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Disciples / Emend (Avenging Angel)
« on: May 22, 2016, 09:26:13 pm »
Emend (Avenging Angel)
Experience: 144/144 Arcane: 82/82

Health 7
[  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]

Willpower 8
[X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][  ][  ]

Mana (Max 12/3 per round)
[  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]

Gnosis 3

Size: 5
Defense: 3
Perception: 6
Initiative Mod: 6
Speed: 10

Unarmed Strike: Damage 0(B)
Switchblade: Damage 1(L); Size 1; Cost •
9mm Pistol: Damage 2(L); Ranges 20/40/80; Clip 17+1; Size 1; Cost •••         

1/2* (bulletproof)

Protective Spells

Spells Cast Upon Self (Spell Tolerance 3)

Active Spells (Max 6)
The Electric Invisible (12 hours)
Supernal Vision (12 hours)
Aura Perception (12 hours)

Dedicated Magical Tool
Necklace with a small golden sword (the same one that lady justice has)

Acana Based Tools
Magnet that has been reshaped to look like a plain silver ring (Forces); Pocket diary (Mind); Ring with a turquoise gemstone (Prime)

Enchanted Items
Emotional Urging Imbued Ring (Mind ••; Gnosis + 2 vs. target Composure + Gnosis)
Ward/Magic-Use Ban Collar (Space/Prime)
Blood Horn (Artifact)
Tass Agates (6)

Equipment Carried
Imbued Ring, Glock 9mm pistol w/ concealed carry permit, cigarettes, lighter, switchblade, ward/ban collar, small padlock, tass



Community Conversation / Jobs and Careers
« on: August 20, 2015, 05:42:20 pm »
So, since I got my job I've been curious what kinds of things others around here do. I have a vague idea for a few of you, but even if we hear your job description, that doesn't really mean we know what you actually do.

And if you don't have a job yet, share with us your aspirations so we can tell you all about how they'll never happen.

Personally, my technical title is "Help Desk Level One", and I work at a small computer repair store (that no longer accepts computers in for repair, lol).

What this actually means though, is I answer 1-2 phone calls a day and either fix people's computer's remotely (we have software installed on all the ones we support that allow us to take control from our work), or have them brought in if they is likely a hardware problem.

Can't say anything bad about the job tbh. I'm technically hourly, but during my last paycheck I missed about 5 hours of work and wasn't docked any pay. I have lunch and breaks and can basically just leave when I want if I need to do an errand. I'm given work to do and then trusted I can do it without supervision (my third day there I was completely alone in the store). My co-workers are all nice people, and think I'm basically a god at what I do compared to the people before me.

With all that said, I was unemployed for about a year before getting this job, so it's a really nice change of pace to not only enjoy my time there, but be able to support myself and not feel useless. I'm now thoroughly convinced that getting a job is mostly luck after going through the application process enough times.

Anyway, what kind of work do you guys do? Feel like ranting or gloating about your job?

Tales of the Dandy Desperado! / Gilbert Stevenson (Killa's L33t Hax0r)
« on: August 16, 2015, 06:29:54 pm »
Gilbert Stevenson (Hacker/Edibles Receptacle) - 60/71 XP

Gender Male; Age 36; Ht 6’1”; Wt 500 lbs; Stature Morbidly Obese; Disposition Anxious; Chatty; Know-it-all Distinctive Features: So large he has his own moon

Str 2; Agi 3; Con 3; Int 6; Wis 2; Pre 5; Vitality (0) 12; Wounds (-2) 8 (Armor 0)
Speaks English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, & Latin
React 8; Endure 8; Will 7; Luck 4; Surge 3
Init 10; Move 25 ft (Run 50; Leap 2 high/10 long)

Unarmed Strike 3/2S; Grapple Moves 3/2S; 9mm Deck Pistol 7/8L 40ft (12); Spray Mace 9/♠ 10ft max (5♠)

Combat Skills
Defense 9 (Dodge; Parry) ~3
Ranged 6 (Shoot; Target; Throw)
Close Quarter 3 (Grapple; Melee; Unarmed)

