explained that she had recently called four other Disciples, in addition to Giles, and that once everyone was well grounded in the practice of Angelic Magic, they would all meet...

End of Prolog
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