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Author Topic: Tony Hawk's Bizarre Underground *A JJBA Fan Forum Game* SIGN UP  (Read 2075 times)


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I have come up with the proper setting and believe it or not, got the idea from watching a LP of Tony Hawk's Underground *by Thesw1tcher some bits through their words and bits through the comments*

It has been 4 years since the defeat of Fight Club and the death of Tyler Durden by the hands of the Stand Crime Prevention Unit *SCPU* their prominent members are as follows: Effy Aristato user of Rise Against: The World, Garry Finch user of Run Like Hell, and Hollis Sage user of Psycho Killer. And while things are normal, a skater known as Eric Sparrow has come into the scene with a whole gang of his own, seemingly out of nowhere. Known as 'The Underground' A new threat is about and now its up to the SCPD to fight him, while others involved are pulled into the situation against their will. Pulled once again into the tale that Destiny has spun...

Sign up:
Stand Name:
Stand Appearance:
Stand Type *Close Range, Medium Range, Long Range, or Automatic. And Power, Support, Speed, or Special.*
Stand Stats *You get 20 points, each stat is measured in rank and each rank is two points. and is measured as follows*
Destructive Power:
Learning Ability:

Stand Ability:
Alignment: *SPCU, The Underground, or Neutral *which is subject to change as the game goes on**

Any questions you want to ask, hey go ahead and fling them over here!
Also combat is handled with Dice, with Modifiers given per point of stats *F is lowest and gives a -2 modifier, A is highest and gives a modifier of +3* Additional Roll types are determined BY Rolls with difficulty dependent on stats.
TO ALL RETURNING PLAYERS *TharaApples, Chris113022, Lancelot and BigRonn77* Just assign stats, if you do not personally join, the characters will be controlled by the Narrator *Me* and stats applied accordingly.
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Re: Tony Hawk's Bizarre Underground *A JJBA Fan Forum Game* SIGN UP
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2017, 01:17:51 pm »

If/when you get enough players to kick this off, let me know and I'll set you up your own board to play it in.
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