General Skills
Acrobatics 11 (Balance; Escape; Tumble) ~5
Artistry 5 (Cooking; Expression; Rendering)
Athletics 5 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim)
Control 6  (Drive; Pilot; Operate Heavy Machinery)
Evaluate 5 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive; Streetwise)
Fabricate 9 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith)
Face 8 (Bluff; Entertain; Intimidate; Taunt) ~3
First Aid 12 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury) ~3
General Knowledge 15 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who) ~5
Larceny 6 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand)
Outdoors 5 (Handle Animal; Survival; Track)
Perception 8 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~3
Sabotage 16 (Demolitions; Disable Device; Trap Setting) ~5
Socialize 15 (Diplomacy; Interrogation; Gather Info) ~5
Stealth 5 (Disguise; Hide -2; Move Silently)
Tech 17 (Computers +3; Electronics +2; Security Systems +2) ~6

Advanced Skills
Physical Sciences 11 (Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics) ~1

Exceptional Vehicle (Hover-Round); Information Broker; Photographic Memory; Spacecraft (Scout); Trapper; Underworld Ties; Charismatic; Computer Geek; Exceptional Item (Super Computer); Hacker; Linguist; Lucky; Saboteur; Security Expert; Technician

Big'Un; Coward; Obligation (Syndicate); Compulsive Gambler

Equipment Normal Load 25; Encumbered 50; Limit 75; Drag 300
9mm Deck Pistol; Spray Mace; Casual wear; Bug Detector; Bugs (6); Demolitions Kit; Diagnostic Scanner; Jamming Transmitter; Line Tap; Micro Comlink; Motion Detector; Notebook Computer; Pocket Secretary; SOL Phone; Universal R/C Link; Tracking Device (6); VR Goggles; White Noise Generator; Super Computer

Hover Round: Handling +0; Armor 0; Structure 10; Systems 10
Rides on an antigravity cushion up to 30 MPH and can hover up to 12 feet off the ground. Crosses water as easily as land. Supplemented by Gilbert's health care insurance. Has built-in snack dispenser. Super Computer; First Aid Kit; Smoke bombs that can be released below the hover round. Military Grade Targeting Computer. Tasing gun under left armrest (Tasing Gun 17+3X/♠ 40ft max (2)). Flame Thrower in right (Flamethrower 17+3X/6L♠ 30ft (25t)).

Scout Ship (Snack Runner VII): Handling +2; Armor 15; Structure 50; Systems 20
Ship Edges: Fly by Wire; Precision Handling; Stealthy
XP: 12/12

Community Conversation / Help with an Essay - JET Programme
« on: November 17, 2014, 02:44:43 pm »
Hey guys. So I'm going to be trying to participate in the JET Programme - Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme - a program where you go to Japan for 1-5 years and teaching English to Japanese students. In order to do this we need to write something called a statement of purpose, which basically just says why we want to do this and how we're really awesome. It's supposed to be about two pages (double spaced) long, and these are the instructions:

Quote from: Instructions
All Candidates (ALT/CIR): Describe why you are interested in going to Japan and participating in the JET Programme. What do you hope will happen as a result of your participation in the JET Programme? Please address your ability to adapt to life in Japan and what would make you an overall strong JET Programme participant.

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT): Why are you interested in becoming an ALT? What skills and qualities do you have that would help you in this role? Briefly explain any relevant experiences you have had.

Anyway, I was hoping you guys could help me by looking it over. I just need to make sure I've used proper English (going to be an English teacher an all), and that I sound as awesome as I need to be in order to get in (and that I covered the points they mentioned). Some additional things I want to know is: do you think I said "JET Programme" too much, and should I be capitalizing senate and university?

If anyone could help review it, it'd be much appreciated. I'm going to be sending it out in the next few days.


