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Vampire The Masquerade / Daniel Cebanu - Retired
« on: January 30, 2015, 09:33:17 pm »

BRUISED [ * ] |INJURED (-1)[ O ] | CRIPPLED (-5) [ O ]
HURT (-1) [ O ] |WOUNDED (-2) [ O ]
HURT (-1) [ O ] |MAULED (-2) [ O ]

Permanent: 8
Temporary: 8/8

Courage: 4
Conviction: 1
Instinct: 5

Blood Pool
4 per turn

Path of the Grey Hunter



(+3 Fortitude & +1 Koldunic Sorcery[Way of the Spirit])

Base Initiative



With this Flaw, every natural animal you encounter is automatically and severely upset by her presence. This is much more severe than the unease that almost all Cainites cause in animals: Creatures panic and flee, and some rare few attack. You cannot calm the creatures down with Animal Ken. It requires either use of Animalism or a taste of vampire blood (which makes the creature a ghoul) to settle the beast down.

Your personality and outlook have relatively little unintentional effect on others. You may well be a master of Presence and other forms of manipulation, but that is all planned. Your road aura is very weak, nanifesting only if you are a true exemplar or reprobate of your belief system. Your aura modifier is as follows:

9-10 = +1

3-8 = 0

1 - 2 = -1

Daniel must make all Frenzy checks at +2 around lame people or amputees. If he frenzies he always attacks them first.


Has Koldunic Sorcery as a Clan Discipline.

Your flesh ripples and molds itself to your preternatural will, almost before you consciously invoke the change. The difficulty to use any Vicissitude power on you is 2 less than normal, and you may activate Vicissitude powers reflexively at your full dice pool while taking other actions. Powers that require multiple turns to activate still require the usual duration — the change simply occurs without conscious direction. As a final benefit, you need no physical sculpting to use the first three levels of Vicissitude on yourself, as your flesh undulates and extrudes to its desired shape.

-1 to difficulty of all Vicissitude rolls.

Warm Smile (-1 to Appearance Rolls when Smiling)
Innocent Eyes (-1 to Appearance Rolls when Making Eye Contact)
Inviting Stance (-1 to Appearance Rolls when Addressing a Specific Person)
Steady Hands (-1 to Surgery rolls)
Combat Reflexes (+2 to Initiative)

Bear: +3 Stamina +2 Strength

Blood Boost: +1 to all physical stats

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