Quote from: Essay
Growing up I never had the chance to experience other cultures first hand, and I believe I missed out on a lot because of that. The JET Programme gives Japanese students a chance to interact with others from around the globe, with the goal of cultural exchange and internationalism. Both of these are movements that I think play a vital role in the future of Japan and the world as a whole. I know I have a lot to offer and I want to help the JET Programme achieve its goals. I also hope to achieve some personal goals during the JET Programme. It is for these reason that I believe I am an ideal candidate for the program, and a great fit as an ALT.

I've been interested in Japan ever since I was a child. To me, it's always been a unique place, one that paralleled Canada with their technology and progress, yet had customs and a history so different from our own that it intrigued me. I think that the JET Programme is a fantastic opportunity to become immersed in the Japanese culture, which I can later take back home with me and share with others I know.

While participating in the JET Programme, one of my goals is to share some of Canada's culture with the students of Japan. I think that Canada is a great country and that the students, and Japan in general, will benefit by learning about our culture. I have been to all the way to the east and west coasts of Canada, which has resulted in me becoming quite knowledgeable of my country. These personal experiences have given me a deep insight into Canada, which I plan to share with others while in Japan.

Naturally, another one of my goals is to teach the students English. My experience as a Lab Assistant while in university is what sparked my interest in teaching, and a goal of mine while on the JET Programme is to solidify that this interest could become a future profession for me. Along with that, a hobby of mine is writing, and the nature of that writing is branching stories where the reader chooses how they want the story to play out. Not only has this hobby refined my English abilities, but it has also resulted in me becoming more creative, which I believe is a crucial skill when it comes to teaching children. Additionally, I think I could use my writing hobby to make learning English more engaging.

I think that as an ALT, getting involved in the community and being a leader are important to succeeding in program. Not only do I intend to do these while in Japan, but I have a proven history of doing so. I have participated in Walmart's Walk for Miracles for the past five years now, and while in college I was a soccer coach for kids ages 6-7 over two summers. When I moved out to British Columbia for university I continued this trend; I founded and was the president of the chess club at the university, and I served on the university's senate and a sub-committee for a one year term. Because of my service on the senate I was also invited to join the Joint Chancellor Selection Committee, which was tasked with selecting the next chancellor of the University of Waffles.

If selected to join the JET Programme and become an ALT, I have no doubt that I would excel at the role. I'm positive that I have the qualities and motivation needed to succeed in the program, and I believe that my participation can only benefit the JET Programme and its goal of cultural exchange and internationalism. As for my own goals, becoming an ALT would be the perfect opportunity for me to explore being a teacher, share Canadian culture with others, and become immersed in the Japanese way of life.

Yuki Shirahata ~ (Samurai-Ko Ki-Zen Epic Wu-Jen) - 254 / 255 XP

Gender Female; Age 16; Ht 4’8”; Wt 80 lbs; Stature Small and Harmless; Disposition Whimsical, Friendly, Mischievous; Distinctive Features: Fox ears, fox tail, orange eyes, orange hair

Mark of Maski-Dai-Oni: 10 ft tall; STR 6; Heavy Hitter; Cargo Carrier; Red skin; Orange fangs & claws; Black horns; Burning eyes; Malevolent

Str 2; Agi 5; Con 3; Int 4; Wis 8; Pre 2; Vitality (0) 28 24; Wounds (-2) 8 (Armor 12; AP 5)
Str 4; Agi 10; Con 6; - - - Vitality (0) 33 29; Wounds (-2) 11 (Armor 12; AP 5)
React 14; Endure 8; Will 21; Luck 9 7; Surge 5 3 / 5 6
Psychosis 6
React 19; Endure 11; - - -
Init 18; Move 35ft (Run 70; Leap 2 high/10 long)
Init 23; Move 70ft (Run 280; Leap 4 high/20 long)

Unarmed Strike 9/2S; Grapple Moves 9/2S; Short Sword 9/5L; Short Bow 17+2X/5L/300x ft; Arcane Masterwork Gold and Ivory Greatbow 18+2X/6L♠/400x ft
Unarmed Strike 11/4S; Grapple Moves 11/4S; Short Sword 11/7L; Short Bow 22+2X/7L/300x ft; Arcane Masterwork Gold and Ivory Greatbow 23+2X/8L♠/400x ft

Combat Skills (+2 Str; +5 Agi)
Defense 15 (Dodge +2; Parry) ~5
Ranged 15 (Shoot +2; Target; Throw) ~5
Close Quarter 9 (Grapple; Melee; Unarmed) ~4

General Skills (+2 Str; +5 Agi)
Acrobatics 15 (Balance; Escape +2; Tumble) ~5
Artistry 11 (Cooking, Painting; Sculpting; Music; Writing)
Athletics 8 (Climb; Jump; Sprint; Swim) ~3
Evaluate 14 (Appraise; Gamble; Sense Motive; Streetwise) ~3
Fabricate 7 (Construction; Mechanics; Weaponsmith)
Face 5 (Bluff -4; Entertain; Feint; Intimidate; Taunt)
General Knowledge 10 (Trivia; In The News; Who's Who) ~3
Larceny 8 (Forgery; Open Locks; Sleight of Hand)
Medic 7 (Slow Poison; Treat Injury)
Outdoors 11 (Handle Animal; Ride; Survival; Track)
Perception 16 (Listen; Search; Spot) ~5
Sabotage 7 (Disable Device; Trap Setting)
Socialize 7 (Diplomacy; Interrogation; Gather Info)
Stealth 14 (Conceal; Disguise; Hide +3; Move Silently +0) ~3

Advanced Skills
Occult Sciences 18 (Arcana; Occult; Spells +2) ~9
Political Sciences 8 (Economics; Law; Politics) ~1

Edges and Feats
Born Leader; Discord Master; Evasion; Mastered Spells (Dispel Magic, Haste, Heal); Mobility; Rapid Shot; Sensitive; Wu-Jen; Acrobatic; Agile; Archer; Charismatic; Discord Powers (x3); Iron Will; Lightning Reflexes; Fast; Linguist; Lucky; Marksman; Minions (24); Occult Ties; Photographic Memory; Potency; Secondary Languages (Old Realm, Imperial, Merchant’s Cant, Primitive); Spell Reserves (x3); Sphere Focus (Artisan Magic, Dimensional Magic, Energy, Levitation Magic, Life Magic, Light & Sound Magic, Mind Magic, Sense Magic, Time Magic, Protection Magic, Weather Magic); Spirited; Toughness; +1 Luck Point

~Epic Magic; ~Group Harmony; ~Heroic Surge; ~Multi-Shot; ~Spirit Sight; ~Summon Kirin; ~Transcendent*; ~Uncanny Dodge; ~Valiant Sacrifice; ~Zen Mastery

Feng-Shui Powers
Read Aura/Killjoy
Danger Sense/Jinx
Divine Location/Discord
Alter Chance
Harmony/Karma Drain

Spells: (Spiff 5, Repair 10, Fortify 8♠, Enhance 13♠, Make Whole 18♠); (Passwall 8♠, Jump 13♠, Teleport 18♠, Gate 18♠, Dismiss 18♠); (Stunning Grasp 5, Static Shock 8♠, Crackling Aura 8♠, Plasma Burst 13♠, Lightning Bolt 18♠); (Restore Vitality 5, Suppress Toxins 5, Close Wounds 10, Heal 13♠, Regeneration 18♠); (Light Touch 10, Heavy Hand 8♠, Flight 8♠, Deflection 13♠, Fling 18♠); (Tone 5, Mote 5, Sound Manipulation 8♠, Light Manipulation 8♠, Illusions 13♠); (Send Thoughts 10, Read Minds 10, Mental Invisibility 8♠, Psionic Blast 13♠, Mind Control 13♠); (Shield 10, Unbreakable 8♠, Magic Ward 8♠, Dispel Magic 13♠, Reflect Magic 13♠); (Danger Sense 10, Clairvoyance 8♠, Divine Location 8♠, Postcognition 13♠, Precognition 18♠); (Initiative 5, Slow 10, Haste 8♠, Time Stop 18♠, Rewind 18♠); (Precipitation 8♠, Temperature 8♠, Wind 8♠, Weather Set 18♠, Disaster 18♠)

Epic Spell 18♠♠

Impulsive; Obligation (Daimyo); Rotten Liar; Short

Equipment Normal Load 25; Encumbered 50; Limit 75; Drag 300 | Normal Load 75; Encumbered 150; Limit 225; Drag 900
Manor; Noble’s Diet; Horse; Traditional Samurai Kamishimo; Functional Kimono (Light Blue); Fancy Kimono (Black with bright pink and blue flower patterns); An Amber Ring; Divine Ephemeral Soulsteel Scale; Blessed Jade Chain Armor; Short Sword (Kodachi); Short Bow, Arcane Masterwork Gold and Ivory Greatbow, & Arrows (Yumi Hankyū); Lopan; Six-sided Die (a fox face replacing the six, and a rat face replacing the one); Shogi Board; Pair of Fake Fox Ears; Piñata Stick; Leather Shoulder Bag; Coin Pouch; Travel Pack (backpack, bedroll, candles, lantern, rations, tent, tinderbox); Permit To Carry Arms; Emblems of Station; Traveling Papers

(Pittances 60; Goods 80; Assets 16; Riches 4)
  • Doshin Contact: Rei Kitao (Bully)
  • Demon-Eye Gatestone
  • Knows Location of Level 3 Spirit Well (Sea Cave)
  • 3 Gold Luck Charms (1 Luck Point Each) Attuned to Arcane Bow
  • Gold Luck Charm (1 Luck Point)
  • Arcane Masterwork Gold and Ivory Greatbow (Physical Boost 2/day; Elemental 1/day)
  • Potions of Ice Walk (2)
  • Copy of Book of Secrets
  • Unrequiting Mirror: Protects the user from Reflect Magic (but not Dispel Magic) and Grants +4 to Will Saves. In the Spirit World however, the properties of the Mirror are somewhat reversed, in that it has a 50% chance of Reflecting any Spell cast by the user back onto the user, or spells cast on the user onto someone or something else, and imposes a -4 Penalty to Will Saves.
  • Black Pearl of The Magi: This large lusterous black pearl, grants the bearer +2 Wisdom and +5 Spell Points.
  • Lightning Arrows: transform into a bolt of lightning as they are shot from the bow. They travel up to 1000 ft, Require a normal Attack roll to hit, and do 18L AP Damage (plus the X-Roll). (8 )
  • Ofudas of Spell Absorption (3) - Each can be set to absorb a single spell, cast in a specific geometric area, set when the Offuda is placed. Limited to the size of one house.
  • Silky Dragon Slippers: Never touch the ground; Mental Movement; Continual Feather Stance AF; +8 Move Silently
  • Divine Ephemeral Soulsteel Scale (Armor 12 (AP 5)/0/0) : Manifest/Unmanifest a number of times per day equal to Presence; Permanent Radiate vs. Undead, Demons, Oni, and Spirits; Grants wearer Immunity to Fire; The visage of anyone slain by the wearer is permanently absorbed into the Soulsteel. Drawback: Wearer takes X2 Damage from Cold based Attacks.
  • Blessed Jade Chain Armor (Armor 9)
  • Ritual of Seeing
  • Iron Kisaru of Tranquility: Major Artifact. When the Iron Kisaru of Tranquility is smoked, no one can bring themselves to directly attack the smoker for as long as they take no other actions over a full round, except for speaking between puffs. Even trying to get around this, by attacking something nearby with an area effect attack (thus making an indirect attack), requires a MTN 15 or Crit Will save to pull off.
  • Ancestral Jade Bracers: +2 Dodge; Regeneration (1 VP/Round; 1 WP/Hour)
  • Earth Elemental (24 Hours)
Blessing of The Ancestors: Ancestor's Rebuke

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